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Some tings harder tuh do when yuh head in de sand

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June 17, 2017 by Fensic


So much fuh buryin mih head in de sand.

No robbery of any priest was supposed tuh change dat. Nor was ah man left tuh dead outside ah hospital. Same ting wid misplaced outcries against ah international foodie who goin an highlight Trini cuisine tuh de world tomorrow night. Apparently he goin an comment orn de crime situation between doubles.

Nope, tuh all dat.

I was goin an be Elliott Ness an all dem issues was de untouchables.

Until mih pardnah call mih dis mornin, almost wake mih up out mih sleep buh boot. Why? Tuh read excerpts from two newspaper articles he couldn’t believe.

Poof went mih plan.

De first quote was from ah Newsday article about what one ah de fellas accused ah robbin de priest say. No, he wasn’t givin ah excuse. He wasn’t even sayin he guilty wid ah cause. Instead:

“. . . robbed everybody already, so is time to rob God.”

Even doh mih pardnah was flabbergasted, he still hold out hope someting get lost in de translation. “Ah hope de reporter get dat rong,” he say.

I doh share dat hope.

We Trinis have ah way of sayin tings dat while dey does be simplistic dey does cut tuh de chase. Who not used tuh dat could shake de head eidder in agreement or disbelief of how easy one an one does add up tuh two. Like Anthony Bourdain de foodie. Ah Trini tell him in relation tuh how multi ethnic de place is dat Trinidad is ah small island an eef people cyar learn tuh live tuhgedder, dey go have tuh live in de sea.

No complex commentary on de dynamics of intra an interculturalism, whatever dat is since ah just make it up. None ah dat. Live tuhgedder or drong. One an one not two?

Buh when dis tief say he an he cohorts done rob everybody else so why not God, de simplicity ah he logic leave me frighten. While udders might be staggered by how sacrilegious what he say is, he probably wonderin what is de big deal.

De big deal is people prefer tuh bury dey head in de sand an tink he an de youth-men in dat robbery misguided. But tuh have he pull heads out dat sand an admit how he see it? Steups. Now people cyar stick dey finger in de ears, close dey eye an pretend dey eh see dis comin or dat it eh have udders who see he logic as par fuh dey course in life.

People who buy into he logic system so different, tings dey se as cute or logical udders see as repulsive an sick.

Cute is relative an in dis case dat is scary.

I fuh one admit I see videos of Trini toddler here, ah next one dere, shakin dey lil bamsie tuh Soca.

It innocent.

It cute.

Is Trinis showin dey culture ingrained in dem at ah early age. It is what make Trinis unique.

Oh really?

Ah have tuh ask dat when ah see ah video somebody make an tort was cute. Maybe because it involve chirren which is exactly why it so sad. It is de next logical step in dat cuteness everybody tort was innocent. Is only some who still tink dat so dey tapin it an want tuh show it orf.

Dey chirren in it look like dey eh even in Standard One yet but de way some ah dem winin . . .

Where de parents while dis absurdity of culture run amuck happenin? Right dey, enjoyin.

De scary part is de progression tuh what dem chirren was doin is logical.

Dry rot.

Dat is what it is. Years an years ah dry rot. Not knowin everyting connected until it too late.

Now it manifestin itself in ways dat have everybody pointin fingers.

Tuh truly believe everyting connected tuh everyting else mean recognizin it eh have nuttin organic about what goin orn. De logic ah who defendin dis dotishness is logical when looked at unemotionally. Buh who want robots?

De seeds tuh dem connected tings does get sown in places I was okay wid tinkin dey so cute. Buh every man have tuh speak up. Woman too since dey have more influence in how tings go dan dey realize.

Mih pardnah wasn’t done. However, de next story he quote eh hit de same nerve de one about who suppose tuh get rob next hit.

Usually is ah family member, mostly de grievin mudder, who does defend somebody killed by de poleece. One time was de fadder. He try he best tuh fault de poleece so blinded he was in his love fuh he son, hatred for de poleece or both. He admit he son did have ah gun an he did point at de poleece. But, he say, de poleece was rong tuh shoot because de gun wasn’t loaded.

But, in dis latest story, dis one in de Guardian, de dead man friend stretch mih belief system wid he story. He admit being orn the scene, runnin orf when de poleece reach den, accordin tuh he, doublin back tuh see what was happenin. He say de victim had he hands in de air an de gun in one ah dem but it was pointed dong.

Eh? Ah havin trouble picturin what dat look like but, since could be true, it have tuh be investigated.

Still, ah gun arong de poleece in any kind ah confrontational situation? Chances are dey will shoot yuh eef yuh disobey dey orders. I would never be ah poleece orficer buh eef ah was one an was me dey, I would shoot. Only in old movies man does point gun at de poleece an dey pointin dey own back tellin he tuh drop his. Real life do have ah producer tuh yell, “cut! Do dat larse part over.” But all dat is me digressin.

Ah cyar wait tuh hear exactly what de foodie man go say about murders in Triniland dat Trinis eh waitin until he say it, dey done blasted vex he dare say it.

Now ah hearin he go say it tuh de rest ah de world an Triniland not go hear. Maybe ah should start ah conspiracy theory as tuh why. Maybe not.

De truth is while T&T could have de best food, it cyar be no paradise while arong 30 out ah every 100,000 people does get murdered.

Me an mih pardnah parse de stage where we does solve de problems in Trinbago. Nobody eh takin we orn. De new approach is tuh look at all what de country is despite all de dry rot, questionable logic an tings sproutin in unexpected places lookin cute only tuh become too hot tuh handle later orn. Dat is de position we, at least I pushin until somebody push back.

Does lookin at tings dat way help? I eh know yet because de first time I try an implement it I end up steupsin an refusin tuh bury mih head in de sand. Wait! Dat is now, ent?

Old habits does die hard; at all levels oui.

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