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Fix mih now or else . . .

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September 16, 2017 by Fensic

Nobody could reasonably argue dat it eh have ah worrisome load ah front burner issues in Trinbago dat overwhelmin de kitchen staff.

In addition, it cyar have no argument dat while several ah dem issues startin tuh boil over, nobody eh come up wid ah better idea orn how tuh manage dem besides de Trini political version ah triage.

De one ting ah argument could rage about is eef issues gettin pick in de right sequence an dong tuh de right depth needed tuh solve before ah next fire need attention.

Is dat logic why I now sayin when dis one specific issue did get reported durin de week, I eh sense anybody take it orn. Now ah wonderin eef mih disappointment justified or at best, premature given roads already travelled.

Nah, me eh dey wid Rowley sayin he have de Mouttet report orn de ferry fiasco even doh what in it or, not in it fuh dat matter, bong tuh cause more bacchanal.

Orn dat same note ah probes into rong doin dat does end wid people steupsin more dan anyting else, ah certainly eh torkin about de newly released probe into Monday 23rd March, 2015. Dat was de day ah total poleecin or, de day ah poleecin infamy as I prefer tuh call it before ah steups. Sides already stake out dey position ready tuh defend what “protect an serve” mean tuh dem, de public needs notwithstandin.

As far as tings wid labels, I not even payin attention tuh de brewin ‘fake oil’ saga. Is de self indignation about politicians’ public language righteous? De word or words said better suited for inclusion in ah next verse ah Jean an Dinah?  I eh have no dorg in dat hunt nah.

Is orn an orn de list ah tings I eh dey wid dis time, goes yes.

Is not dat I eh moved by anyting orn said list. Is more dat tuh me, de system cyar change when all dat happenin seems designed tuh have people jump an dong at symptoms an not dig deeper. An I not no conspiracy theorist.

Maybe dat is why I disappointed dis story about just how cork up de judiciary is, eh resonatin across de country.

Not like how when de prior govahment take it own swipe at fixin de issue.

I eh want tuh go all de way back dong dat bumpy road but de way I understand it, Section 34 it was part of ah bigger bill tuh speed up de justice system. It would have let accused apply fuh judicial relief eef ten years parse an dey case eh call yet. However, in ah masterful piece ah spin, de opposition tun dat goal upsided dong resultin in nuttin gettin done tuh ease de judicial backlog.

So now places switch. Dis opposition go take every chance tuh get it licks in. Wid no visible public reaction so far tuh what dis govahment say, also so far, it could be mih disappoint at de lack ah interest premature. Ah next “Section 34” could be right arong de corner eef dis opposition as masterful in puttin party first.

So until we know dat fuh sure, when de AG claim as of 2015 it have over 29,000 cases in de system, I would ah feel hopeful eef ah did hear, or even tink ah did hear, ah murmur of at least, “dat much boy”, by concerned citizens. Instead like people only yawn.

When de yawnin continue after Faris went orn an say, as of de same 2015, it had 417 murder cases in dat 29,000 number de yawners was yawnin fuh de rong reason.

It should ah be because de vast majority not only law-abidin, dey doh know no murder accused an want anybody identified as such orf de streets. I go even stick mih neck out an say ah channelin de masses when ah say people sick ah de shit.

Buh when Al-Wari tork fuh heself an say between 2012 an ah tink is June of 2015, only 16 ah dem accused murderers have had initial hearin den I tink ah beads ah sweat should ah be orn de masses brow, not mines.


Well, while we may never know how many suspected murders does get justice inflicted by de streets, we do know de vast majority doh seem tuh get it from de state. Plus, when de AG say dat same huge backlog include over 5,700 accused of arms an ammunition infractions, over 3,500 is people orn sex charges an he eh fuhget buh mention de more dan 5.700 wid drug charges, it all is proof of why law abidin people does wonder about justice. Dat right dey is de ultimate reason people eh takin orn what Faris have tuh say an dat could never be good in de long run.

Social media have enough videos showin de absolute disregard fuh law an order goin orn in too many pockets across de country. Dem videos is proof ah how endemic tings is wid people orn de udder side revelin in goin dong an increasingly wild road ah disrespect like is J’ouvert mornin. In one ah de latest videos, dis fella attackin ah poleece officer wid ah belt.

Me an mih pardnah was in lockstep agreement orn dis one from de get-go. Eef eidder ah we was de poleece in de clip, dat fella arse done get shot dead long long time.

Why de ultimate use ah force?

Because poleece in Trinbago doh seem tuh have dem collapsible or expandable or telescopic or whatever yuh want tuh call dem, baton no more. Just doh call dem bootoo. Hopefully when dey get pepper-spray buh use it go fare better.

Climbin back up tuh de overridin issue, is triagin ah good long-term solution tuh all de issues facin de country? I say no, not when plenty ah dem eh go just boil over an out de fire like porridge. Instead, dey go blow up an cause serious damage tuh de whole house.

What needed is ah discussion, even passionate argument, on eef political triage realistic when dem problems comin fast an furious, like now. Dat dialogue could evolve into debatin eef de Westminster form ah govahment is de best fuh countries like Trinbago.

Dis go go deep.

Meantime, one could argue none ah dem problems makin it debut like Auntie Kay used tuh say when congratulatin first time performers. Dese performers really symptoms returnin wuss each time. Nobody cyar say de warnings not clear.

I wonder eef de present govahment did know when it was makin political hay wid Section 34 from de, “Administration of Justice (Indictable Proceedings) Act 2011,” dat it would have tuh bring it own version ah dat legislation tuh address de same issue. What dey call dey legislation again? Oh yeah de, “The Criminal Procedure (Plea Discussion and Plea Agreement) Bill, 2017”.

Ah voice whisperin: “Eef allyuh doh fix mih now, ah cyar guarantee it go have yet ah next later tuh try again. Take heed”.


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