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Run like he does run an ignore how he say he does run

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August 19, 2017 by Fensic

Larse Sunday, orn ah track in London, four athletes run ah relay race fuh dey country an de ages.

Dey eh only write dey name in relay history, dey victory instill endless pride an joy in ah nation.

De athletes, turn-authors, turn-spreaders ah all dat pride an joy name Jarrin Solomon, Machel Cedeno, Jereem Richards an Lalonde Gordon.

Eef yuh is ah Trini, years from now, yuh could watch de tape again an experience de same emotions as when de race was live.

National pride would start yuh orf hopin T&T would get ah medal. But, as de race progress, dat hope would start tuh morph as yuh sense de real possibility of ah medal.

By de time de baton change hands fuh de larse time yuh not sittin dong. Not when yuh pleadin wid Lelonde tuh go faster an hold orf de British runner. He do dat an is silver yuh seein. When Lelonde start eatin into de American lead yuh know is because ah your coachin or is it pleas?

Den, as Lalonde draw alongside de American an ease parse him, yuh know fuh sure what about tuh happen.



It was ah remarkable piece ah runnin by ah man who wasn’t goin an settle fuh no second place fuh he, he team, he island an he country. Not when gold right dey fuh de takin.

I not diminishin de performance ah he teammates, after all is dem who make it possible fuh he tuh challenge fuh dat gold. But, de spotlight was orn Lelonde. He rise tall while diggin deep. What ah display ah determination.

Okay so yuh not ah Trini. No worries. Years from now, yuh could still siddong in de same room wid dat ravin Trini — eef yuh could ignore all de screams dat is — an watch how, “never sayin never” does look like in ah race. It is de essence of what sports an challengin oneself all about, especially when yuh have teammates dependin orn yuh.

Like wid everyting else it have detractors tuh dis T&T victory. Give dem de chance an dey wid put ah asterisk next tuh it. Eef dis team or dat udder team would ah make de final, dey would say, it could ah win.

Wid ah long steups tuh dat I reach de end of mih praises tuh Caesar, as part ah dat expression kinda go. Anyting next is not no attempt at buryin Caesar, it more like ah question tuh him.

De answer ah lookin for come out of post-race comments made tuh some female reporter.

She ask de larse one ah de fellas eef he still in shock.

After takin pains tuh be accurate an complete, dis is what ah come up wid he sayin:

“. . . Tuh get de gold actually. I really don’t want tuh like say I am goin for de gold, I like tuh say ah goin fuh the top tree, because eef you set your mind to one ting an yuh don’t get it den you’re lettin yuhself dong, but I’m still in shock.”

Lelonde? Dat is you torkin, right? Say dat again cause what I capture at odds wid what I see yuh do.

I see ah man run de race ah he life.

When he did get de baton tuh start de final leg, all he had tuh do was make sure nobody eh parse he an he would ah achieve what he say in dat answer. Ent?

Buh he eh do dat. He challenge heself big time. He tell heself he could parse dat fella ahead so he chase him dong. One stride at ah time he cyatch an parse him.

Look how he teammates mob him after de race. I see pure pride an endless joy.

Look how all four runners have Triniland delirious.

Look at how years from now, when Trinis an non Trinis look at dat race, especially dat larse leg leg, how dey go still marvel at what de team, specially he, do.

So mih question is wid all dem positives, what de arse is dat answer tuh dat woman all about?

Tell mih was de shock dat she mention dat cause dem words tuh come out Lelonde mouth.

Regardless, ah have tuh admit me eh like what ah hear nah. Not after what de man just finish showin he could do.

What eef ah ah young fan from ‘bago come tuh yuh Lelonde wantin advice, maybe even yuh secret orn how tuh win at all levels. Yuh go say be satisfied wid silver or bronze because gold out ah reach?

Somehow me eh tink dat go be de yuh advice. Not after how you show de world tuh run de anchor leg in ah relay. Yuh reduce de American tuh collateral damage. Dat tuh me contradicts what you volunteer tuh dat woman. Strivin tuh win, win, win doh need no fallback position.

When yuh eh win, yuh eh win. Simply put, just go back, analyze what yuh do rong an dig deeper next time. I know yuh does do dat cause like all serious athletes yuh never satisfied wid yuh performance, even when yuh win. Tell mih ah rong.

One ah de udder fellas interviewed by dat same woman reporter mention Bolt. Ah tink he say he admire Bolt because even wid all dem wins, Usain was always still hungry; as he should. Yuh teammate say if it was he, he would ah not be able tuh maintain dat intensity. Or someting like dat me eh like eidder.

Wantin tuh win shouldn’t be reduced tuh no euphemism. Who knows, adoptin dat desire could be de additional oomph needed tuh cross de line first. Me eh tink yuh was tinkin yuh couldn’t when yuh challenge yuhself tuh parse dat fella in blue larse Sunday.

Dat race show Trinilanders have de talent. But does dat talent have ah rock-solid belief in itself? I does wonder sometimes.

Fuh example I tired hear footballers an staff say dey hope fuh ah result.

Hope fuh “ah result”? What dat mean? Eight goals dropped on yuh is “ah result”.

While it doh make ah difference tuh mih objection, okay maybe some, ah better ask again. Is you LeLonde Gordon mih island-bro who tell dat reporter about not disappointin yuhself?

Ah mean I eh really know you or yuh teammates by sight or name. Dat is why ah had tuh dig tuh narrow it dong tuh probably you.

Apologies eef all dis time was not you. Better late (wid mih apology), dan never de sayin goes.

What more applicable doh is dis udder sayin cause it true regardless who make dem comments tuh de reporter.

Aim fuh de stars. Miss an de rooftops right dey. Allyuh aim was true. We all see it.

So what kinda ah tork was dat about aimin fuh de rooftops cause when yuh miss, crapaud does smoke yuh pipe.

As fuh me? I gorn tuh safeguard de video ah dat relay race.

Yes it was ah relay race fuh de ages.

Tanks Jarrin, Machel, Jereem an Lalonde.

Ahem, no interviews next time?


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