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Police officers pervertin justice? How tuh still feel optimistic.

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August 5, 2017 by Fensic

De article details too important fuh mih tuh digress durin discussin dem so ah takin in front before in front take mih. Mih digression startin early an is over de article headline.

I hope it achieve it purpose in gettin people tuh click orn de article. However, eef tuh ‘cover up’ mean hide, den it rong as de actual article prove. De poleece orficers wasn’t charged wid tryin tuh hide no crash. In fact, de headline prove my theory: De news does get collected macciously an delivered in ah bacchanalian way.

Ok. Digression over. Orn tuh de meat an potatoes of misbehavin poleece orficers.

De answer tuh de question of how tuh take de article is what make me say it is ah important story. Eef only ah could call it ah turnin point widout feelin ah premature.

Still, when de reader finish readin de story, what feelin should he or she be left wid? Ah done know durin de readin it go be like de stages ah grief, only different. Fuh sure ah cyar see no denial an no bargainin in de mix. Buh should de reader be sad, vex or happy? Should dey steups an say what else tuh expect or, should de reader find ah glimmer ah hope an be filled wid ah sense of optimism not pain?

Well since nobody eh ask me, I offerin my take an say de reader should end up hopeful buh keep it tuh deyself. Just in case nah.

I didn’t get tuh hopefulness in one read nah. After de second read I had to get up, go find mih hammer fuh times like dese an pong mih finger an dem. Den ah come back an read de article two more times before ah see dat silver linin. It could ah be flashes ah pain buh ah hopin not because ah would like tuh help potential readers ah de article. Ah want dem tuh get tuh dat point ah hope wid out dey fingers all swell up an ting.

Maybe all ah need tuh start people dong de series ah emotions dat mirror grief buh different, is tuh provide ah overview ah de salient points ah de article. Let mih try dat.

Two poleece orficers get into ah car accident. One is ah inspector, de udder ah sergeant. Put ah next way we torkin about two ranks representin leadership in de poleece service.

Nuttin in de article suggest de orficer behind de wheel cause ah de accident Never de less, said driver, de inspector by de way, eh had ah valid driver’s permit.

Let dat sink een. No valid drivin permit.

Between dis permit-less inspector an de sergeant passenger, again both leaders in de TTPS, ah scheme was devised whereby de sergeant would claim tuh be de driver. De poleece orficer who take de bogus information was ah corporal, yet anudder leader. Dis corporal was fully aware of de scheme tuh hide who was really drivin. Full awareness aside, dat orficer turn ah blind eye tuh de attempt at pervertin de course of justice.

De day was saved by ah orficer at de one rank any ah de terrible trio could borse arong: de lowly constable, de back-bone ah de service. Dat constable say dey not orn de side ah law-breakers. Not only dat, de conscientious constable take what was now known tuh de poleece responsible fuh poleecin de poleece.

Long story short, de trio ah orficers who represent poleece leadership (I cyar say dat often enough nah), get arrested an charged.

Eef only de story ended dey de hip hip hoorays could start buh, we torkin about de TTPS here where poleece orficers who do rong doh get shunned even when made tuh face de music.

It not like ah pickin orn de TTPS doh. However, in dis case de first court appearance of dese leaders of men an women resulted in dey pardnahs takin dem tuh court before all cock could finish crow an probably before Magistrate Aden Stroude could ah be sure dat was de mornin ah dese orficers’ first court appearance.

Dat move eh had no udder goal dat I could tink of besides not wantin de public tuh see de faces ah who said public does pay salaries to. After all, eef dem salary-receivers followed dey oath dey would ah arrested deyself.

Sadly dis hidin faces move is right out ah de TTPS playbook but not under “Crime plan”. It represent ah feelin across de service of, “there fuh de grace ah God goes I”.

Is not like poleece doh feel fuh dey fellow orficers, mih link tuh ah Jamaican police article show dat. My argument is what message dey sendin when dey do it after ah orficer get arrested an charged or in dat Jamaica case, get found guilty ah murder? When does a sense of outrage kick een over what one of dey own do? Eef de answer is never den I guess I go always be disappointed.

Dat said, me eh go jump up an dong an protest against how dis trio get transported in de own transport van. Accused criminals sharin space wid accused poleece orficers go end up wid one side gettin real licks an Good Friday done parse an gorn.

It have tings tuh like in de article. Tops is how ah constable not only tell dem, “nope I not in dat,” or words tuh de effect buh turn dem in. Tanks orficer fuh doin your part in fightin de adage dat fuh evil tuh win all it need is good people tuh not do anyting. Not orn your watch.

Ah hope somebody keep ah eye out tuh make sure dis dedicated orficer career doh suddenly stall or, worse happen.

What not tuh like about how de poleece who suppose tuh keep udder poleece clean do so in dis case. Like dedication cyatchin orn or what? Yes de accident happen quite back in January an is only dis parse week de trio get arrested but, is Triniland an wid some tings baby steps huge oui.

I satisfied wid dem two small victories fuh tuhday as I not greedy, I want more tomorrow doh. Especially when it come tuh de poleece. Not because I tink de TTPS corrupt. Is bad leadership, like I think dis story show.

De fight against crime could never be won when who charged wid keepin de law also gettin charged wid breakin de law.

Yes de road long an it go take ah while before both de public an rong-doers inside de TTPS feel de winds of serious change. Soon nobody go have tuh take ah hammer tuh dey fingers. All it go take fuh de TTPS tuh not have tuh worry about pubic distrust is doin de right ting. Eef de price tuh pay fuh reachin dat is orficers losin dey job I eh have no problem wid dat nah.

Vacancies in de TTPS fuh ah inspector, sergeant an corporal just now? It have ah capable constable.

Dat is my two cents orn de story of mis-behavin poleece orficers.

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