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Fuhget tree fallin in forest, answer dis one


September 9, 2017 by Fensic

How dat question go again — eef ah tree fall in de forest an nobody eh dey tuh hear, did it make any noise?

Dat is one ah dem deep deep enquiries dat suppose tuh test yuh logic an critical tinkin skills. It still eh easy tuh answer. Besides, how somebody wid one answer go prove somebody wid de opposite answer rong?

Tuh avoid bacchanal, I come up wid mih own head scratcher. I tink de answer obvious when commonsense get applied.

Dis is how it go.

Eef ah man complainin an complainin about where he wukkin an nobody eh takin he orn. Den after promises ah quitin, he ups an quit. Will de problems he claim it have go away wid he?

I even givin clues.

What eef de man name Dr. Valery Alexandrov? He is de forensic pathologist who about tuh stop plyin he trade fuh de Trinidad an Tobago Forensics Centre.

By de way, no matter how hard ah does try not to, someting always out tuh make mih digress. In dis case, while ah was doin some diggin fuh dis piece, ah come across ah banner in ah picture de center usin orn it Facebook page. It have de official name ah de place wid reference tuh ah entity call de Ministry ah Justice. Me eh know where dat ministry hidin since 2015.


Tuh say dis Valery fella colorful is tuh minimize de range ah complexions he bring tuh he job over de years he in it. From what ah could tell dem years start when, in de middle ah 2010? Dat is when ah first see he name mentioned in one ah de local papers.

Yes I eh check all de papers cause just seein all dem references tuh he over de years mean ah had tuh revisit reference tuh murder after murder after murder. Is only so much memories ah how bad tings have been an continues tuh be dat mih stomach could take before goin queasy.

It have people who tink de doctor does just do dis autopsy ting until he break into de entertainment business. Dey believe so sayin he cyar keep he mouth close an always commentin . . . okay he does be commentin too often in de press orn some autopsy findings. Eef dem folks wid dat belief right, I have tuh wonder eef he not jeopardizin de state case in future murder trials. Maybe he figure at de rate suspects does get cyatch, he eh have nuttin tuh worry about anytime soon?

I do one ah mih blogs in May 2014, mainly about de Forensics Centre where he does wuk. I eh take orn he outside antics because ah wanted tuh showcase all de job-related tings he was complainin about. Dat is why ah poise de question about what go happen tuh dem grievances. Eef dey was DOA, what go happen when he not arong tuh complain? Eef ah honest, I know ah doh even have tuh ask.

Of course it possible de powers dat be used tuh ignore he because dey didn’t know where he secret desire tuh be de next Quincy, M.Eaka Dr. Valery Alexandrov, end an he focus orn he job start. When he wasn’t discussin autopsy findings he was pointin out shortcomings at de center/center. tings mih blog capture at de time. Eidder way, he was always torkin, or so it seemed.

Me eh have no udder information about he job an how he does do it besides what ah does read in de papers. I never here about anybody contradictin him.

Wait.Dat eh quite true. He an de udder male pathologist, Dr. Hughvon Des Vignes, put dong dey rib cutters an bone saws tuh face orf. When dey was done, Alexandrov take Des Vignes tuh court. . . an win!

So I doubly sure I doh have any reason tuh doubt tings he say. Dat mean when he lament how he already do more autopsies ifuh de year dan is recommended by international organizations like WHO, mih possible reactions limited.

I could say, “WHO? Dem have any idea how many autopsies lil Trinbago does need ah year? Ah mean between murders an udder deaths dat need investigatin? Especially since 2010 when mih only source suggest Dr. Alexandrov reach?”

Granted whatever dat number is it eh reach how much needed fuh de forensics center tuh have weekend hours.

Twenty seventeen is not de first year he complain about de workload an 2017 eh de first time he get ignored. It go be de larse time doh.

Somebody ask mih eef ah tort he go leave Trinbago. Except fuh dat Russian accent I tink he fit in real good. Besides, what next place go put up wid he auditionin tuh be ah media peong so?

Only arse week, yeah larse week, de center/centre was in de news again. Frustrated relatives was bitterly complainin about de pace ah autopsies an de lack ah information comin from staff as tuh why. Apparently de answer was none or no more dan one assistant roll out ah bed dat Monday mornin an decide tuh go tuh dey job. Pus all de bodies wasn’t dey yet.

Dis at ah place dat doh be open orn de weekends. Come Mondays it does have several days worth of autopsies tuh do, provided de bodies get dey from wherever.

Fuh de grievin family an friends it was all ah sign ah how little de powers in control care about dem an dey pain.

Dis not dat incident.

Ah have tuh assume it have more tuh all dis. How else tuh explain how long dis saga goin orn. After all, murders, an solvin murders high orn de agenda of dis an de previous govahments. Ah know cause each does sayso when in power. Granted not as often lately.

Dat doh mean ah understand any better what goin orn. Fuh one, I always tort was three pathologists it have at de center an dey does rotate weekly. So wid Alexandrov finally quittin after who knows how many threats tuh do so, I figure go be bacchanal fuh so now.

Wid nuttin tuh suggest murders go be droppin, when Stuart Young get up in parliament de udder day an suggest tings under control, it go have two pathologists tuh pick up de slack, I was surprised. It have slack tuh pick up? I feel he really sayin what I figurin buh in nicer words.


Ah just just bounce up ah next article about de departin doctor buh from closer tuh when he did reach Triniland. My onlyest question after readin it is: he make de difference he say in de article he wanted tuh make in Trinbago? Eef he did, would I still haVe tuh ask dat original question or even write any ah dis?

Eef he didn’t maybe ah could ah ask ah different question related tuh dat Facebook page.

Someting like, eef de place where de onlyest people guaranteed tuh be dey is family members an friends in mournin, an dat place belong tuh ah ministry dat doh exist does de place ah grievin really exist?


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