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Political sleaze an’ de people

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July 27, 2013 by Fensic

Lord, why it is people eh playin’ dey could be sleazy so, an’ so damn selfish?

Doh tink I eh hear dat loud steups as yuh ask yuhself, ‘So what wrong wid he now?’

No, not You Lord!

Not You at all!

Me eh sayin’ dat tuh You!

Tuh de people who tryin’ tuh get mih in trouble wid de Lord, ‘what doh be wrong all de blasted time’ is mih damn answer. Why politics does bring out de wuss in people? Dat have tuh do wid absolute power or de pursuit of it, yuh tink?

Ah fuhget de question already. Oh yeah, what wrong now? I here followin’ de politics ah de day, dat is what wrong.

Noooo man. Not Trini politics. Not all de time so. I dey wid dis politician it have in New York City who runnin’ fuh mayor.

Readin’ about dotish tings dat people does do in udder places, tings unheard of in de annals of T&T, is one way tuh keep mih sanity. Fuh when Guyanese lawyers go tuh T&T an’ behave like dey givin’ ah speech in Lusignan. Dat is de name of ah some place in Guyana ah pull from ah map.


Dat is de name ah de politician. Tork about de picong possibilities. Too bard he not in T&T. I did never hear about he until about two years ago when ah strange story come out.

Ah sayin’ it again: Doh ever put anyting online yuh eh want people tuh see. In de heat ah de moment when yuh actin’ dotish is de wuss possible time tuh put anyting online dat once yuh cool orf go leave yuh face red red. Doh even do it an’ change yuh mind. Even eef yuh put it den turn right arong an’ delete it, someplace in dis world somebody go already have it captured. I cyar ask Mr. Weiner tuh confirm dat cause me eh tink he really care.

Anyway dis weiner picture geh sent tuh some woman someplace den it geh immediately deleted. Like ah say, dat too late. When Mr. Weiner geh asked about it he say he account geh hacked buh de Weinersnitchel was he own. Nobody eh believe he an’ finally he drop dat lame defense an admit is he send de picture. Once he say dat de story come out. Tuh he credit in de picture he weiner was clothed.

He send de picture as part ah he modus operandi in de online relationships he was havin’ wid willin’ women, none ah dem he wife. Each woman did tink was just she an’ he. I eh sure eef was vex dey was blasted vex or just hopin’ tuh make money buh dey expose all dey chat records. Weiner, de mister, resign from office, expressin’ shame, sayin’ he had tuh repair he marriage an’ seek help fuh he addiction. Typical self servin’ crap dat does parse fuh apologies dese days.

End ah story? Since is crap he was torkin’, hell no. At de time he was ah top candidate fuh mayor ah New York City buh it wasn’t time fuh de race tuh start. Well de race start now an’ guess who in? Mr. Weiner nah. It did even start tuh sound like people was willin’ tuh fuhgive he.

Eef yuh done guess dis next part den yuh ahead ah me.

Ah woman come out an’ say he was doin’ de same ting wid she AFTER he apologize de first time an’ promise not tuh do it again. She claim he take advantage ah she. She provide de evidence tuh some website dat like dem kind ah ting. Well me being me I find de website cause I want tuh read fuh mihself.

How ah big woman tellin’ ah big man, yes, she want he doin’ tuh she all dem tings he say he goin’ an’ do, how she could say he advantageous? He force she tuh type she words? He force she tuh send he pictures? Fuh some reason ah start hummin’ Jean an’ Dinah.

Politicians good oui. Not tuh come by me an’ have ah drink buh how dey could make ah rainbow out ah someting dat black an’ white. De man claim all what de latest woman say is ole, he doh do dem tings no more an’ besides, he did tell people it had more women out dey.

While he standin’ dey torkin’ nonsense is he wife standin’ next tuh he oui. She say she forgive he. She read de same tings I read she husband tellin’ dem udder women? Eef so, den was she also right dey wid he, reapin’ de benefits from what he was writin’ at de time?

Anyway, he insist he runnin’, so de voters could decide he fate, not people who wasn’t votin’ fuh he anyway. Partly true dat.

Enough important people pullin’ de strings behind de scene go force he out de race. After all, who lookin’ tuh shake he hand after de tings he tell dem women he go do wid dem same hands? Who want he tuh kiss dey baby wid dat mout’ after what he say he go do wid it tuh dem women? Eef he cyar shake hands an’ kiss babies, how he go get close tuh voters?

Me eh sayin’ he mightn’t have good ideas politically, buh de man have more pressin’ tings he need tuh be focusin’ he energy on. Mr. Weiner make mayor an’ what people like me go see when dey watch he, not he pardnah in crime? Yes, de man send weiner pictures tuh dis latest woman. Dis time it was butt nekkid.


Anyway ah done gorn beyond where ah was plannin’ tuh go wid he story cause while dis wasn’t about T&T politics, it also wasn’t really about politicians in New York.

It is about how people does react tuh politicians an’ how dem reactions does shape dey future. Is about how people really have de power tuh decide dey future. It eh about tinkin’ dat what happenin’ in your political arena mean your place all dat different from by udder people or even dat your place worse. Once you tink dat den yuh choices limited.

Mr. Weiner eh go be runnin’ in de mayor’s race no matter what he sayin’ now. He go be packin’ up an’ leavin’ early sayin’ he eh want tuh be ah distraction.

De people is de system. Dey decide what acceptable an’ who cross dat line does pay de price. Dat is how dis system does wuk – checks an’ balances. No hand wringin’.

Dat it have slime an’ sleaze all over doh change de texture ah your slime, it does just put it in context. Tings have tuh be kept in perspective cause only den could de people, de system, start changin’ tings. Assumin’ of course people really want tuh change anyting or dey just want tuh tork an’ beat dey chest bemoanin’ how bard tings is. Brother Valentino done tell we long time what life is an’ what we role is. So eef de lines call fuh people tuh only bawl an’ tork about dey system being dis an’ dat, den dat is what dey go do.

Who ever write dem lines might be writin’ ah next set fuh just now, who knows? Ah hope any new scene go have people being serious. Fuh once.

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