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South Africa’s gun violence. Nuttin fuh we tuh learn?

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November 8, 2014 by Fensic

Most Trinis never hear about Senzo Meyiwa an now dey never will cause he dead de udder day. Shot dead.

Senzo played football an was ah goalie. He was not only on de national team but was de captain. Across de country fans adored him.

Back up tuh before, when it was lookin like Nelson Mandela was goin an be South Africa’s first black leader. Ah bounce up ah fella from South Africa where ah used tuh wuk. Like udder white South Africans he did fraid de ANC so he migrate tuh de US wid he family. He wanted tuh know what I tort ah he idea tuh call heself ah African American. Ah tell him tuh go right ahead. Imagine runnin from South African blacks only tuh get brutalized by enraged black Americans. Yes man, call yuhself ah African American.

Me an he was on opposite sides ah everyting related tuh people. He would tork I listen. When he done ah would tell him he just tork shit widout callin de man views dat. After all, I eh had he same experiences tuh drive mih beliefs. Still me an he become good office friends. Ah eh had no interest in meetin he friends. Dey might ah been more into action dan tork like he.

Is he who tell mih dat tings was so bard in South Africa dat de police used tuh hire security companies tuh guard dey police stations. Ah did doubt him.

Since dem days wid me an he South Africa like it worse. Senzo Meyiwa murder had mih checkin how much.

Only ah narrow, closed-minded ignorant imbecile go suggest violence reach South Africa only after blacks take over. He pardnah on de udder side, de broad-minded apologist fuh bad behavior, go deny crime now worse dan before. Mih only comment tuh any social angle tuh South African crime an gun violence in particular is dat it is mainly black on black. Ah not focusin on causes or reasons why. Mih interest narrow: is T&T followin de South African approach tuh fightin crime? If so why are de powers dat be in Triniland sayin it go wuk? Watchin how de tings wukkin ah next country is clues, at least dey does point yuh tuh what yuh might have tuh worry about before hand.

So what South Africa doin tuh fight de endless gun violence in de place?

Well, it have CCTV cameras all over de major cities. I see pictures ah South African criminals assaultin people, even tryin tuh hijack cars goin dong de road. Ah just eh tink dem cameras as effective as de cameras it have all over de place in New York fuh example. Fart on any NY street an eef people complain de next day, de NYPD go post de video wid you fartin, audio included.

Ah watch ah video ah dey poleece chasin some bandits into one ah de poor areas. Dey lorse de car den spot what dey tort was it. Dey back back an went tuh check. Den dey get out ah dey farse farse sayin it wasn’t safe fuh two cops. Dey say dey go regroup an go back een in numbers. In what? Armored vehicles dey say.

All de poleece I see was wearin bullet resistant vest an carryin assault rifles. I doh understand why ah poleece man would carry ah gun buh not wear ah vest. Bandits doh shoot at poleece? Digressin ent?

It have all kind ah special poleece units buh de one dat ah watch good was de Special Task Force. Hearin dem fellas tork real frightenin as like dey live fuh confrontations. Dey does get call on operations like bank robberies in progress. Eef dey fail tuh resolve it peacefully by callin on de crooks/bandits/murderers tuh surrender dey does call de morgue an tell it tuh expect bodies riddled wid bullets. Okay ah make up dat part buh dey doh look tuh take no prisoners.

South Africa was in shock when Senzo Meyiwa join de list ah murdered citizens.

Yuh could get all moral an ting if yuh want an say eef he wasn’t hornin he wife an did go straight home he wouldn’t ah get shot dead. Still, de country stop an ask itself what de arse goin orn. Why it havin endless murders. Why poleece doh solve more. Dey call de poleece useless an crooked. One time de poleece had ah gun amnesty. Afterwards some ah de same guns dey take orf de streets geh used in violent crime. No faith in dey police? Hell de South African poleece eh have no faith in de South African Police eef dey have private security guards guardin dem.

South Africans so conditioned tuh de level ah violence dat I predict dey go fuhget about de murder ah Senzo Meyiwa just now.

It eh dat de South African criminals sophisticated. Is de amount ah dem an all who cyar wait tuh join. De poleece kill four ah dem dead an six takin dey place. An guns so cheap tuh boot.

Why de people who runnin T&T keep suggestin eef dey kill enough criminals T&T go return tuh de days dat people who was young wid me grow up in.

I eh tink ah lettin no secret out buh dem days gorn oui. Fuh good. Dey eh comin back. Just like Senzo Meyiwa eh comin back. He an all de udder murdered people.

Ah know is human nature at play buh why communities, even nations does wait until ah Senzo geh kill tuh tork shit about all de tings dey go do tuh stop de madness. Yet it look like is only de close family relative dat stay on de murder scene dey does cyatch?

So what is de answer eef ah suggestin T&T usin failed tactics? Ah sure ah hear South Africa described as de most violent country in de democratic world, an it gettin wuss. Over 50 murders ah day? Dat accurate? Any country wid dem kind ah numbers not at war wid itself?

Buh as usual it an all udder violent places not my first concern unless dey have tings tuh teach. So what de TTPS supposed tuh do tuh protect de one point someting million Trinis in Triniland?

Dat easy: MORE!

But it need plenty help.

Ah cyar believe ah doctor could remove cocaine pellets from ah man body an give dem back tuh him. No crime dey or what? No law on de books? Incompetence someplace? Somebody whisper someting tuh somebody an wink?

All I doin is lookin at de big picture while hopin who in charge smarter dan me an seein de same picture an worried too.

Act like nobody doh want ah murdered Senzo Meyiwa in T&T. How hard is dat?

Wait, doh tell mih.

It have a process in de Ministry ah National Security tuh do dat too? Certain people go hold up even dat process?

So, who really in charge den?

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