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Ebola. Trinis fightin wid ISIS. Who holding cards close?

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October 18, 2014 by Fensic


Trini ISIS fighters returnin home.

Each capable ah stretchin de country’s capabilities while puttin people at untold risk.

Right now Ebola is de more immediate concern buh Trini jihadists returnin home have endless undesirable potential. Ah eh go get any more graphic dan dat in case people tink ah puttin goat mout on anyting. As eef me sayin someting could cause it tuh happen.

Eef ah had dat kind ah power de Soca Princesses would ah beat de US one goal tuh nuttin like ah did say larse week. Instead is de US who do de beatin. Trinis all over de place callin it ah victory of sorts fuh T&T. Moral victories in sports doh earn no points an is points dat does decide who goin forward an who goin home. Maybe mih wires did get crossed an it was Haiti T&T was beatin by dat one tuh nuttin score since dat is exactly what dem Princesses do larse night. Onward team!

Okay digression done.

Triniland have tuh be prepared tuh beat both Ebola an de local ISIS fighters threats. It cyar afford tuh pick one or de udder an focus on only dat. Of course de best way tuh combat Ebola is tuh not have anybody wid it reach T&T.

As we seein in de great US of A, all de tork about preparation an preparation is fuh naught eef procedures not up tuh mark. It is fuh dat one reason ah hope Triniland powers dat be payin close attention tuh what happenin in de US, namely Dallas. Learn from dem mistakes because T&T doh have de bandwidth or resources tuh do tings wrong an den come back an fix dem.

I eh dey wid all de drama an nonsense dat seein man an woman revert tuh basic instincts of survival. Dat does happen all over de world. Ah probably wrong in callin all de scares nonsense. Is only nonsense when yuh, or me, have de luxury ah sittin dong on de couch an analyzin people’s reaction in ah vacuum when, eef you or me was dey in de middle, we might ah be bawlin de loudest.

Yes in typical Trini-fashion, people usin Ebola preparation tuh push dey own agenda an tork dotishness. Watson Duke demandin ah ten million dollar insurance plan fuh who is essentially first responders?

Ah mean what is de alternative eef de govahment steups at he demands? He go have doctors, nurses, fire officers even ambulance drivers walk orf dey job?

Aside from de hot air dat blowin out ah people yaps I hopin de govahment really preparin adequate an meaningful responses fuh handlin dis disease eef it enter T&T. De more important question is are dey puttin in strong policies tuh prevent it reachin?

Dat is why watchin de US modify its search fuh suitable responses is important. It doh mean Triniland have tuh do what it doin. De idea of ah Ebola swat team of healthcare workers make sense tuh me doh. Not every nurse an every doctor need space suits. Everybody go need trainin doh.

Me eh readin nuttin in de Trini papers about nurses gettin trained nah. Space suits fuh dem nurses an doctors needed buh de trainin tuh put dem orn properly an take dem orf safely also needed.

Ah tink de Ministry ah Health, along wid whichever udder ministries needed, should be puttin out information packets an runnin public service announcement on de radio an TV about de disease.

What are its symptoms? How easy it is tuh get? Eef somebody have de runs an vomitin dey guts out what dey or dey loved ones do? De answers eh go replace de basic human instinct of fear buh information is always power.

So yes, pay attention tuh what places like de US doin buh take action dat different when needed. Like de restrictin ah travel from de African countries were most ah de outbreaks happenin.

Any next digression please? It short.

Ah like how CARICOM move as one even doh each country announce essentially de same travel ban separately. Fuhget political correctness crap yes.

Den it have Carnival.

Two more weeks dis month an four in November is enough time fuh de govahment tuh decide. I guessin chances are 50-50 fuh Carnival next year but palancin go be de least ah everybody’s worries eef in dem six weeks . . . . . . . . . .   ah eh sayin no more nah. Dem odds go change, as dey should even eef is only outside T&T dat tings worsen. De super cautious done make up dey minds about Carnival—survival instincts at work nah.

Carnival or no carnival, de powers dat be in T&T have dat udder issue dat far bigger: Trini ISIS fighters returnin home. Dat idea must keep Gary Griffith up at night.

Fuhget Jamaicans who again up in arms about T&T shooin back tuh Jamaica ah next baker’s dozen ah its citizens. Fuhget Abu Bakr not gettin permission tuh land in Jamaica fuh whatever reason. Fuhget any familial squabble. Is battle-trained individuals ready tuh engage in unconventional warfare tuh promote dey fundamental beliefs is what causin Gary grief. It better had!

Watchin how udder countries handlin dey own citizens returnin from Syria cyar help since dem countries eh broadcastin or telegraphin dey actions.

It safe tuh say dat T&T doh have de same kind ah law enforcement as dem udder places, like de US. Ah cyar see no undercover persons on T&T playin dey agree wid somebody who intent on blowin up stuff while all de time de undercover agent secretly collectin evidence. Not T&T where eef is you plottin ting yuh go find out in de papers eef de poleece watchin yuh or eef you is ah suspect.

Can de govahment ban Trini ISIS fighters from re-enterin de country instead?

We done know non-citizens can get run back tuh dey home, buh which place yuh go run Trini citizens?

Part ah me say, who cares, while ah next part say dat issue is ah can ah worms. Ah ignorin de part ah mih dat wonderin how hard it really is tuh get into T&T eef yuh determined.

So, how serious ah threat is dem jihadists?

Back in 1990 Bakr make he move wid over ah hundred supporters. Yes tings change since den buh I still wouldn’t put de abilities ah he an he group up against de abilities of however many Trini Jihadists fightin wid ISIS now.

Shane Crawford?

After he an he pardnahs gorn up against de “Great Satan” who or what in Trinidad an Tobago dey fraid?

Now dat ah pause an reflect on dat question fuh twenty seconds, ah cyar end on dat ominous note, especially how mih pores still raise up.

All ah want tuh know, or better yet feel, is dat Griffith an dem have cards dey holdin close tuh de chest or vest, whichever right tuh say. None ah dem cards better be de hope dat Shane an dem go blank T&T like he mudder say he go do in she Express interview.

As fuh Ebola? More information please.  Eidder way . . . keep both ah dem OUT!

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