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Boycott? Help from de Internet?

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November 30, 2013 by Fensic

Eef only dem Jamaicans who doh like Trinis did know how dis Trini tink what dey doin’ is timely. I sayin’ dat cause I sick an’ tired ah dotishness from Triniland. An’ even eef ah was, ah sure wouldn’t use dat tuh line up against T&T. Nah, ah say dat cause ah been formulatin’ mih torts on people in general, dotish people in particular an how de Internet does make one group more like de udder group. As part ah dat, ah askin’ mihself eef mankind would still be arong tuhday eef de Internet did start up say two hundreds years ago.

Ah tink trute important tuh de survival ah man, an’ de Internet fightin’ wid itself over dat. On one hand it makin’ trute more available, eef yuh could find it. On de next hand it makin’ trute more irrelevant. Put yuh story out dey fuss an’ yuh gettin’ support from people believin’ what yuh want dem tuh believe. Once yuh have dem people, it easy tuh get more. Is ah complex ting dat feeds into de general tendency all people have about what tuh believe an’ how we does get tuh believe what we believe.

Most stories does only have two sides, one ah dem being de right side. De wrong side could have like fifty variations tuh it. Eef you know your side is de trute, good luck gettin’ any ah dem variations ah de wrong side tuh take yuh orn. Ah tink dat is because when people believe someting passionately, logic gorn.

Me eh claimin’ I know how tuh do it, buh ah sure eef yuh know how people does tink, yuh could control dem. An’ wid de Internet, tings easy. When people tink dey makin’ decisions based on de own “logical tinkin’ an’ free will”, doh stand in dey way nah. Only somebody totally dotish go run in front de crowd an’ put up dey hand sayin’, “allyuh wait nah, doh go so farse.” Dat person go be de fuss casualty ah de movement. Okay de second since trute is always de first ting tuh go.

Ah tink it have leaders, an’ I eh only meanin’ leaders as in countries, who understand dat concept an’ does use it tuh distract dey people. Dat way dey does get de people tuh fuhget dey gettin’ screwed. Or wuss yet, get de people tuh blame udders fuh dem gettin’ screwed.

What put mih on dis lonely twistin’ road? Ah gettin’ tired readin’ about waitress claimin’ she eh get no tip an’ showin’ “proof” only tuh find out she lie. Ah tired readin’ stories dat feed into my biases only tuh find out later it have more tuh it an’ I was one ah de jackasses believin’ shit.

Ting doh normally happen just so, dey does have a reason. So, about dis boycott ah Trini goods.

Yes, it have ah Trini vs. Jamaican rivalry dat goin’ orn fuh donkey years. How, when, who, where an’ why it start? All I know is eef yuh born ah Trini, yuh supposed tuh be rivals wid Jamaicans an’ eef yuh born ah Jamaican, yuh supposed tuh be rivals wid Trinis.

I get nasty, stinkin’ communications via de wonders ah de Internet once. Dey was from ah Jamaican who attack mih cause I is ah Trini an’ he didn’t like Trinis. Well ah straighten he out one time.

Ah next Jamaican tell me de reason Jamaicans doh like Trinis is because Trinis does learn in school since is Jamaica dat break up de Federation, dey supposed tuh hate Jamaicans. I must ah break biche dat day an’ de teacher never remind de class not tuh fuhget tuh hate Jamaicans.

At some point in dis rivalry, ah line geh cross an’ common sense get lost. When doh?

It cyar be durin’ de “one from ten leave naught” comment. Tuh tell de trute, me eh even tink dem teach we anyting bout de mash up ah de Federation. Ah hope dat eh just my version ah dat trute.

It cross de line before Trini business people did start checkin’ de region, lookin’ fuh business tuh buy? Was it when dey reach Jamaica an’ find Jamaican businesses was ready fuh de takin’?

Did it get worse when de Jamaican govahment was tryin’ tuh sell Air Jamaica an’ Caribbean Airlines offer tuh buy it? Did anybody else even make ah offer? It had tuh happen before dat because from de comments I did read, super patriotic Jamaicans was livid. Fuh who eh know? Trinis doh spend precious time tinkin’ ah ways tuh make life hard fuh Jamaicans. Eef life gettin’ harder, doh look at Triniland as no cause.

Whatever line it had geh crossed long before dis story ah Jamaicans gettin’ turn back at Piarco happen. De story just make it easier fuh Jamaicans who eh like Trinis tuh jump on ah new bandwagon. When yuh is rivals wid somebody, yuh does be competin’ wid one anudder. I push you; you push me. Both ah we better when de pushin’ done. Fuhget rivalry, what we torkin’ here, hate? When yuh hate, yuh seekin’ tuh destroy. Fuhget how weak de effort go leave yuh arse, de focus is on yuh enemy. Based on some comments in Jamaican papers, extreme views was gettin’ good reviews. Anybody puttin’ dey hand up an’ sayin’ “allyuh wait”, was gettin’ bounce dong by de crowd. Dat is de nature of ah mass movement in de makin’, ent?

Each side tinkin’ it have logic on its side. Each side cyar be right, buh each side could be rong.

So eef here is where dis ting reach, what next? Considerin’ dat what people do does be logical tuh dem, how does de Internet help people walk back from de edge? People go cool dong an’ make different choices or people gone so far dey cyar tun back now? How tuh get cooler heads tuh prevail? Can de relationship between de two countries spring back from dis new low? Can de two countries go back tuh yesterday? I eh know eef dat possible as de vision ah what tings like today, cyar be erased. What some see, even taste is blood. Yuh cyar untaste someting, yuh cyar unsee it neidder.

Would all ah dis be goin’ orn eef Caribbean people did know more about one anudder. I eh torking about de press who does give people basket tuh sell papers.

“How dis could happen if all Caribbean people are one?” Dat is what dis first generation West Indian American family member ask mih. Eef me eh have de answer fuh all dem udder questions, how ah go have ah answer fuh dat one?

Mih torts eh done formulatin’.

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