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I write.

I write this blog about all things Trini. To square the Trini circle, I use trinispeak.

My version of trinispeak may be different from your version which might differ from some other Trini’s version. How we write what we say differs because there is no central location dictating if “dat is”, “dah is”, “daiz” or any other Trini variation of “that is” is official. We are still all Trinis.

I also write for a broader audience. The result has been several articles published in the Caribbean-centric CariVele and Everybody’s magazines.

I also am working on two manuscripts. So I write. Even when I get to where I’d like to be as a writer, I’ll still write.

For now, all the writing I do is but a hobby, To earn money I work in Information Technology as a consultant. Yeah, night and day pursuits in more ways than one. Sometimes I lose sight of which represents night and which day but I do them both.

At a web browser near you is another website – That’s where I pull everything writing related together into one location.

If you believe everything must have a wInner then enjoy what I say here and we both win.

If you feel you’ve learned something new or see something differently than you did before, we both win again.

If you disagree with my stance, that’s fine. We can even discuss it. Only one of us wins though and since I get the final word . . . you get the picture. But I will listen to feedback.

If it’s not about winning then simply enjoy. Either way . . . Trinispeak doth come.

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