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Job hunting? Yeah dat sad too


September 23, 2017 by Fensic

Ah not recognizin dis place nah. Not eef it spawnin people wid ah level of vitriolic self-centeredness ‘til dey cyar process de concept of temporarily sharin wid udders. Not just any udders but udders who, after dey country get destroyed, have less dan dem.

I go just have tuh limit mih comments tuh someting ah know bout more dan anybody.

Ah dey wid dis I/T job search ah engaged in fuh de longest. It reach where ah close tuh not havin two nickels . . . nickels? Fuhget nickels, I almost at de point where ah doh have two cents tuh rub tuhgedder.

De search eh over so ah takin ah risk writin dis. Goat mout real. Just like how God is ah Trini an He vitriolic an self-centered.

Some people might say is luck how ah end up in dis field. While I too does use dat same word, I know no cherubim eh put me in I/T because ah cute. So I does be careful not tuh diminish anybody hard wuk by sayin dey lucky when is buss dey buss dey baxide tuh achieve.

In udder words, opportunity useless widout preparation.

Dat plug fuh hard wuk an dedication out ah de way, ah had mih share of job dry spells. Maybe dey was me ensurin ah wasn’t goin an wuk no one place all mih adult life. People who could do dat have mih admiration, scorn an pity an could never make mih feel is me dat strange.

Up until dis current long dry spell, mih longest was longer. Dis one cement in mih mind dat is time tuh find mih exit orf dis freeway an leave dis business tuh dem youngsters wid dey graduation rings still gleamin unstained by de realities of life beyond colleges an universities.

Mih peeves fuh dis bout ah unemployment is mostly de same from dat shorter bout buh dis time dey orn steroids.

How computer professionals does get jobs in places like T&T boy.

While it have networkin here too, online job boards does play ah part, ah huge one ah suspect.

Two sides does post on dese boards; professionals lookin fuh wuk an companies needin professionals tuh wuk. In de middle tryin tuh hook de two is recruiters. Too often de process does get messy an distasteful fuh my likin.

I not out tuh smear practitioners ah dis recruitin craft, after all, de bad ones does do ah good job makin sure dey peers acknowledge dey effect orn de business.

As far as I concerned, I/T recruitin in de US not like before an need regulatin. Tings have changed wid folks from de Indian sub-continent dominatin dis aspect of I/T. It might have cause an effect someplace since too much ah de onlyest rules is de ones people make up tuh suit dey needs. So, eef yuh scruntin like me, yuh go be orn de horns of ah dilemma: Sacrifice principle fuh ah job or de chance of one. While dat might look like is only de job seekers gettin hurt ah suspect employers gettin hit too.

All yuh need tuh start as ah bare bones recruiter is ah phone an access tuh de job boards. Me eh have ah clue how many ah de hundreds, maybe thousands, ah recruiters it have are bare bones. De ones who does call me seem not tuh be buh I could never be certain for all cases.

By de way, mih larse stint on de bread-line was eye-openin too so ah siddong an chronicle de lessons ah learn fuh ah magazine.

One ah de tings dat apparent in dis new world of I/T recruitin is dat de customs an rules being applied suggest all ah we from de sub-continent an here orn dem special work visas.

Not even close.

Some ah we I/T ole timers have American passports an say we remember tings like IBM punched cards an RPG II but only good enough tuh say we have dem memories.

So eef questions related tuh visa status eh infuriatin who dey doh apply to, how about udders dat doh seem relevant tuh gettin yuh resume in front ah hirin manager who den decides eef he or she want tuh interview you?

Like . . .

Driver’s license number? Dream orn.

Like . . .

Full date ah birth? Fuh yuh tuh discriminate against mih based orn age?

Ah picture? More discrimination ent?

Skype Id? Sure ah go give yuh dat once de hirin manager ready tuh tork shop.

Yes, some ah dese answers, an udders, go be relevant once fillin out personal details after hirin. I eh seein de relevance when de first step is gettin mih resume short-listed. I eh makin it easier fuh no potential recruiter, or employer, tuh decide I eh gettin hired because ah mih age, race, gender or any udder protected categories under de law.

Dat said, I do mih share ah evaluatin resumes or Curriculum Vitae, so ah know how tuh find enough clues in somebody demographics tuh toss dey resume, or dat udder ting it call, eef ah bigoted. Since I is de one lookin tuh land interviews I not go make it easy fuh any bigoted bodies tuh do de same ting.

Wow. Dem words sound defiant even if meaningless against ah committed bigot.

Wid all de shenanigans ah does have tuh deal wid orn ah daily job-huntin basis, it have tings ah find endearin. about recruiters  When dey call most does ask how ah doin. Ah does tell dem den point de question back at dem. Invariably once dey answer dey does tank mih fuh askin. Reminds me ah de days when manners was standard fare. However, since me an dem eh know each udder, ah go remain uncomfortable when dey close emails wid, “Sincerely Yours”.

At de end ah de day, all recruiters want yuh resume an what is called ah “RTR” or, Right Tuh Represent. I eh know how bindin it is in terms of me okayin ah recruiter representin mih wid ah company. Ah suspect any legality is in de realm of verbal contract law. However, ah not ah lawyer an not lookin tuh play one in any blog.

Even before dat earlier round ah unemployment, ah tort about havin mih own recruitin business. Like ah said, ah been orn de udder side ah de table. Besides, ah have ah idea how my business would be different from ninety-nine percent ah dem udders, Plus, ah know mih I/T area ah expertize. Ah sure ah could tell who only know theory.

After discussin it wid de recruiter spouse of ah pardnah ah realize I inpatient an not willin tuh wait de years it go take tuh get rich.

In de meantime, ah better not sit back sad at how tings in I/T recruitin change. Ah cyar afford yet anudder ting ah doh recognize because ah how it change an who it spawn.

De sadness done too much as it is ahready.


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