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March to true true democracy

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November 7, 2012 by Fensic

Leh mih see if ah could tork about de march widout torkin’ about Jack………………

Okay ah give up.

Ah cyar do dat so let mih tork about he quick an’ move orn tuh de march an’ what ah like tuh call, de ‘big picture’.

As in so many tings, Jack response tuh de march is tuh shoot from de lip. He make ah series of statements dat suppose tuh demean, denigrate, trivialize an’ in all possible ways ignore dat somewhere between 27 an’ 40 t’ousand Trinis march larse week against he govahment. He number of marchers lower dan de number he ‘own’ police say march. Where he get he number from? I eh see nobody ask he dat.

He divide he number by de number of constituencies it have an’ come up wid some number dat he use tuh justify he view dat de march insignificant. He also suggest dat more people vote fuh he dan march. Den in typical ‘Jack fashion’, i.e dotishly, he proceed tuh suggest dat only one ethnicity, ‘Africans’, march. In he mind dat mean it wasn’t ‘representative’ of Trinidad an’ Tobago cause it eh had Indians, mixed faces, whites, Chinese an’ young people. Ah guess ‘young people’ is ah separate category dan dem udder groupings. But is he right tuh be idiotic. Is ah right he does exercise as often as he can.

De funny ting is dat what he went orn tuh say had more meanin’ an’ would ah be more effective eef he didn’t take dat detour into whatever he does detour into when he start torkin’ bovine excreta. What he went orn tuh say is dat de march was primarily ah collection of PNM diehards an’ hangers-on only intrested in dong-crying’ de govahment . Now dat would ah be ah good topic tuh debate buh he went an’ spoil de ting wid he udder comments.

Now ah still experiencin’ de after effects ah Hurricane Sandy an’ what ah learn about who in charge an’ who ah should be vex wid when no hurricane arong. Add tuh dat, outside in de street behind mih, is ah long long line ah cars waitin’ tuh geh gas. Is ah pity dem an’ Jack cyar get tuhgedder. Buh anyway ah practicin’ what ah does preach. Dat is when yuh know somebody character an’ yuh accept it as being dem, nuttin dey turn arong an’ do or say dat is part ah dat character should surprise yuh. So Jack eh surprisin’ me.

Okay ah tink ah done tork about he.

I believe dat anytin’ promotin’ democracy an’ de ultimate manifestation ah dat – people weldin’ dey power, is ah good ting.

Fuh many years in T&T, at least when I was growin’ up, de plaintive cry ah de people disillusioned wid dey govahment was, ‘who else we go put?’ I did always believe dat was ah bad question as all it do was tell de party in power tuh go ahead wid whatever it was doin’ as de people didn’t see no option. In fact, it could be argued dat askin’, ‘who we go put?’, was racist in dat it suggested de opposition, read, ‘Indians’, was not ah viable alternative. In udder words, dey go do worse.

Now me eh here tuh argue de pros an’ cons ah dat. I here tuh suggest dat when yuh tink yuh politicians tiefin’ from yuh, yuh doh keep dem dey. Yuh vote dem out an’ let de udder side tief lil bit too. Maybe de first set ah tief might decide dey eh want nobody else tuh tief but dem. Dat might see dem tiefin’ less just tuh stay in power, eef dat make sense.

But back tuh marching an’ de promotion of democracy.

Regardless of what Jack suggestin’, de present govahment have plenty people dat unhappy. Some ah dat I tink is because de people had so much high expectations when de PP come tuh power. Dem expectations was so high it was always ah good bet dat de govahment would ah disappoint. As eef dat wasn’t bad enough, dey come ridin’ into tong wid ah agenda of all de good dey would do in de first 100 days. I tort, cynically so, dat given how low de PNM had dropped de bar, all de PP had tuh do was turn up everyday fuh wuk an’ doh do nuttin as long as doin’ nuttin dat didn’t make tings worse. Govern in 10-days increments nah. Dat eh de ultimate in ‘govahment wuk’?

