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In dis day an age is change an more change. Nobody safe

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July 22, 2017 by Fensic

Ah remember sayin we — everybody in de world, we — livin in ah age where de tings we does do, how we does do dem, an what we does use tuh do dem wid, change. Buh not only dat, is also how changes tuh de change not stoppin or slowin dong makin it hard tuh keep up.

De person ah was sayin dis to agree one time.

While ah sure each one ah de we ah describe, have ah idea when de change start fuh dem, anybody who lived in ah time when technology was basic could pinpoint in dey sleep exactly when dat change happen fuh dem. Dat is why my statement get immediate agreement.

Before de change start, eef we wanted tuh tork tuh somebody it had de house phone provided de udder people house had one too an yuh remember de number. Eef not, yuh could always write dem.

But dese days . . .




Ah letter?

Wid like ah pen?

What about dat ting yuh had tuh put orn de envelope? It still name stamp?

How much one is dese days?

While I too could say when dat change happen fuh me, ah cheatin lil bit. Nuttin eh really change right away is why.

I recall dis buildin dat get build arong by de savannah. It had tuh be more orn de Belmont side fuh obvious reasons, eef you know anyting bout de Queens Park Savannah ah mean.

Anyway, at dat time years an years ago, I did hear someplace it was ah IBM buildin. Me eh know what dat did mean but ah did know IBM had someting tuh do wid computers so change was comin.

Since dat turn out tuh not be true right away ah should use ah more recent event as mih indicator.

Like de first computer class ah take. I eh pickin dat since all it remind mih of is how totally lost I was tryin tuh understand all dat computer shit dat only make mih feel small.

Ah could pick when ah get weak an break dong an buy mih first computer. I eh pickin dat eidder cause fuh de years when ah was strong ah was I adamant: No damn computer gettin buy tuh play wid when I wukkin wid computers five days ah week. Enough wid computers, ah insisted.

De next choice ah rejectin is de announcement dat cellphones was goin an have cameras. Somewhere it have tape ah me claimin, wid unbridled conviction, dat anybody who tink people go buy any phone wid any camera in it was ah flamin idiot. It was de latest example of de most dotish ting ah did ever hear in all mih born days. I certainly wasn’t buyin no such phone.

So, pickin dat IBM buildin dat mightn’t even ah been any IBM buildin is ah safe memory tuh go wid. It represented mih in youthful innocence expectin change. It was my technological watershed. People free tuh pick dey own.

One such person wid be mih fadder. Well into he 80s, de man doesn’t only send texts an know how tuh email, he does bookmark tings, Skype people an organize he calypso in folders. He even have ah iPad an does warn de family tuh stay orf he computer cause dey does only mess it up.

Sometimes I does look at he good tuh see eef he eyes not spinnin wid all de changes he see over he lifetime.

Not everybody ready fuh change. Nah, let mih make dat point ah different way: Dependin orn where it happenin, change doh move at de same speed.

Ah for instance?

It had tuh be when speed guns just hit Triniland an was still ah novelty. I watch dis poleece orficer, orn video of course, pull out carbon-paper from between de pages of ah ticket he just write somebody.

Ah jump.

Mih pardnah say dat orficer was usin ancient technology.

He right.

Old technology newer dan ancient technology because wid old technology, de orficer would ah be usin de kind ah paper dat didn’t need separate carbon. When he write on de top page de same ting would show up orn de sheet below.


Dat said, ah cyar comment orn how sweet or sour de blend of ancient an current go be when de TTPS start it body cam test.

Sometimes I does wonder how change was fuh we ancestors. Did it come tuh dem fast an furious? How long before de average person or family did know it had ah next change when it eh had no mass media?

Now, before ah change reach good it obsolete. In fact, yuh does hear speculation about what de next change could be tanks tuh de media.

I remember when Facebook replace MySpace. Nervous parents would be peepin over dey chirren shoulder askin dem eef dey eh know POS is not ah nice ting tuh call dey new friend.

Now de onlyest people orn Facebook is dem same parents who tink dey in ting. Dem an dotish people of all ages. How else tuh describe anybody who tink Facebook is de place tuh spout criminal action dey tink people should take? Especially when de poleece go be givin dem ah wedgie orn de way tuh de station. Too late tuh say sorry yuh head was hot.

But, ah digressin bard.

Even doh I consider mihself reasonably technologically literate, ah get reminded I done fall behind de curve long time. Maybe ah should ah have lil chirren who eh learn tuh tork yet buh could roll dey eye at me an mih perceived computer skills. Like teenagers does do when dey parents ask eef dey know what POS mean.

Anyway, while I does use Scannable, ah still keep mih eye out fuh eef anybody develop ah fax machine dat doh require mih tuh have ah landline. So imagine mih chagrin when ah bounce up ah article sayin fax machines is old technology (like carbon paper?). An I in technology

Once I dig into it ah was amazed. Eef ah needed tuh sign ah document before faxin it ah could write mih signature wid mih finger an let de app manage how it look. Or, ah could capture mih signature usin dat ting name pen an attach it wherever in de document. Yes, technology marchin orn widout me. Sad.

Meantime, what about people who cyar let go of de old? What dey call dem again, Luddites?

Mih pardnah is one in he own right yet he suggest de TTPS is de user of ancient technology. Ah have tuh give dat credence.

I eh know about carbon paper doh buh eef de TTPS have typewriters it cyar give up, it should try one ah dem typewriter conversion kits. De best of worlds in ah instant. Or, as de quote say, ah “groundbreaking advancement in the field of obsolescence.” Brilliant.

At least fuh now Luddites wid typewriters could keep believin de more tings change de more dey remain de same.

Fuh de rest ah we, let de change keep comin. Now.

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