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Dis Angostura ting? Someting smellin so continue tuh speculate


December 2, 2017 by Fensic

As ah was dey tryin tuh figure how to outline de crux ah dis story, ah ole Clint Eastwood spaghetti western come tuh mind: De good, De bard an De ugly.

I eh tink ah need tuh identify what part ah de story lines up wid which part ah dat movie name, all ah have tuh do is tell de tale widout concern fuh ah director tuh yell “Cut! Do dat scene again”.

Ah suspect it have way more tuh dis tale buh wid no proof of what dat is, face value is what ah have tuh take it orn. All Trinis have is what in de public domain an dat might be more dan is needed tuh speculate an speculate some more, someting dat start back in November larse year.

She, not too long after being promoted tuh senior executive ranks in de organization, accuse he, chairman of de board, of sexual harassment.

Let me stop dey fuh ah minute tuh digress. It might add clarity, eef not some context or, it could fog up everyting.

Before she went tuh management wid she claim, she file ah report wid de poleece accusin he ah de same ting. It have such ah crime orn de books in T&T or she accuse him ah someting else?

Movin orn.

When de Express, in ah fit of absurdity an hyper ventilatin referred to what went orn wid Vicky Boodram as ah “great escape”, it leave de door wide open fuh me. So in a subdued an pensive frame ah mind I go say dis sexual harassment accusation was unique in de annals ah sexual exploitation allegations in Triniland.

Anyway, ah former justice investigate de case an end up recommendin de charge be dismissed. De report come out nearly 11 months after de allegation.

Now, at de end of November, de company, Angostura, announce it just fire de accuser of Dr. Rolph Balgobin.

“Ouch!” fuh starters. Ent?

After ah wince at de harshness ah dis latest move, ah tell mihself is ah former justice who do de investigation so he dot all he I’s an cross all he T’s.

Once ah swallow dat, ah figure dem senior executives meetin had tuh be uncomfortable so dey fire de accuser.

Well dotish me fuh followin dat line. Dotish too tuh who dey wid mih. Like we fuhget is de home ah commesse we dey wid.

De justice wasn’t Soloman-like cause he eh interview she, accordin tuh de press. Dotish still is who tink de justice reach he conclusion from what Dr. Balgobin tell him. Ah read Balgobin eh get interviewed eidder. Assume ah believe dat larse one. orn what basis he clear de accused?

Someting smellin.

Any woman who present ah polygraph as part ah she accusations should be taken seriously, from all perspectives. De whistleblower route tuh de company? Ah cyar figure dat one out.

Ah also cyar figure out why de man charged wid investigatin de claim didn’t interview de principles. Was he recommendation dat easy tuh make it negate any need tuh dig deeper?

It have answers tuh all dem questions buh I eh holdin mih breath dey go get released soon. Dey go come in time, wait an see.

From my experience wid dem sexual harassment policies all dey does do is let it be known what go happen eef such ah report get made an hope sanity go prevail an aggressors learn tuh heel. Dat is key: predictable procedures for determin de validity ah de accusation.

Unfortunately, de statement by Angostura back in January 2016 eh provide de kind ah assurance it had anyting firmly in place dat it would follow, at least tuh me. At de very least it could ah make Balgobin step aside while de investigation was goin orn so it didn’t look like de company was takin sides. Dis ting call perception doh seem tuh be as ah big ah concern in Triniland. Believe in yuh position an plow ahead full steam, perception be damned.

Eef it eh just me wid dese feelings den how could de company tink it actions after de accusation could be providin more women wid de comfort dat it safe tuh come forward? Not after what seem like a questionable investigation followed be de firin ah de accuser. Even eef what was claimed to have happened, eh happen.

Angostura cyar expect people who campaignin for equal treatment of woman an udder people who just interested in fair play, go believe dis executive’s firin have anyting tuh do wid job performance. Dat is what ah read is de reason fuh she firin. I go say it again buh different: It have more in de mortar dan de pestle in dis case an it doin everybody ah disservice.

I don’t know what any of dis have tuh do wid de case buh ah go relate it anyway.

Maybe is all dese years I out ah Triniland or it could be dat I not around de kind ah occupations where it does happen buh me eh tink some components of sexual harassment as boldface as dey is in Triniland. Like de time ah was vistin home, relaxin in de gallery when dis fire truck screech tuh ah stop. Ah jump. Turn out family had called tuh get de storage tank full back up. I tort dat right dey was A-Class customer service. Den one ah de firemen decide he was more interested in he “family” goin up de road, mindin she business.

What eef dat young woman did tun rong, rip she blouse open an wid smolderin eyes, an voice flush wid heat, tell him she waitin years fuh ah troglodyte man wid de brains of ah domesticated turkey tuh soot she, call she “family” an turn she orn de way he was turnin she orn. Now he had tuh out de fire in she he start.

What would dat fireman have done?

Ah cyar help but believe dat encounter involvin ah public servant so common people doh even blink at it no more. If so, how is dat deeply engrained aspect ah de culture manifested in dis case? It has tuh be dey someplace.

Would what is known now, will dis mean business as usual fuh turkey-brain troglodytic males? It go be okay fuh dem tuh keep actin orn de belief dat, “anyting ah do to or fuh she might just turn out tuh be foreplay, all ah have tuh do is keep it up?”

Hear how I see dis endin. De accuser go sue Angostura. Regardless eef she was sexually harassed or not she go win. Why? Because like in too many instances it go come out dat procedures wasn’t followed.

Out ah who pockets de money tuh pay she go come? Well Angostura is ah state agency, isn’t it? When de case reach court is when we go hear what really happen between de chairman ah de board an de newly promoted executive who de company say it fire because it lorse confidence in she judgment.

Let de speculation begin or, is it continue?


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