Eef de PP tink it could do like Warner suggest an’ doh take orn what all dem marchers had tuh say, regardless if was primarily PNM supporters, den it truly dotish. In udder words, it waaay too late tuh adapt ah position of not doin’ nuttin. Ah tink if dey listen carefully, dey eh go hear nobody wailin’, ‘who else we go put?’ Dat tuh me is ah measure of democracy at work dat Trinilanders never used tuh feel dey had. Alternatives nah.

Yes, it had people wid all kind ah agenda in de march, buh dey was united against one ting. Quick, somebody ask Jack how different dat is from de different agendas of de different groups dat come together an’ form de coalition tuh geh rid ah de PNM.

I totally agree wid de part ah what he did say when he mention PNM diehards. Buh who give de PNM ah toehold tuh push tuh where dey could muster between 27 an’ 40 thousand people in ah protest march? Not he party?

Section 34?

Me eh tink dat was any PP conspiracy. I tink it was pure duncy headedness all arong. Incompetence if yuh want tuh call it dat. an’ I paintin’ all sides wid dat brush. Ah tink it was ah masterful stroke dat now allowin’ de PNM tuh turn what was all arong ineptitude by dem too, tuh be ah conspiracy by only de PP. Remember, it have ex-PNM ministers who would benefit from de same ‘conspiracy’. One ah de tings dat lead me tuh not believe it was no PP generated conspiracy is because de section did talk about de clock beginnin’ tuh tick from de date ah de offence. Now wid dem kind ah crime, how yuh does know when it occurred exactly? Ah would ah tink de better filter would be from de date de accused geh charge wid de crime.

Ah next reason ah tink it was no conspiracy is because ah look at de chances of ah law getting parse widout nobody saying, ‘oops’, afterwards or even before sometimes. Fuh example take de dorg bill dat both sides ah de aisle had ah bite at, startin’ wid de PNM. None ah dem eh see how dotish dat bill was an’ dat it wouldn’t work as drafted?Dey did need all dem udder people protesting tuh tell dem dat?  So me eh givin’ no side de kind ah credit dat would suggest brilliance  of any wattage in stagin’ massive conspiracies. Dem cyar tief dat good.

What I tink is closer tuh de trut’ is dat in politics, it not about trut’ buh what yuh could get enough people tuh believe. Eef de PNM could get thousands ah people tuh believe de PP incompetent, den de PP incompetent. Dat is politics. It dat simple. Dat eh democracy?

Democracy at work does make me happy.

De onlyest ting dat politicians fear is de power of de people when election time come. When de people feel an’ act like dey hopeless, de party in power does keep dem holdin’ dey ankles as dey stay bend over. When de people see is dem dat have de real power den de bender does become de ben-de. Next ting yuh know, politicians seeing deyself as servants of de people. Dey does even start lookin’ towards good governance as de means of stayin’ in power. Dey know when dey mess up, dey could be gorn next election an’ de next side take over. If dey mess up bad enough, dey could get tuh ‘go home early’.

If anybody can tell mih how any ah dat bard, please do so cause me eh seein’ how.

My word of advice tuh de PP is dat it should be worried about de PNM sycophants dat inside key ministries an’ gettin’ hold of documents dey shouldn’t have. How many times Rowley get up in Parliament an’ readin’ from ah email or from ah contract or someting dat obviously get put in he hand by somebody on de inside?

It have ah saying dat ah adaptin’.  Two tings yuh eh want see made: laws an’ black puddin’. Ah suggestin’ dat we seein’ not laws gettin’ made, buh democracy breakin’ out it shell like ah baby pigeon. It go be ugly tuh look at an’ clumsy when it try tuh walk, far less march. Give it time an’ it go be ah homing pigeon before yuh know it.

Dat is ah big picture view. My big picture view. Only it does geh block out when de bacchanal in full swing.

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