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What now Mr. Prime Minister?

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January 23, 2016 by Fensic

What now Mr. Prime Minister?

While is true nuttin before its time, de question still valid so ah askin. Hear dis before yuh answer doh.

Somebody close love dat, ‘before its time’, expression. Whenever I strugglin wid someting, dey does stand orf tuh de side an watch mih go back an forth, tryin dis, eef it eh wuk, tryin dat an eef needed, tryin de udder. When ah finally make out, dey does smile an tell mih nuttin before its time. I hate dat expression.

Ah remember being full ah hope all dem years ago when Chin Lee announce Operation Anaconda. I recall it being de first of ah long line ah govahment actions in response tuh de crime situation. All ah dem must have been before dey time.

Dat is ah next reason I doh like de expression.

Eef yuh believe nuttin is really before its time, yuh also have tuh believe when someting eh wuk or happen den it was before its time. Ah cyar accept dat since as far as I concerned, it excusin incompetence. Not tuh mention it suggest we doh have control. Since when God take back free will?

Eef anybody should know what ah meanin it would be you an every udder person who spend years reachin an missin but not lettin failure be ah discouragement from reachin some more.

When ah ask ‘what now’, is because ah interested in yuh next move now dat yuh tell Dillon tuh do what he have tuh do so de military go be in dem hotspots, an orn ah permanent basis.

You have tuh be different from all dem udders who do de same ting buh when tings cool dong, dey remove de soldiers. What you callin for have tuh have do more tuh de different long before permanency reach. Yuh have tuh go de next step an prove yuh doin different dan de previous govahment, especially how yuh did express ah somewhat contrary opinion at de time. Dis move necessary buh it eh really have nuttin tuh cheer about.


It will have ah ‘yet’, right? Ah mean yuh different, right? You have tuh be different. Yuh have to.

In lookin fuh clues, ah notice you not only name hotspots, yuh express sentiments Trinis does have when dey hear or read about de reaction of residents in dem areas tuh ah poleece shootin an killin. Now dat different. Not too many people still moved by tork doh.

Everybody know what go happen wid dis move as dey see it before. After ah lil while, people go start limin parse dark. Tom, Sing an Lutchman go keep dey parlors open longer. Chirren go start being chirren again, playin whatever games chirren does play dese days. Area elders go start relaxin, takin een everyting, maybe even smilin again. Some murderers go slink away; udders go try blendin een. People outside de hotspots go fuhget. You cannot fuhget like de people outside dem hotspots. Yuh have tuh have plans fuh gettin dem murderers an extendin de feelin ah safety.

I not go say de criminal element not boldface enough tuh challenge dem soldiers. Dey balls grow over time an now dey owners might really believe dey control areas in Triniland. Eef dat happen we go see if soldiers is poleece or ‘poldiers’.

I doh need tuh read what yuh plans is as law-breakers could read too. When ah ask, ‘what now’, ah really seekin assurance dem soldiers in hotspots is not de only bullet in yuh gun . . . . . Lord, it better not be.

Eef dat is de case, at some point, under some govahment, people go wake up an find de army decide de time did reach tuh act since no govahment didn’t seem capable ah meetin its primary responsibility. Dat not abstract since plenty ah we remember what we was doin in 1970. Ah bet Rex la Salle an Raffique Shah was being patriotic even eef de udder soldiers was only followers. Wid your knowledge ah dat period, yuh understand dey sentiments. Nuttin dey do was before its time, ent?

Dis current appeal yuh makin tuh patriotism? I eh know about it nah but eef shamin Trinis into puttin country first works den you is ah genius. I would argue de people wid information but afraid are more patriotic den de two sides dat have dem afraid, even eef is only one side dey suppose tuh tork to. De solution more fundamental dan patriotism. It need de right people connectin de dots, seein de bigger picture dey paints den takin action, be it corrective or preemptive. De actin poleece commissioner eh seem able so cyar do more dan act.

Williams not alone in failin tuh connect de dots, but dis is he area so is he orn de hot seat. Eef he connected de dots an communicated tuh he executive why dat ability vital an dey in turn parse it dong de line, here is what we wouldn’t be seein: No more pictures ah sympathetic poleece orficers lettin dey fellow orficers, albeit only accused of crimes, hide dey face goin in an out de court. Dey wid be disgusted instead wid how de accused shame de uniform. Likewise, dey wouldn’t be steupsin all vex an ting when de magistrate deny de accused officers bail. Dem two bottom dots have tuh de connected. No orficer would be askin what eef udder orficers get accused of crimes while on duty since dey armed an de law say no bail eef armed wid ah gun when committin ah crime. Ah mean why de arse poleece orficers commitin crimes in de first place? What happen tuh protect an serve? De public askin. Meantime, ah senior orficer moanin an groanin about de public not givin de poleece information tuh solve murders.

De TTPS really not seein de connections? It not important tuh eliminate questionable behavior? Is only de larse dot dey seein fuh real? Dey could say dey care about public opinion all dey want, action will always tork louder dan words.

All is not lost because you an me know Trinis forgivin when it come tuh dey poleece, at least I tink dey is. Once de poleece do de right ting, in ah short period dat trust go flow again. How long dat time go take is anybody guess, but it short.

When yuh answerin de question of, ‘what now’, ah hope yuh abandon de idea ah goin after supposed Trinis orn Facebook. It sound patriotic tuh do buh wasn’t Kamla in yuh sights once fuh she Facebook posts?

Doh study dese latest ones eidder as disgustin as dey is. Is ah waste ah time an probably more difficult dan what people want yuh tuh focus orn. Besides, dem people is trolls an trolls enjoy attention, but not too much. Who believe dis fool sayin dey Facebook page get hacked? Not me. Not when I see words in de supposed hacked comments spell de exact same way as words in de allegation dat dey page was hacked. Let dem enjoy where dey livin, T&T have enough fish tuh fry.

Focus orn de question: What now Mr. Prime Minister..

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