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Imagine nobody eh think ah dis before me

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October 8, 2016 by Fensic


All ah was doin was glancin at some ah what Kamla say in she budget rebuttal or whatever it is de party in opposition does do when it respond tuh de annual budget ah de party in power.

Just so de first idea hit mih.

Dis idea make so much sense ah cover up mih laptop one time. Ah move so quick de whole computer screen geh cover cause me eh know exactly which part orn it de camera really is. All ah know is when ah Skype people dey does want tuh know why de same plate orn mih stove fuh de parse two weeks. Dey have tuh be lookin over mih right shoulder.

From dat kind ah maccoin it easy tuh go tuh spyin orn what ah does watch when is me alone an ah turn orn private viewin. Eef dey could dat den who is tuh say dey cyar see inside mih head when ah get dese brilliant ideas? Ah could never be sure dese days an once somebody maccoin inside mih head see dis idea, dey go know de potential an tief it.

Wid all de savings dis idea have, it drippin money. Me eh want tuh have tuh hire no dishonorably discharged TTDF Special Forces fellas tuh go wherever whoever owe mih money hidin.

All dis caution justified.

Tell mih dat not de case.

Anyway, since ah still had tuh use de computer, ah end up ah edgin it would black tape. Den was time fuh ah proof ah concept tuh make sure not even slice bread could compete wid mih idea.

Ah start wid de current opposition party. Ah had tuh do dat cause is what dey say dat put dat de idea in mih head. Who know how long it was slidin arong in all dat empty space hopin it could stick. Well it finally did. Eef it hold up usin de current opposition beatin orn it den ah go turn tuh de former opposition, now govahment, cause de idea have tuh stand up wid only parties when dey is de opposition. Not sure yet how de finalized result go get implemented buh one step at ah time.


Should ah party dat cyar protect it people be in govahment, like de esteemed leader ah de party say? . . . Nice easy start. Of course she right. De proof ah concept rollin.

What happen tuh all dem moves de UNC make tuh keep de poleece visible so people could feel safe? What de current party in power do wid dem? . . . Ah next easy one. Dey get rid ah dem; probably drag all dem reluctant poleece officers back tuh . . . “guard dey station”, eef ah could coin ah phrase. Yes ah real good start.

Do I believe de current opposition when it leader say eef was dem in power dey would ah outline dey plans tuh solve crime an not hide it like dis party in power doin? . . . Dese tests gettin dotish. Of course ah believe de leader ah de party. De grass greener orn de udder side so dey know exactly what tuh do when dey not in power.

In fact, anyting de leader ah de party dat currently out ah power say about de party dat currently in power, is true. Kamla was orn ah roll when she tork about dis, “red an ready”, govahment being out ah it league.

Okay, de next part lil confusin tuh mih so ah have tuh keep remindin mihself. Ah need tuh see eef de party now in power was as equally patriotic when it was in opposition like dis current opposition is. Fuh dat, ah goin back tuh ah recent time when dey roles was reversed.

Friday Sept. 12, 2014: Was de leader ah de opposition at dat time, Keith Rowley, right when he point out tuh de speaker dat de den party in power, would ah rack up ah “mind-boggling $33.4 billion” in budget deficits in five years? He was torkin in de budget debate fuh dat year. . . . Look at dat. Already ah see de concern fuh de country by ah next opposition. Of course de man was right. He even orn record sayin de party out ah power — he party, tort de country was in crisis.

Was he rong in sayin de den govahment like tuh hide tings? . . . Ah next dotish question. Of course is yes.

What about de $53 billion yearly average de den opposition leader say in Sept 2013 de den govahment was spendin orn national security? . . . Frightenin ent?

Ah like how dis proof holdin up. Buh yuh never could proof someting often enough. One more?

De fire truck, correction, water tender, cost $2 million. It roll over or dong ah cliff. De govahment ah de day eventually decide it was too valuable tuh lose an haggle over de price. Cost after savin $3.5 million? Six point five million. De leader ah de opposition call de action, ah “naked rape” ah de treasury”. He say de Cabinet “irresponsible an dysfunctional.” In dat Cabinet was one Jack Warner. He say he would do it again. . . . No question tuh ask orn dis. Mih concept proofed.

Fuh who still not sure how right dis idea is, just look at what ah minister in de party dat currently in power say fuh everybody tuh hear. He say de current govahment go never call ah state ah emergency. Steups. He might as well name de poleece in ah weed raid. Eef one ah dem have de same name as one who wasn’t orn de raid he should clear it up.

Whichever party currently in power does only play it big. It frighten tuh say it lorse an it tink tings hopeless. It fraid tuh bawl dong de place an tell Trinis it doh have ah clue. Instead, it always tryin tuh make people believe it neeeeearly have tings under control, so wait lil bit longer.

Not so wid whichever party not in power at de time. It does act like man, ole-time man at dat. Stiff upper lip, forceful, uncompromisin, protector of aaaall dat is right, Trini tuh de bone.

Could it be dat whatever party in power at de time does have ah different agenda? I eh know, I askin. Does it lose focus? Does it be only studyin itself? What, too many extra pockets in dem cargo pants?


Cargo pants?


Dat is it!

Dais it right dey!

Ah next idea. No braps dis time cause it come via random tort association. Madness? Ah go take dat because ah know how tuh implement everyting.

Change de rules. Still have de election buh instead ah makin de winnin party form de govahment, force de losers tuh do it. Let dem know dey have a track record an de fuss time dey ease up an doh do everyting in de best interest ah de country, de people not waitin fuh no next election. Dey go run dem losers out ah tong.

Next problem.

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