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It was more dan just ah damn football game. Steups man

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November 22, 2014 by Fensic


Ah cyar help it nah, is vex ah vex. Ah disappointed so ah cheupsin. I not de onlyest one. Ah is? Steeeuuuuuups.

It was more dan just ah damn football game, at least it was fuh one ah de two teams in dis week’s Caribbean Football Federation men’s final between regular antagonists Jamaica an T&T. Guess fuh which team? Steups.

Where tuh start, where tuh start? Wid de details ah de nonsense dat almost derail de game gettin played? I eh sure eef dat boycott tork wasn’t ah grandcharge de team pelt doh. After all, dey play de game based on ah promise dey would get dey money. Dat eh de same promise dey get over de years an dey still play all dem udder times? As ah was tellin mih pardnah, eef mih money wasn’t in mih account before kick orf I wasn’t playin.

De problem is eef yuh listen tuh de TTFA excuses as tuh why tings as bad as dey is fuh as long as dey is, de excuse reasonable. Is only when yuh stack dem excuses an broken promises end tuh end dat de picture does come clear, like ah jigsaw puzzle does do.

Yes ah could start wid dat. Buh wait. On second torts no. Steups.

What about de signs I did see before de game? Signs I does see all de time in Trini football. Yes I is ah fan, ah football peong tuh use mih correct title, buh ah not one ah dem, ‘good luck, hope allyuh win’, kind ah fan. Everyting in life is about preparation meetin opportunity. Dem signs ah does see say de preparation not up tuh par in we football.

Ah dey wid control, dribble an parse nah.

Eef yuh cyar do dem consistent yuh is ah want-tuh-be footballer. I use tuh pong dat in de team head when ah use tuh do mih lil coachin. Eef yuh have a left foot yuh could play left out. Dat is ah ole joke from college. Tanks Clarkie.

Too often I does see we players fail tuh control de ball because dey fuss touch stink. Ah does watch dem dribble de ball straight tuh ah opponent an lose it. When dey do control an dribble de ball good it does hut mih heart tuh watch dem tun right arong an parse it tuh de udder team or de touchlines. Ah find ah does be bawlin too often: “NOT TUH DEM!” or, “TUH WHO?”

I eh sayin de udder teams does always control, dribble an parse de ball perfect buh we does overdo it. Like all dey hard wuk eh have no value or nuttin.

Yes, ah could start wid dat. Ah could even jump from dey tuh de big picture. Eef we does accept dat as good football den we into mediocrity. Yes, dat word again. Buh ah rejectin startin dey. Ah must be like tuh steups or someting.

Wid all dem rejections which part ah startin den? Actually ah like how ah open so ah runnin wid dat.

It was more dan just ah football game an we eh see dat.

Doh geh mih rong eh, Jamaica was clearly de better team on de field. Dey players work well tuhgedder, dey use dey skill good an dey was determined. I would argue dat determination was because it was more dan just ah match fuh regional braggin rights an a chance tuh play in whatever tournament it have in South America next year. It was ah chance tuh get back at Trinidad an Tobago. How we eh see dat?

Dis was about dem Jamaican pilots who flyin fuh Caribbean Airlines an tink dey gettin mistreated. It was about de boycott ah Trini goods, which ah tink fail like two weeks after it start. Okay ah month den. Two? However long it take it fail. Dis was about de larse set ah Jamaicans dat geh run from Piarco. Dis was about Jamaicans who vex no tail dat dey govahment spend four million ah dey scarce dollars tuh put Abu Bakr on ah private jet an return he baxide tuh Triniland. Dis was about all dem Jamaicans who eh know de fuss ting about T&T buh consider deyself Trini experts. Dey believe Trinis doh like dem an does siddong an plot how tuh make dey life difficult. Dis is about who surprised it have crime, serious crime, violent crime, murderous crime, in T&T. From some letters in de Jamaican press is like some ah dem happy tuh read about bard ting in Triniland. Ah Reggae Boyz victory would make all ah dem tink dey dotishness wasn’t dotish.

Of course it had Jamaicans who, like dey Trini cousins, does enjoy seein we two countries go head tuh head in anyting.

All dat is why de Soca Warriors was supposed tuh win de damn game. Make all irrational Jamaicans dat hate Trinis choke on dey ackee. Make de udders who enjoy de rivalry sigh an say next time dey go get we.

Buh no. We gorn een de match tinkin is just football. Steups. How dotish is dat? Dem players doh watch de news? De coach eh put ah couple articles from de papers on de dressin room door an use dat tuh motivate de team?

Ah wouldn’t ah mind eef we did do de control, dribble an parse ting good buh except fuh spurts we suck de entire blasted game. All ah had goin fuh mih was mih Trini pride an hope dat we go score ah lucky goal. Buh like it does turn out, is who want de game more dat end up winnin. Dat wasn’t we.

Ah glad ah did express mih torts on ah football forum before de game because de Jamaican captain geh interviewed after de game. In he euphoria guess what was de fuss ting out de man mout? De victory was against how Trinis does treat Jamaicans sendin dem back home. Ah cyar say ah was surprised nah. Buh he team win, he entitled tuh tork shit.

So fuh de next year Jamaica have braggin rights. Trute be told? Eef yuh did go strictly by de stats ah how we do against dem dey would ah been favored tuh beat we. An dat was before dey had all dem udder non-football incentives fuh dis game.

Now ah go have tuh stop readin de Jamaican papers cause dey findin all kind ah articles tuh write in praise ah dey team. It sickenin. Suck teet.

Mih jaws huttin from all dat cheupsin so let mih wrap dis up.

Congratulations tuh Jamaica. Allyuh go ahead an boast an brag, stick out allyuh chest eef allyuh want. By next week de remainin Trinis who eh done fuhget about it go fuhget about ah dotish football game dat eh mean ah ting an move orn tuh we ting; bacchanal. Dat is what we does do good. We could beat allyuh at dat wid we eyes shut an we two hand tie behind we back. Too bard dat eh ah game we could compete een.


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