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No Justice No Peace, so hear my piece nah

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June 3, 2012 by Fensic

Hear nah, it eh playing it does have plenty ting going orn in T&T oui. Anybody ever check out just how much? Is like yuh need ah score card tuh keep check and score.

De best I could do is cherry pick what I go talk about buh I just want tuh make sure nobody eh tink I covering everyting. I would have tuh talk fuh like ah hour tuh even come close and fuh anybody who tinking dat is ah good idea, mih profound apologies in advance fuh yuh disappointment.

Ah next ting I notice is dat what does get plenty attention doh always seem tuh be de important tings. Actually I notice dat long time buh maybe is because ah couple of items dis parse week ketch mih eye ah notice it more.

One ah de tings happen at de PP celebrations fuh being in office two years. I not really sure what dey was celebrating. Being in power fuh two years or being able tuh stay in power fuh two years? I see dem as two different tings oui.

Anyway de ting dat had people opining like crazy and some ah dem wid plenty vitriol was Sugar Aloes. I always like dat word, ‘vitriol’. It does remind me ah petrol. Pitch oil nah. Pour dat pitch oil on some ah dat vitriol and is big fire yes. Ah wonder if de Fire Brigade have adequate water now tuh out such ah fire? Anyway I eh know dis buh apparently Sugar Aloes is ah PNM-ite so he appearance at de celebration had Trini tongs talking. Of course de press had big article and ting stirring de flames wid dey own pitch oil.

Me eh living in Triniland nah so I cyar speak tuh de intangibles being on de grong dong dey does add tuh everyting. I glad fuh dat as ah tink dat additive messing wid dem people head. I hear people call Aloes ah traitor, ah Judas, ah smart man, ah dotish man, ah soulless man. Anyting ah man could be, he geh call. He even eh call ah woman. He on de udder hand say he is really ah performer, ah professional entertainer so pay him and he go perform. Dat only cause more some people tuh get more blasted vex wid him.

He sing ah song serenading Kalma. Well who tell he do dat. Some advocate of Afro Trinis take he tuh task fuh using ah song dat was not supposed tuh apply tuh anybody not black, so de woman claim.

Lord fadder put ah hand, put ah hand.

De next big flare up was wid dem people who protesting dis new highway Don Warner and dem sign ah contract wid some Brazilian construction company tuh build. Yes, ah say it. Jack Warner is ah ‘don’ of de Jamaican variety buh widout de violence. I eh know if woman go wear white and say after God is Jack like dey do in Jamaica, except it was Dudas, just before de police bonce bullet in dey baxide in Tivoli Gardens.

Big big money involve in dis contract. Let mih quote de Guardian, ”… Construtora OAS, has been awarded the multi-billion dollar construction contract for the San Fernando to Point Fortin highway. The project is estimated to cost $7.2 billion, $2 billion more than the original cost. …..”. Dat was in Jan. 2011. I tink de only ting anybody betting about is how much more de cost gorn up since den and how big de pockets in Jack new pants is.

Anyway it have dis group who vehemently against part ah dis highway parsing through dey neighborhood. It very vocal and does find continual ways tuh make de papers. Well Kamla was at some function speechifying about Indian Arrival Day. Outside in de rain ah group ah women decide dey protesting and not moving. Well de police move dem.

Hear nah, I eh even talking about 20 people who get move. Well if yuh hear, read and see bacchanal. Where dat hand Lord? I read bloggers who say is Nazism. Udders wonder how come it eh had no female Indio Trini police moving de Indo Trini women? Udders bawling shame on Kamla. Again, ah missing dat ‘living in Trini’ intangible so me eh know what all de commesse about. I eh go bring into de discussion how I does see police, not de TTPS, does treat protestors who too harden tuh move when ordered. What I know is one ah dem woman get ah mike and she start talking about de shame on Kamla. To me she voice sound ah lil fishy. Ah was hearing ah lil accent dey dat had mih wondering if she eh geh ‘bused in’ or something.

Well de latest on dat is de group dat protesting de road apologize tuh Kalma saying dem woman de female non Indio Trini police move not from arong by dem udders protesting. So I eh know.

Here is what I tink. About all dis.

I tink T&T have de most accepting society when it comes tuh racial and ethnic diversity. Now before anybody start stoning mih house listen tuh what I not saying. I eh saying it good, I saying it is de most accepting.

It so politically incorrect in T&T dat if yuh used tuh people fighting because of what udders say, yuh does be breaksing when yuh read what Trinis does say about dey brethren of ah next ethnicity. It eh like Brazil, Canada or de US or England or anyplace else. Dem places people does tink if yuh eh talk about it, it eh exist. IF yuh still insist on talking dey does legislate political correctness. In Triniland race does get talk about nonstop. Ah wonder where everybody, dem talking and dem being talked about, does go at de end of de day? Tuh de same rumshop lime maybe?

Kamla reorganizing she ministers just now she say. I eh have nuttin more tuh add tuh dat.

De usual going orn on de crime front – murders and robberies. De police kill some teenager who was part of ah mobile robbing crew. If I could be guaranteed is only guilty people go be affected I would not have no problem wid more ah dem getting killed in ‘shoot outs’ nah. I eh go lie. Something need tuh put de fear of God in dem bandits. De fear of getting killed works for me.

More on Don Warner? It have a football place in Macoya called de Joao Havelange Centre of Excellence. FIFA say it build de place and now de Guardian reporting FIFA hand over ownership tuh companies Jack and he family does run. FIFA say dey want dey money. Jack eh saying nuttin. Dat wasn’t de case when he was announcing dat de police say it eh have nuttin tuh pursue in ah next case involving he. One day he say de CoP close de case, de next day de DPP ask ,who say any case close. Lord.

Let mih end wid dis one.

Everybody still remember Abu Bakr right? I eh go comment on dis ridiculous process where trials involving him dragging orn and orn. One ah dem cases involve ah sedition charge. Well de judge sit ah all female jury. Man de blogsphere erupt wid people criticizing it saying what is de likelihood of one set ah woman convicting ah man whose religion has women as subjects.

I say de likelihood is 1000 percent if dem jury woman not no Muslim! Buh yuh know Trinis of which I still is one although I doh live dong dey so I eh breathing the air or drinking de water. We know everyting. Well de judge in de case call de editors of de two papers dat does have bloggers. He suggesting dat bloggers go curry favor wid de jury and prevent Abu from getting ah fair trail. Now I reading between de lines tuh come tuh dat conclusion eh. I eh see no judge calling dem in so he could show dem dotish blogs dat dey all could laugh deh head off about.

Meanwhile for de people of T&T dat Abu held hostage? No justice.

It eh have ah next part tuh dat saying?

What dey does say, ‘No Justice No Peace’?

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