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Pardnahs agreein? Who else puttin T&T first?

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May 27, 2017 by Fensic

Mih an me pardnah just agree orn two tings. Since de stars might never align deyself again fuh dis tuh ever repeat, ah eh have no choice but tuh try an explain what lead tuh dis rare event.

It start out wid me tellin him about de emergency drill it had at Piarco dis week. Ah understand dis is someting de airport have tuh do every udder year. Probably tuh maintain some kind ah international certification so de airport doh get close dong.

One ah de major objectives in dis drill was tuh make sure all de respondin agencies could coordinate wid each udder. It cyar have fire personnel pull injured people out ah wherever, an dey orn de grong waitin fuh ambulances an none in sight.

In dis rongs, dey was simulatin de crash of ah Boeing 777. Word is all de different agencies work tuhgedder: Fire brigade, Air Guard, Ministry ah Health, de Piarco /Tunapuna Regional Corporation an however else wanted piece ah dat like eef was ah weekend trip tuh Tobago by de Minister ah Sport. Dey work so good one ah de high muckety mucks runnin de airport, label de drill ah success.

But what dat mean?

Ah ask because while de newspapers say de fire brigade was de first agency tuh reach orn de scene, it also say it take about ten minutes.

Ah check tuh make sure ah read dat right — ah did. Yes de fire brigade reach de scene ah de drill simulatin ah crashed plane, in about 600 seconds.

When ah tell dat part tuh mih pardnah all he say was de airport could ah bun dong in dat time. De stars had aligned.

Eef de newspaper get de timin right den all I want tuh know or ask is where is de Piarco Fire Station? It not right dey someplace at Piarco International Airport?

Tell mih eef ah rong buh wouldn’t havin it right dey be normal best international practice? Ah mean when dey need foam, dat strange shape fire truck would be ah moment away, not about no ten minutes, from pumpin foam like mad.

What de newspapers really mean?

One simple answer could be Newsday get de time rong. It wouldn’t be de first time one ah dem newspapers had alternative facts.

Anyway, de bottom line is me an mih pardnah agree eef what de drill simulate was tuh ever happen fuh real — God forbid, five minutes fuh fire trucks to reach is too long. Eef about ten minutes parse an you now lookin tuh reach de scene, it better be because you is like de second alarm.

Me an he was orn de same page again ah next time, in de same conversation. Imagine dat.

Dis time it was arong de revelation, (or was it confirmation?), dat de cases assigned tuh de former-chief-magistrate-turn-High-Court-Judge-turn-former-High-Court-Judge-turn-who-know-what now; (I predict peas-planter-in-Tobago), have tuh restart. Dat is stale news tuh some ah de prisoners affected.

When mih pardnah did alert mih tuh dis saga larse month, he make it known he tort restartin any cases was shit. I did agree quick, before he could change he mind. Buh given how long it does take fuh too many cases tuh get resolved, it eh had no reason fuh he tuh do dat.

In fact, what happenin since, only insurin nobody mind change. Fair is fair regardless how hard dotishness try tuh make it not so.

No need tuh cue up Kumbaya but, me an mih pardnah agree orn one ting dat could increase de pace at bringin de judicial system into de sunlight. Dat would be strategic lawsuits.

Dis is where Frick-ish an sidekick Frack-ish come into de picture.

All jokes about dem aside, when dey put orn de lawyer clothes dey does be real pickers in de establishment baxide. All dey need tuh do is not use dem clothes tuh justify dey political ends. Eef dey could do dat den in ah convoluted kind ah way ah hope de present govahment stay in power fuh two more terms — How upsided dong tings have tuh be fuh ah perfectly unbiased hope tuh get call convoluted, eh? — ah well. Anyway, de two ah dem know de judicial system includin all dem Latin words.

Eef we hope come true, over de next ten plus years Frik-ish an Frack-ish go be relentless in highlightin tings dat rong an sue, left right an center.

I bong tuh get tired ah dem every now an den buh dey lawsuits should bring change an dat is de goal. Mih fear doh is eef de PNM lose before 2030, de duo go go dormant. Politics as usual nah.

De benefits outweigh de dong side so we takin de chance.

Frick-ish an Frack-ish? Allyuh start suin.

Sue orn behalf of accused who spend years waitin only tuh get found not guilty or jailed fuh less dan de time dey spend waitin orn Remand Yard.

Ah mean eef dey did get sentence tuh ten years buh dey was waitin fuh eight, dey would get credit fuh dem eight years right? So why de principle cyar get extended? I would want my credit in de form ah cash.

Eef dem 50 plus cases Marcia eh finish go get priority, den start de lawsuits over dat now. Sue de state orn behalf ah prisoners, ah mean accused, negatively impacted.

When I in de grocery check-out line, anybody in front ah me who leave tuh go finish shop because dey only now remember de diapers, cyar come back in front ah me nah unless dey mad. Same principle here, only different.

Restarted cases gettin priority mean people cuttin de line. How dat right?

Yes, me an mih pardnah agree — lawsuits fuh dat.

It never go get easier tuh fix tings dan right now an we sorry eef lawsuits is what it go take tuh start de ball rollin. Confusion go not be we fault. Torkin time parse an gorn.

Triniland cyar afford fuh de judiciary tuh collapse. Me eh know fuh sure about mih pardnah buh tuh me, it is de one institution dat wukkin . . .in comparison tuh de udders. Dey smoke blacker an dey creakin louder an longer.

De judiciary cyar be like any inter-island ferry dat have tuh turn back tuh port. Dry-dockin out de question. All dem people tryin tuh travel between de two islands an only endin up wid spoil items need de judiciary eef dey have tuh fight fuh compensation.

No, de judiciary cyar fail.

Not when de poleece seizin property, tinkin de people who have it tief it, only tuh find out it dat not so. Yet, dey eh return de property.

While ah say me eh know about mih pardnah, ah sure he agree de judiciary not only cyar fail it have buh do better. Ah hope is not we two alone. Or, dat is only we eyes also seein Frick-ish an Frack-ish, dressed as lawyers, as de ones tuh de rescue. De two ah dem seem tuh have de momentum right now. Dey have de bravado tuh try dis? After all, it mean puttin country before party,

Or, dat hard tuh even imagine?

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