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De search fuh ah topic: How it went dis time

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July 8, 2017 by Fensic

As casual as dis blog might seem, ah topic doh pop into mih head just so nah.

Sometimes is because tings slow. Dat does hardly happen doh since we torkin Triniland, de home of endless bacchanal an commess.

Udder times, no topic could be because I eh want tuh beat ah dead horse an tork about what might seem different but is really de same khaki pants. Ah do dat an people wid dorgs in dat hunt does tink ah pickin orn dem. People so touchy.

Of course, ah cyar fuhget dat wid plenty bacchanal an commess, it easy tuh not know what topic tuh pick. Dat is where ah is or was dis week. Too many topics dat all juicy, dotish, outrageous or just puzzlin.

Ah sure it have udder reasons why ah topic does be ah challenge buh ah cyar tink ah none now.

So, in dat state ah semi distress, ah open up mih topic selection process tuh somebody close. Somebody ah know since we meet dat first time in ah Carnival Saturday night fête in Triniland ages ago.

So let meh open up de world tuh behind de scenes an me scramblin.

Okay, ah wasn’t scramblin like ah was lorse since ah did start someting orn de SEA exam results just released. Fuh de first time dat ah could recall, ah hear all de chirren not only eh parse de exam, over 2,000 eh get ah 30% grade. Dey borderline illiterate it seems.

Why, was de question fuh mih open discussion. De idea was eef we could answer dat ah would have ah blog.

De discussion lead tuh more an more tings. Like askin when, why an how one ethnic group does dominate de test an eef dem answers could help dat bottom 2,000 plus students. I offer tuh bet I know de trifecta ah gender, ethnicity an kind ah school most ah dem attendin fuh starters.

Pay me now or pay me later.

Dat not my chant fuh winnin ah sure ting. Is what all ah T&T go have tuh do, not just who in charge ah educatin Triniland’s future.

In de end ah wasn’t sure ah had enough fodder fuh ah whole blog, especially how ah been dong de road dis topic cover before.

De shenanigans ah politicians was ah next possibility buh dat discussion get intense quick.

It start when just so ah get accused of only writin about politics. Ah challenge dat one time.

Okay, how about most ah de time yuh does write about it?”

Ah challenge dat too an den wait while dat challenge get validated. Wid dat small victory ah figure ah had permission tuh tork about T&T being called de larse country still ah tax haven. While ah point out I wasn’t into conspiracy theories, I question why Stuart Young was torkin about T&T tax rate not being what yuh would expect from ah tax haven. I was one horse he could lead tuh water any day ah de week orn dat because I did done read ah article in de Guardian from back in 2011. In it T&T get named wid udder countries identified as de larse set ah tax havens it have. Ah tax haven was described as ah place widout financial transparency. Interestin ent?

But, not being ah con-spir-ah . . . con-spir-oh . . . somebody who believe in conspiracies I not seein no link between ah comatose FIU, an some woman just hit wid ah bucket of charges related tuh lyin bout she education tuh get ah job. Most eef not all de charges have tuh do wid money launderin not fraud. Still, I eh had enough tuh write about dat latest khaki pants business.

Me eh know how ah discussion dat was supposed tuh help mih find ah topic reach tong. De corner ah Frederick an Prince tuh be exact. Maybe dat is where dis next part ah de search start? All ah know it involve reminiscin about carnival of old an some song ah doh remember. Buh ah remember de fella orn de radio when de woman done sing it sayin it was ah metaphor fuh carnival since dat too wasn’t comin back till next year.

How could any mention ah carnival of old not dissolve into yet anudder argument wid dis person who opinion ah dis listen to — is dem help wid dis topic selection — except when it come tuh where we did bounce up de Carnival Monday after we did meet de Saturday night. I insist is dis one place an dey guessin it was ah next place. Even Google eh help.

Since ah map of part ah tong was orn de screen an memories was orn we mind, Federation Park become de topic. Somewhere inside dat den exclusive area was de fête. Let tuhday’s social media teenagers tink dey in ting when dey text ah friend about ah party only tuh have dat friend text dey udder friends who text it tuh dey own friends, orn an orn. So what eef ten million kids turn up? We used tuh get de same result an all we had was word ah mouth an ah sometime-ish phone when it did come tuh wukkin.

Eef dat fête wasn’t packed fuh so in real, it gettin pack wid me tellin dis story.

Ah bottle was de admission charge. De host didn’t know everybody in dey place an guests get tuh keep de bottle dey bring. Eef dem people fence was low in de back imagine how many guests one bottle manage tuh get een de front door.

Yes, Federation Park. Orn days ah didn’t ride mih red racer tuh school, ah used tuh get orf de school bus orn Maraval Road an walk through Federation Park tuh home. At least ah tort was Maraval Rd. Tanks tuh Google ah now know dat was still Saddle Road not Maraval Rd yet. I eh remember all dem windin roads in Federation Park eidder.

Rapsey Road? I did know dat name once?

Jamaica Blvd? Steups. Time tuh rename dat oui. Call it We-Might-Have-Tuh-Rename-Dis Blvd.

Barbados Road? Dat ah remember cause it use tuh end at Long Circular Rd puttin mih close tuh home.

Regardless ah how an why yuh start reminiscin, once yuh get tuh yuh youth anyting could play. Like pitchin or playin marbles. Who decide orn callin pitchin dat? Maybe is because de craft dead an few left tuh fight fuh it.

Runnin jockey in de canal? Dead too. Not ah bad idea considerin it involved little boys, hunched over like dey is Chally Jones. Dey urgin lil piece ah wood in water none ah dem, okay we, had ah clue was comin from, tuh go faster. Eef yuh could ah hear how we used tuh soot we jockey.

By dis time I did done fuhget why ah was back in time rememberin tings Trini an gettin excited. But, like it does do so well, reality set in. It take mih hand an bring mih back tuh de present an what ah started out doin.

Yes ah have ah blog tuh write.

Something related tuh Triniland.


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