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Givin back? I in dat. Tell meh who couldn’t write dat.

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July 31, 2017 by Fensic

Fuh de most part, any one of about sixty fellas who get tuhgedder over dis parse weekend, Saturday tuh be exact, in two locations, could ah easily author what I about tuh say. Fuh sure de sentiments would be de same. De onlyest difference would be how any ah dem would ah express dey feelings an what memorable stories dey decide tuh include.

I real positive in makin dat statement because all ah we in dem two groups have de shared experience of attendin what we have no doubt was, an still is, de best secondary school in Triniland.

Tuh de females in de group, doh jump up an start cussin tinkin ah ignorin allyuh cause ah sexist or anyting close. Is more dat ah just wanted tuh cast allyuh in ah slightly different light. Allyuh only spend two years dey, long enough tuh do allyuh “A” Levels or whatever dey does call GCE dese parse years. Being arong fellas already seasoned in such ah unique culture fuh dem two brief years had tuh be both joyful yet disappointin. Tastin anyting wid dat kind ah everlastin potency does be like dat. Ah want tuh bet de one change allyuh would want tuh make wid be tuh trade in dem two years fuh de whole 7-year enchilada. No can do about dat. Just know dem two years so rich even eef allyuh dilute dem so dey spread out, dey still would be as savory.

Dat said, let mih go ahead wid what was now arong sixty-one alumni could ah write deyself.

Every now an den does come ah day when yuh doh have no choice. Yuh have tuh feel good about yuhself an de choices yuh make in life dat put yuh where yuh is in life. Dis parse Saturday was one ah dem days fuh mih an from de way it went, ah whole set ah udders gaddered in de official residence ah Triniland ambassador tuh de US, (as well as Mexico), Brigadier General (Ret’d) Anthony Philips-Spencer, an ah next whole set ah udder alumni in de Oval in Triniland.

So why I tink, correction; I know; all ah we had dat feelin?

Is because ah dem formative years we spend in ah place call Trinity College. Haters who eh had or have dat luxury, would say de school up in de bush someplace, behind God back. Okay so we used tuh say dat too buh we did so wid endless affection.

So what was de purpose ah dis electronic hookup orn Saturday?

Ideas de ambassador have about how de diaspora of alumni out dey could be formalized, strengthened an leveraged tuh help propel T&T forward via de power an reach of education.

Dat right dey is ah powerful idea.

Sure schools have dey alumni associations both in an outside Triniland buh dis is de first time I know of where dey collectively have ah champion at dis level an wid dis kind ah clout pushin fuh de kind ah individual tuhgedderness, eef dat make sense he, de ambassador seeking tuh champion.

Dat account fuh part ah de good feelin dat peaked in not only me orn Saturday. Slappin hands, rubbin shoulders an sharin ah string ah ‘remember when’ wid ole boys orn sovereign T&T real estate outside T&T was lagniappe orn so many levels. But let mih put aside geopolitics an focus orn de visceral.

No matter how I define lagniappe, ah could never come close tuh explainin de power of reconnectin wid udder fellas, some I eh see since ah mop mih brow de larse time wid mih damp kerchief after puttin dat final full-stop on mih larse “A” Level exam question.

Each ah we have we own rankin of de best moves we ever make in life. Widout ah doubt, attendin Trinity orn each of we list of transformational decisions. Granted fuh de Girls Ah Trinity 6th form — ah could name dem dat an not be politically incorrect, right ­— dey barely get tuh make dat life-changin choice.

De ambassador who could ah write dis de best out ah all ah we, enumerate he short list of tings dat change his life fuh de better. Only tuh ah idiot or one ah dem haters would one ah de tings orn dat list be ah surprise.

For my part, I does always say everyting I needed tuh know to navigate life, I learn in dem classrooms even eef ah was losin mih lunch money playin nearest de line.

Mih only regret is ah didn’t always realize dat is what was happenin when ah was handin out punishment tuh fellas in lower forms den gettin ah new one ripped fuh mih by mih house master in private fuh abusin mih power. Eef ah did, ah might ah squeeze more drops ah wisdom from what de teachers was parsin along. However, enough ah what dey was really providin was about teachin we how tuh fish, ah skill an concept usable over an over whenever one ah life’s challenges raise it head.

Unfortunately, torkin about heads, de onlyest ting so many ah dem fellas lorse over de years is de hair orn dey head. Hair or no hair, I doh remember some ah dem mostly because we time in school overlap only orn de margins. Still, it was lil bit unnervin tuh see fellas who look like dey was in ah time-capsule dey was so much de spittin image ah what I remember, even eef dey head is now de human version of ah one ah dem hairless dorgs.

Despite all de joyful journeys dong memory lane, de evening was about de ambassador’s vision part ah which had tuh do wid technology.

Remember is me, not he eh who sayin technology takin ah backseat in Triniland when it come tuh being incorporated into how teachers teach an chirren learn, at all levels. Is like it just dey tuh enhance social media interactions. Well, it far more dan de modern-day equivalent of old-fashioned ways of communicatin.

However, de Skype hookup between de two locations provide de opportunity tuh show it have enough fellas skilled in technology to leverage it fuh not just de benefit of all who take part in dis international event buh fuh meetin de ambassador’s objective of how technology could be leveraged.

Who say technology cyar be both de platform fuh deliverin de message an de message itself? As de ambassador say, Trinity alumni doh back dong from challenge.

Saturday was just step one orn ah journey of hard wuk dat go require as many hands orn deck as possible. As long as de goal is givin back, I in dat.

Okay time tuh done dis. Now somebody, anybody, tell mih who in dis parse Saturday’s event couldn’t ah write dis deyself, who?


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