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I eh know what tuh call dis one nah

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November 23, 2013 by Fensic

Before ah go any place dis week, let mih offer mih sincere condolences tuh ah special Trini woman whose husband lorse he battle wid cancer dis week. As ah Jamaican in ah special Trini family, he was used tuh de occasional fatigue, buh he did know it was all in love. Nobody in de family, especially he lovin’ wife, would ah throw he back fuh ah Trini. Rest In Peace Fred. You will be eternally missed.

So much going orn’ in an’ arong Triniland lately have mih feelin’ like I in ah buffet restaurant wid all mih favorite dish. What tuh sample first?

At de same time, ah askin’ mihself eef ah should ah be ah jockey. Dey does be arong horses all de time an’ ah never hear about one ah dem beatin’ ah dead horse. I eh have dat skill.

Much ah what is de news dese weeks, eh nuttin buh symptoms. Must be conspiracies tuh keep people dotish? Sparrow sing bout de same ting, only differently in Dan Is De Man In De Van.

Besides tinkin’ ah in ah buffet or should ah be ah jockey, ah does always say when yuh know somebody character or how dey does tink, yuh cyar be surprised when dey do tings dat in keepin’ wid how dey does tink. Be disappointed buh not surprised. Yuh have tuh get parse de symptoms tuh reach de cause an’ study dat. Anyting else go be ah waste.

So when William “Bill” Bratton go dong tuh T&T fuh two days, ah have tuh ask mihself what he could tell dem about de crime situation dey eh already know. Police should get more money? Doh recruit low hangin’ fruit tuh be police? Compstat?

He visit would ah be more meaningful eef he did stress dat unless de will an’ commitment dey, it go be like spittin’ straight up in de air an’ not movin’. Is de cause, not de symptom.

When de second in command ah de TTPS give ah pre-retirement interview an’ lament how he sorry he eh solve dis one case he had fuh six months, how yuh go be surprised? Seize de opportunity tuh get he brain an’ study it. It eh like he go be usin’ it any more, especially fuh policin’. Is forty years he is ah police. Times change. Policin’ change. He change? Given some ah de statements he make before, eef dat was ah test question, mih answer done write in indelible ink.

People confidence in de police low. Since is ah public relations issue, I eh tink I see nuttin’ happenin’ dat go change dat lack ah confidence anytime soon. Buh in de true spirit ah endless tork, de latest Minister ah National Security, (MNS), say dat in six months dat missing public trust go start returnin’. Doh ask me how he pick six months an’ not five or seven. Attack de cause I say.

De focus on de bigger picture doh change even eef what happenin’ lookin’ good. Look closer in dem situations. Take de impendin’ launch ah de Rapid Response Unit in de police service. It is de great idea Kamla an’ Rowley did come up wid when dey did put dey heads tuhgedder tuh fight crime. Buh remember back tuh de two Canadians dat geh run out ah T&T. Dey mission was tuh make de TTPS ah modern-ish police entity. Dat included people feelin’ safe. Now de latest MNS say de new Rapid Response Unit go deter criminals an’ give people ah sense ah being safe. Doh clap yet. Like ah say, look closer at tings dat look good. It have tuh have ah special unit inside de TTPS tuh do what de TTPS supposed tuh be doin’—deterin’ criminals an’ makin’ people feel safe? Dem Canadians hadn’t started doin’ dat on multiple fronts? Dey wasn’t attackin’ de cause an’ not de symptoms?

Let mih find dis quote from ah blogger dis week. It so profound ah have tuh get it word fuh word. “Every darn thing in this country has to reach crisis stage before it can be addressed.”  Tanks tuh TriniAmerican fuh dat. It perfect. Dem words need tuh be hangin’ in every govahment office an’ on every wall where Kamla does wuk.

TriniAmerican was torkin’ about de situation wid de prisons dat seem like it ready tuh boil over. How long tings simmering’ dey? March ah dis year, 2013, was when den Minister ah Justice, Christlyn Moore say she was disturbed by what she see when she visit de Frederick St. jail. Now Professor Deosaran proclaimin’ how shocked he is at conditions in de Remand Yard. Tings reach crisis stage yet? Listen fuh continued ole tork fuh de answer tuh dat. Dis eh de fuss time de authorities gettin’ warned about de jails an’ dem so doh geh fool easy. Sometimes yuh does have tuh listen tuh de kind ah silence tuh know eef tings reach critical mass.

Tings inside T&T does affect people outside T&T too. Jamaicans pissed at T&T. When dey not pissed at T&T? Dis time is because T&T immigration turn back Jamaicans at Piarco. Ah eh go lie, ah feel sorry fuh de lil Jamaican girl who was hopin’ tuh see she Jamaican fadder who marrid ah Trini an’ livin’ in Triniland.

Once de turned-back Jamaicans reach back home, is straight tuh de newspapers dey gorn tuh complain. Ah really doh like dese “news-stories” since dey not balanced, buh since when anyting is about de trute when all yuh want is people tuh believe yuh story? De Jamaican press love tuh give dey readers dat hate T&T basket so yuh could imagine how dey nyam up dis story. Trini haters had ah field day. Tork bout shit some ah dem spout. One say Trinis jealous ah everyting Jamaica have.

Was totally different in de Trini papers. Most people say eef yuh cyar meet de entrance requirements, stay home. De Jamaican haters went parse dat of course. Buh it had Jamaicans commentin’ on de story. In de Trini papers! De two sides ah haters cuss one anudder stink stink. In de Trini papers!

De onlyest bigger picture in dis story is dat Triniland cyar be dat bard. Not eef Jamaican Trini haters could be commentin’ in de Trini papers about how bard Trinis does treat Jamaicans an’ why. Dat good, ent?

Ah goin’ parse T&T an’ Jamaica tuh show how dis nonsense runnin’ far.

How ah team ah big men playin’ Test Cricket could lose ah match in 3 days? Den tun rong an’ do it again tuh prove it wasn’t ah fluke? How could de selectors den tun arong an’ name de exact same set ah losers, tuh play more shit in de next test series? Who dey representin’? Must be de West Indies.

Steups, cheups an’ suck teet.

Focus. Focus.

Do dat an’ maybe just now it eh go be dat easy tuh perpetrate dese an’ udder sleight ah hands on de people.

Geez, I hope so.

I want it tuh start in Triniland fuss doh. De rest ah allyuh? Allyuh by allyuh self.

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