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June 10, 2017 by Fensic

Back in 2014, when Gary Griffith was de Minister ah National security, it had ah dustup between Jamaica an Triniland over Jamaicans who get sent back home widout steppin one foot outside Piarco airport. While some Jamaicans was busy ascribin absurd characteristics tuh Triniland, Griffith release information about how many Jamaicans didn’t care how much dey country folk did tink Trinis had time tuh hate, despise an envy Jamaica. Dese carefree Jamaicans was livin in Trinbago illegally.

De story I hear about one ah dem who get turn back is she was ah lil pickney who family members was takin tuh Trinidad tuh see she faddah who in de country . . . all tuhgedder now . . . illegally.

Sometimes, when somebody eh boldface in joke yuh does have tuh acknowledge it. Eef I was de immigration officer involved, I would chuckle an tell dem de visit approved. Buh den ah would ah tun rong an yell, “PSYCH!How else tuh address dat level ah boldfaceness in people?

Anyway ah digressin.

In he report, Griffith say it have some 110,000 illegals in de country. Part ah de break dong suggest Guyana had 25,884 ah dem illegals followed by Jamaica wid 19,500 more. Venezuela had 10,574, St Vincent – 9,60; Barbados – 7,169; Grenada – 6,947; Colombia – 6,388; orn an orn dong tuh 167 from Bangladesh.

Lil bit over ah year ago, wid he party out ah power an people already tinkin how out ah power he was ah better MNS dan de one who was dey, Griffith come out an say is really over 20,000 Jamaicans an dey expensive no tail fuh de govahment tuh maintain.

Maybe de perception ah him being better is because out ah de position he does pick an choose when tuh open he mouth, unlike before. Ah only guessin.

Well here we is in 2017 an ah next set ah numbers come out.

While each daily newspaper have it own take orn dis latest immigrants tuh T&T story, I focusin orn de Guardian’s. Fuh someting so short it confusin. It force mih outside what it say fuh context an understandin.

All dem papers does have dey moments too. Ah doh recall which had ah article one time tellin readers dis man head was decapitated from he body. Ah way parse digressin so ah cyar explain.

As de Guardian understand dis story, Moses — Dennis Moses — fillin in fuh Dillon as Minister ah National Security, tell Parliament it have 15,042 livin in Triniland when dey should be livin elsewhere.

Mih liberal interpretation aside, dat is pretty much how Gail Alexander start orf she 80 someting words orn dis topic. She went orn tuh say 1,015 ah dem illegals from Venezuela makin it de top supplier of illegals to Triniland..

De article went orn tuh say Moses say up tuh May dis year is 30,200 people T&T tell dey doh have tuh live anyplace, dey could openly call Trinbago dey new homeland.

Gail bowl ah googly when she toss in ah, “however” lil more dan halfway in she article makin it known dis was between Jan. an May ah dis year as she jump back to de 15,042 figure, mentionin Venezuela total again an providin how many was from ah handful ah udder countries. Ah could see ah lawyer askin she which one tuh believe she first few words or what she say later.

When I add up de numbers. I get 2,165 illegals from de countries listed. I eh nosey buh ah curious; eef de article say Venezuela had de most at 1,015, den Triniland must be have illegal immigrants from just about every country orn earth so de total could reach 15,000 plus an Venezuela still have de majority.

By de way, Jamaica only had 20. Ah already read what one ah dey bloggers say about, “that country”. He manners old fashioned but proper, bless his heart. His view is dis place used tuh say it had tens ah thousands ah Jamaicans in it illegally. He declare dat was ah hoax since now is only 20. I tort he was goin an add how Trump go resign an turn de presidency over tuh Colin Powell. Instead, he express inquisitiveness as to what else that country lyin an say about Jamaicans.

He could preach tuh he choir all he want. Not me, I tryin tuh understand what ah readin orn dis issue so ah glance at de Guardian article headline. It say, “15,042 illegal immigrants enter T&T”.

Eef guns an drugs does enter illegally, it stand tuh reason people does too however, is dat really what happen wid dese 15,000? It not like how Gary Griffith say: People enterin T&T an den doh go back home when dey time up? Wouldn’t dat mean dey eh enter no place illegally? Dey only become illegal when dey baxide decide Trinidad nice, Trinidad is ah paradise?

Ah bet dey did done know dat before dey touch Trini soil an had plans in place tuh move tuh suit.

My pardnah like tuh say I does nit pick. But I say words have meanin an based orn meanin dey have consequences. How many times me an dis Mad Man argue cause he dey tryin tuh tell me what somebody really mean an I tellin he dat is not what de person say? Eef yuh cyar say what yuh mean why should anybody have tuh go in yuh head an translate? While dis eh exactly de issue here, I still ready fuh Mr. Man orn it.

Ah suppose he go have ah excuse fuh why de same Gail Alexander say was 1,015 illegal Venezuelans when de Express an Newsday say is 1,415. It eh easy pointin out discrepancies (or more nitpickin somebody might call it), because now ah usin two source I find does have questionable content tuh discredit ah next source who ah tink does also have questionable content.

While it possible de Guardian right an dem udder two rong, ah not budgin. De law of averages orn mih side so ah standin mih grong orn who ah tink rong. Eef it turn out is me, ah have enough salt, black pepper an hot sauce incase ah have tuh buy an eat ah hat.

In de meantime, how many people it really have livin in T&T widout approval?

Ah cyar done widout ah comment orn ah rarely heard singin group in T&T. No, is not Charlie’s Roots or de Sparks. De members in dis group cyar carry ah note. Still, except for ah few unhappy adults, de rest of people was surprised at first den turn happy when de group get tuhgedder an sing Kumbaya. when . . . yesterday? Put ah next way, de PNM an arch enemies de UNC, just agree no hard-back man wid froth in he pee should marrid anybody girl chile, regardless ah excuse.

Wasn’t orn FATCA de larse time dese political croakers sing out de same hymnal?

Once de applause die dong, should de audience keep hands in clappin positions?

Ah choose tuh forever be de optimist.

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