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November 25, 2017 by Fensic

Dry rot.

Good luck wid dat.


I is ah big man oui





Who really in control?

Tootless bulldorg.



Livin de good life, regardless.

Caribbean Airlines.

Head in de sand.

Anarchy in de makin.

Blowin smoke.

Financial irregularities.

Ah fraid Jumbie still oui.


Dem is just some ah de words an phrases swirlin arong in de lil bit ah space in mih head not devoted tuh Roger. Dey even bouncin dong one anudder. It go be me tuh cyatch as ah try an use all ah dem, plus udders, orn ah topic dat have mih nervous.

It eh de recent, activities in de Beetham, as dem confrontations not new.

Fuh now mih uneasiness have tuh de wid de big picture of T&T’s possible financial future dat gettin painted wid less excitement dan de Beetham serial.

When ah was little ,mih fadder take mih tuh mih first horror movie. One day ah go have tuh tank him fuh cause I stay up dat whole night frighten tuh even blink. Ah did just know somebody or someting was lurkin in de dark an was goin an use dat split second tuh grab mih. All now I fraid Jumbie oui an I is ah big man.

What dat have tuh do wid anyting? Everyting of course.

What is de biggest Jumbie lurkin aron T&T, ready tuh jump out an demand dey pong ah flesh? It eh go be no Shylock but de International Monetary Fund. De udder day dis is what dem at dis IMF say about T&T. I didn’t see it mihself until just now. What cyatch mih eye instead was dis.

As eef tuh hammer home de point ah see where ah Joint Select Committee jack up de lottery people.

One event does not ah trend make but I would argue what happen in dat session common tuh most ah de sessions invovlin de JSC an, pick-any-agency, any one.

Caribbean Airlines? Ok.

HDC? Dat would wuk, so too de National Insurance Board.

It certainly look like de JSC more bard dan de IMF but dat is only when it come tuh peelin back dem onions an makin yuh cry when what goin orn behind de scenes get expose. I even acknowledge de grandstandin some committee members does engage in when dey have de floor but dat is ah reasonable price fuh what dey uncoverin.

Take WASA.

How in heaven’s name ah company could allow customers tuh amass $500M TT in arrears? How much ah dat dey expect tuh recover?

Despite dutty laundry gettin aired, me eh know how much power de JSC have tuh change anyting. It could be ah tootless bull-dorg fuh all I know.

Eef de worse dem agencies have tuh bodder about fuh nine days is questionable processes dey go be in fuh ah shock. Continued mismanagement go speed up de Jumbie arrival. De pong ah flesh go really be de eradication ah all de dry rot in de place. It hidin de endless laissez les bon temps rouler even when money all but run out. Livin de good life regardless mean livin beyond yuh means. How much de govahment does pay fuh again fuh every adult ticket orn de air bridge, not someting like $100TT?

While T&T preparin tuh lay dong fuh de IMF, up de road de same IMF likin how Jamaica gettin back orn it feet.

Who knows, wid ah Trini God, oil go be spoutin like ah gyser before Roget an de latest PSA head go have tuh wrestle over de larse borrowed dollar left in de treasury.

Else is ah pong ah flesh!!

Anybody else worried?

Dis udder topic have mih just as worried.

Now we know de govahment position tuhwards anarchy by any portion ah de national community. I just hope when de prime minister made it clear he wasn’t just blowin smoke given he was torkin about de criminal element in de Beetham an by extension de whole community. Beethamites in ah class by deyself even doh bunnin

tyres an rubbish not uncommon by those fuh who it more common tuh not have water but bad roads. Yes, de Beetham in ah league by itself an elements in it uppin de anti however an whenever dey feel like it over whatever dey want. Wid impunity.

Social causes as tuh way notwidstandin, by now de majority ah people outside dat community probably fed up at de special treatment from law enforcement whenever protesters decide tuh flex dey muscles.

Are de poleece carryin out ah policy of appeasement codified by higher ups who heads in de sand all dese parse years? Dat is less unacceptable dan de idea ah de poleece fraidin tuh enforce de laws. Crapaud smoke everybody pipe eef dat is de case.

Will dis unacceptable but learned behavior, (ah Beethamites) be easily changed? Especially after people tink it give dem power?

I say good luck wid dat.

Change in direction.

Ah now seein how de only place dese topics far apart is in which part dey happenin.

So where dey connected?

Dat easy since everyting connected tuh everyting else.

Fuh starters, in both have tings goin orn dat not good fuh de national community an go lead tuh undesirable outcomes. Even Yesenia Gonzalez could see dat.

Dat leave mih hopin fuh several tings. One dat de shelf life ah what de prime minister say longer dan it take fuh him tuh say it. Second dat he eh just shuntin dis Beetham grenade orf fuh de actin CoP tuh resolve. It go be DOA. Also dat de JSC have power.

De JSC does expose ah litany ah fiscal mismanagement or financial irregularities. TV an social media does expose cold hard facts about de protests in de Beetham. Wid each encounter de numbers ah who intent orn floutin de law does increase an dey does be more vile an demandin not tuh mention unafraid.

It at de stage where parents, mudders I assume, does take dey chirren tuh de protests like eef is Kiddie Carnival. Or at de very least, dey does allow dem tuh take part in an volatile situation dat one dotish act away from serious bloodshed.

Still, what better way tuh show de young ones de rong way. An people does say parents in T&T not hands orn.

Will de unacceptable but learned behavior, from dem agency people facin de JSC be easily changed? Especially after people wid it tink it give dem power?

Ah just cyar imagine dis: Eef de Beethamites change dey ways dey could become de onlyesy, okay one ah de onlyest communities in de country where people does take responsibility.

Dat not scarier dan any IMF?

Oops I eh use one ah mih phrases: Who really in control


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