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Crab an Callaloo, food fuh de soul

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August 12, 2017 by Fensic

I was in de man tong when he send ah invite tuh me

Tuh dis lil backyard lime he was havin by he,

Whatever yuh want tuh drink make sure an bring

Plus ah lawn chair fuh sittin in,

I tell he not tuh worry I go be dey

When it is again dis comin Friday?

De man steups big den went orn tuh say,

Ah tell yuh it not Friday buh Saturday

When de dey reach threatenin clouds in de sky,

Buh mih excitement was just as high

Two drop ah rain fall tuh de grong,

An dis woman want tuh tun arong

Nah let we go an cyatch de train

Cause me eh tink it really go rain,

But orn de bus de rain act like ah lover

Promisin tuh wet we all over,

We eh bodder tuh let dat stop we at all

Buh once we start walkin guess what start tuh fall,

De umbrella we had was very small

Barely better dan not havin one at all,

De rain wasn’t makin no joke

We eh play we get real soak,

Me eh go lie, I cuss de man up an dong

Just like one an de many madmen in tong,

Ah call he phone from under ah tree

Come pick we up before lightenin kill we,

He eh come so we continue walkin

We soak tuh de bone an she laughin,

In de end we find de man address

De lime call orf was my torts ah must confess,

Walkin up he driveway I fall tuh de grong

Before ah hit good ah was lookin arong,

Anybody who see when ah trip

Better doh laugh ah could ah break ah hip,

As ah get up ah shout out he name

Clarkie ah bawl, tryin tuh hide mih shame,

Look at de horrors ah goin through

Fuh everyting yuh have I suin you,

De rain keep cyat an mousin we

But it stop, eventually,

Dat was when de real lime begin

Wid everybody pitchin in,

Ah never lime in nobody backyard,

Wid ah live band on de entertainment cyard,

Crab an Callaloo was de name ah dis band

An by evening’s end everybody was eatin out it hand,

It was like nuttin I ever see

Ah group ah Trinis singin sweetly,

Clarkie was de lead singer ah all kaiso

Eef yuh hear he sing Bassman by Shadow,

Me an he was in class back in Trinity

When he was comedian extraordinary,

Now he is Mr. Wonderful

Wid ah voice dat real powerful,

But what is ah lime widout plenty food

Soup wid cornmeal dumplin? Dat was good,

Pigeon peas an rice, BBQ chicken

Cyar fuhget de ribs, everyting wicked, wicked,

De crowd was nice given de so-so wedder

Not just Trinis, buh people from all over,

When was time tuh go Clarkie tell we

Corstumes next year or no entry,

Tuh dat I done say yes

We go be two ah he corstumed guess,

Fuh who eh believe any ah dis an say no

I take plenty picture even video,

Buh Clarkie make ah face an had dis look

In announcin he eh want tuh be orn Facebook,

Fuh de great time we had in he backyard lime

Me eh have no problem sayin okay pardnah, next time?




 Dis highly questionable attempt at Santimanitay is mih response tuh tellin Crab an Callaloo not me, I not in no Santimanitay when dey was performin it an lookin fuh suicide victims.

Mih excuse was it eh had enough Trinity fellas dey tuh enjoy me makin ah fool ah mihself. Apparently I eh have dat concern no more.

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