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Is not about what ah miss buh what ah learn


November 11, 2017 by Fensic

Live an learn.

De onlyest way tuh know how true dat expression is, is by obeyin de first part fuh as long as possible. At least dat is what I continue tuh find out over an over. De realizations doh stop.

One ah mih more recent insights still happenin right now. No dat eh true. It is mih most recent realization.

I here goin into mih third week in a brand new job in ah brand new location just under two hours flyin time from where mih continued survival while jobless was in question. So preparin for de big move, makin it den beginnin de process ah settlin in tuh both new place an job had ah immediate casualty: dis weekly blog.

De larse step eh done buh ah figure is time tuh get back into de swing ah all tings Trini. In fact, ah been tinkin about it fuh de parse weeks.

De larse step eh done buh ah figured was time tuh get back into de swing ah all tings Trini. In fact, ah been tinkin about it fuh de parse weeks.

Ah tort ah had developed de needed mental toughness especially when before, eef ah Saturdays roll arong den start tuh slip away an ah was still topic-less, ah used tuh panic. But, hell or high water, by midnight, ah had someting. Cut eye an steups tuh anybody darin tuh suggest ah voluntarily skip ah week. Ah had de writer’s version of ah runner’s high.

Or so ah tort before now.

Fuhget de world eh tilt orn it axis as people fall dong bawlin, fuss dey miss mih, what all dat tinking tell mih is it eh all dat easy tuh slip back into dat routine.

Not when all kind ah tings come tuhgedder tuh keep mih away from Trinispeak dot com.

Is not dat all de tings ah had tuh do fuh mih relocation, all de second torts about dis or dat was preventin mih from gettin fodder tuh write about. After all, I does center mih blog orn dat unique place where tings does keep happenin tuh make mih want tuh laugh or cry, sometimes both at de same time. Even eef I doh call dat place home ­–as in daily livin– maccoin it in mih blood.

Ah was ready tuh cry –or was it laugh– when de former second in charge ah de ODPM suggest de larse rongs ah floodin was ah lil ting despite he organization failures.

Ah was in de same dilemma when de Trini runnin de Trinbago franchise ah de Miss Universe competition ups an strip de Trinbago representative tuh de next competition.

Me eh know all de details buh ah newspaper say de woman say de representative break de rules when she make de franchise “look bard”. It had someting tuh do wid ah public appeal fuh help tuh get all dat was needed tuh represent T&T.

Give some people lil bit ah power an is duckin time oui. It didn’t finish dey of course cause is still Triniland.

I bet de decision tuh unstrip de representative about 24 hours later come from somebody wid despotic leanin realizin what happen would never stand up in court. Even eef both sides was in wheel chairs from waitin so long fuh de case.

Is ah good ting Trinis doh study dem people an dey antics unless is ah Janelle Commissiong it produce.

Oh de absurdity of it all an orn so many levels.

Gettin back tuh de point ah dis blog before ah end up digressin.

Apparently eef yuh is ah victim of ah crime an call de poleece it not out ah de realm ah possibility dat when de poleece car reach it could have ah potential drunk officer behind de wheel. It also possible eef yuh was maccoin somebody business de crime committed against you could ah be done by ah officer related tuh de macco-ed person.

De least of all de reasons I didn’t bring mihself tuh dive back into de blog was de freedom ah enjoyed. Not havin tuh find ah topic an spendin all ah Saturday pokin at it tuh find ah different angle tuh come at it was relaxin. Laziness ah tink de condition call.

Dat said, I guess what ah really learn dat ah didn’t know was divin back in did mean re-immersin mihself in all tings Trini at ah time when nuttin related tuh mih immediate existence had mih near dat mindset. Dat perspective only visible tuh ah select few.

Gettin parse some ah dem local headlines tuh de stories deyself wasn’t easy.

Yes dey have dotish people all over de place buh hearin about force-ripe teenage badjohns brandishin guns an toutin how bard dey is? Steups. Me eh want tuh get into dat Trini world not when all de poleece had tuh do tuh cyatch one ah dem was wait fuh de fool tuh report tuh de poleece station. Dat was apparently someting mandated by de courts in some udder criminal case de fella had.

Sayin de poleece should ah cut he baxide might be advocatin poleece brutality buh I only offerin dat action because de licks might save he baxide. Ah suspect he only bard when he have ah gun an makin ah video.

Oops rong fool. Dis is de one.

Ah guess de hardest ting fuh mih was knowin ah would have tuh get back into readin about Triniland politics, at least as practiced by politicians in parliament. Eef endless Trinbagonians in T&T doh study politicians den why should who eh have tuh deal wid dem daily study dem?

Ah next way fuh mih tuh look at it is tuh say unless I get ah stint in govahment an see what runnin ah country does take, which probably very different from lead it, I go continue tuh fight de feelin dat plenty ah T&T’s problems can be self-cured because dey self-inflicted so why get excited. Still, where else have ah Watson Duke who tink tellin workers tuh take two days orf is ah good idea when from all reports de country cyar seem tuh exorcise de curse low productivity. How could it when de press say some 40% of workers obeyin Watson mean he call “fizzle”. Maybe 20% absenteeism is considered full worker turnout.

So what is de solution?

No not tuh none ah dem rhetorical situations even eef dey have tuh change from dat state so dey can be answered an resolved, but de central topic ah tryin tuh explain. Me an dis whole business ah being back nah.

It dat unclear? Ah was gorn dat long?

Doh go too far eef yuh want tuh stay connected, could be one solution.

Or, when yuh go, doh plan tuh come back? Dat would wuk too.

Ah keep tinkin ah cyar want nuttin fuh mih chirren more dan dey want it fuh deyself. I eh know de relevance tuh dis doh.

Tuh tink ah had ah openin line all planned fuh an expected earlier return. Until ah learned lil more.

Ah just reach (back), what ah miss?”

Dat was goin an be mih line.

Now ah know is not about what ah miss buh what ah learn.

Who smarter dan ole people, raise yuh hand.


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