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What I planning to do when I retire

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March 31, 2011 by Fensic

Since the number of years till I retire, (whatever that means), are far far less than the number of years since I started working, I start tuh plan on what I will do wid mih free time. I far enough along wid mih ideas tuh share wid friends.

I planning to start several databases to capture vital information that currently not being tracked. I know lil bit about computers so these databases shouldn’t be hard to set up and since I know where to get the input to populate these databases I go be in good shape.

In one database I capturing every time de TTPS say, ‘an arrest in imminent’, in a crime. Dem saying dat should be ah crime in in its own right but let’s not get bogged dong in picking nits. So in dis database would be the, who, what, when, where and how of de crime. I think I go also add in that database a section that go list every time an elected official or the police say they plan to rescue the country from crime.

Another database go soon get filled wid planned government projects. I recording when the plan get announced, how much they say it go cost, what they building, how long dey building it, how much more it costing. De Licensing Office getting it own database ad dat is ah special project.

I cannot leave out capturing every competition that a T&T sports team taking part in with limited preparation on the field. I listing the sport, how much time the team take to prepare while playing against teams far weaker then it. I capturing how de team lorse it first set of matches and the detailed ‘back door’ route that end up being the only way for making the next rounds while everybody ignoring the caca the team did play when its fate was in their own hands. I go have tuh find ah way tuh make all dat easier tuh read doh.

How I go forget logging every time some dotish Trini cry, ‘special treatment’, when a police officer get charged wid a crime buh the newspaper eh print dey picture or name when it is the law that says you cannot show pictures before the person make dey first court appearance, or some wording similar tuh dat.

I not forgetting another database that go chronicle all them times whoever in power blame the previous government for the way things are, clearly ignoring that the reason they get elected is not to point the finger at the cause of the problem but TUH FIX IT!!!!.

I hope mih hard drive go have enough room cause ah next database go focus on news reporting. It go list the date something happen (if that not in dispute), the general description of what happen, the name of the newspaper and its version of de facts. I probably go need the most room for dat database as mih capacity planning telling me dat I go be updating it daily.

Ah next database getting filled wid all de times ah Trini someplace hold dey head and bawl saying some dotish Trini doing something dat making dem shame and de rest of de world dat obviously eh have nuttin better tuh do, point at Trinbago and cackle. After all, de world does spun arong T&T, not so?


Seven databases already? And these just orf the top of mih head oui. Is ah good ting storage cheap.

Who have suggestions for more?

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