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Yuh doh need de spotlight, just do yuh best

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November 19, 2016 by Fensic

Ah was tempted tuh stat dis orf usin textin terminology, specifically ROFLMAO or fuh who doh cuss, ROFL. But, just like yuh supposed tuh be solemn in religious places, ah decide not tuh be sacrilegious as local govahment election silly season is religious tuh many.

So instead of any rollin orn de floor, ah startin orf givin tanks tuh Senator Wayne Sturge an he trusty sidekick, Senator Gerald Ramdeen who might be one ah de people Sturge tun rong an throw under ah PTSC bus. He not no lightweight when it come tuh pounds so Senator Sturge must ah been wearin he Superman underpants when he do de tossin.

Why ah givin dem two tanks?

Simple: Dat press conference where dey provide proof de murder count in T&T does get under reported.

Who wid mih in dat offer of gratitude?

Wait. Nobody doh answer yet.

I eh askin UNC sycophants because ah done know dey answer. Eef ah excludin UNC fanatics, ah have tuh exclude de fanatics across de political aisle. An ah not askin folks who does live dey life in ah fog, believin everyting is ah conspiracy, it have enough ah dem too close tuh me ahready.

Once all dem groups excluded, whoever remainin in T&T is who ah dey wid. So, who wid mih in dat offer of gratitude tuh Wayne an Gerald? UNC-ites tuh de bone.

Is long time now people suspicious of de murder count, ent? Eef murders eh gettin solve it eh logical tuh assume more people gettin kill dan reported? Under reportin does make de poleece look better or, not as bard. Right? Common sense all de way. Prove de count higher an score political points fuh yuh side. People go ditch de udder party.

An why not murders? Dey represent ah political hot potato. When de party in power fail tuh cool it dong den de next best ting is tuh criticize de udder party when it too fail. Get tuhgedder an work tuh coolin it dong? What kind ah dotish tork is dat in any political season?

As ah say in ah prior blog, whichever party lorse ah election should be forced tuh rule de country since dat party dedication an drive tuh stamp out rong doin is deep an sincere.

Unfortunately, Sturge an he partner, both lawyers eh, must be never hear dat real ole expression about many ah slip ‘twixt de cup an lip. Maybe dey hear not tuh count dey chickens before dey hatch or it cousin; de devil in de details. Maybe ah should be happy dey eidder never hear none ah dem expressions or dey was too cocky, too sure dey plan was airtight. Widout dey cockiness an or confidence, ah would ah be torkin about someting far more profound. Like ah woman waitin outside parliament fuh hours tuh see de Minister ah Health.

In de press conference dem two turn de spotlight orn deyself so everybody could see how foolish dey is politically.

How yuh go present ah list ah names wid some double counted? Sturge eh believe he look dotish since he double dong blamin de press fuh focusin orn he dotishness. Tuh me he look more dotish orn he Facebook page when he say he does always be prepared except fuh when he not prepared. Dat eh what he say in ah nutshell before tossin everybody else involve in de mini debacle under de bus?

Why ah not surprised? Wasn’t he de same lawyer who claim mission accomplished despite de failure ah de move he side was makin tuh oust de president an vice president ah de Law Association?

So wid all dat why ah tankin dem?

Ah tankin dem fuh dey part in showin how T&T race neutral when it come tuh politics an stupidity.No one ethnicity better dan de udder.Yes, ah playin de race card.

Sturge an he side kick Ramdeen. Two ethnicities unified by nationality an dotishness. De onlyest ting tuh argue over is who name should be first orn de billboard praisin racial unity. Is about race so my vote fuh Sturge. Regardless, dey are poster chirren tuh show neidder political party an its single-ethnic base have any edge in who could run Trinbago into de grong eef yuh eh stop dem.

Dat video of de woman in de hot sun offerin more hope oui.

So tuh de two senators: Me an whoever wid mih, we eh finalize de list ah names yet, say tanks fuh de live example of PTED; Political Transparency when it come tuh Ethnicity an Dotishness.

All ah we is one, is ah acceptable alternative interpretation.

De lesson troublin doh.

Eef I was ah family member ah one of de murdered persons who name get used in dis silly display, I would be livid. When dat one reporter was readin out duplicate names. I was cringin. Like de discussion was about clearin ah mix-up in names an schools after SEA exam results come out.

Yet it was ah almost shinnin moment tuh see de press questionin someting. Ah know two lawyers who go say dat prove dey point: De press in de PNM pocket.

De idea ah political party is de only entity wid de correct murder statistics is ridiculous. What dem same reporters need tuh do now is find out from de poleece what is de procedure fuh declarin ah dead person ah murder victim — dem bodies dat does turn up all over de place fuh example — den parse de information orn tuh de public.

Since all ah wanted tuh do here was offer tanks tuh de two politicians, I eh go bodder to wonder when de poleece, press an govahment did start fudgin dem numbers. Eef ah was tuh wonder ah would say it had tuh be after Jack Warner declare, de poleece eh releasin no more murder figures. At de time he was de Minister ah National Security in Kamla UNC govahment.

Yes, it had tuh be after dat; like late 2015.

Trinis have ah capacity fuh adaptin dat beat anybody else’s. Dat good. Damn good.

Trinis have ah capacity fuh adaptin dat beat anybody else’s. Dat bad, Very very bad.

When dese local elections over an de national one roll arong, will Trinis have de ability tuh steups an show dey displeasure by electin ah party outside de political mainstream? Dat mean  ah next party orn de scene claimin it have de answers?

It have any udder way fuh dat bad ability tuh adapt tuh be overcome by de good ability tuh adapt? Or, fuh people tuh force change?

Maybe ah rong all dis time. Maybe de answer is in what de woman in she one-person vigil was doin.

Fuh sure what she say is more applicable an worthy ah followin dan anyting I say so far. Tings said simply could be so profound. Her simple words was dat she protest was de best she could do.

Any tanks goes tuh she fuh showin de way. Ah guarantee yuh could count orn dat.

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