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In de end is like Lord Nelson say

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May 6, 2017 by Fensic

Fuh who eh know, it have too many interestin ting goin orn in Triniland fuh mih tuh pick one.

Take Anthony Sabga dyin. Ah was watchin de tribute one ah de TV stations had dis week. Not de station dat mention he death bout ten minutes into dey news. No, de one dat lead wid de story an take time tuh recount de man, he life, what he do fuh T&T an what udders tort ah him.

Ah question jump in mih head right away when ah hear how, as ah lil boy unable tuh tork English, he leave Syria tuh join he fadder in Triniland in like de early 1900s.

Ah know de answer fuh de two major ethnic groups an ah learn why fuh Jews ah few years ago. Just de udder day. ah find out why fuh de Chinese. But fuh everybody else group, what make dem decide orn Triniland?

Why Sabga senior leave Syria some 200 years ago? Heck, why people still headin tuh Triniland tuhday? It not exactly arong de corner, not tuh mention yuh almost cyar find it on ah map. Especially eef yuh real dotish an askin where in Jamaica it is.

It certainly wasn’t paradise fuh plenty in de first batch ah Chinese. Ah read dey decide not dem an leave wid in ah year.

Ah wonder eef de Attorney General could answer why; at least fuh Syrians. He fadder side is Syrian yet, when he had de chance tuh choose sides, he opt tuh be ah Trini. Damn smart move.

Long time now ah have he peg as ah future prime minister ah T&T.

Alludin tuh being Trini tuh de bone, I tort dat designation still applied tuh me until one time ah get tell tuh bat in mih crease. Dem wasn’t de exact words buh still. Apparently being ah Trini by birth doh mean I cyar get run back tuh wherever ah livin, eef deemed necessary. Dotish me went an fuhget in Triniland, it only have one way tuh do tings — de Trini way.

Tough lesson.

Dat doh mean I cyar wonder about what really goin orn wid de poleece an Melissa Ramkissoon murder dat happen when . . . April 4th?

I honestly tort de TTPS would ah done solve it by now. It happen in de car she was in wid two male relatives; one close de udder distant (not my terms, Trini-press speak). Ah curious, what takin so long tuh name which relative shoot an kill de woman.

From which part ah is I shoutin how much dis is ah new low fuh de TTPS. Let mih see who disagree an runnin mih where.

As an aside, de term, “close male relative”, tied tuh bad tings. When ah search de Express usin it ah hardly see anyting positive.

Is dat same sense ah, “what de arse is dis”, have mih raisin ah eyebrow when ah read where some senior poleece officer, standin up in de middle ah de road someplace in Enterprise, promise dat de TTPS go hunt dong all de criminals who cause de recent havoc.

Ent de head of de previously-known-as, Unruly ISIS right dey in de community? So what, de poleece only plannin tuh hunt de ones who run so when dey cyar find dem dey could say dey try?

How close Venezuela is tuh Trinidad not under question. It probably is de seven miles ah does hear it is given de traffic, (wink, wink), between de two places. However, wid de wildness ah hearin in recent times about Venezuela as well as what keepin eyebrows raised locally, de real question is:

How close is Triniland tuh Venezuela?

Granted, when ah want updates orn how tings in Venezuela ah have tuh remember everybody have dey agenda, ah point of view dey want tuh spread especially in ah crisis.

Still, ah wonderin eef de direction Triniland like it want tuh edge tuhwards not ah road already paved an traveled by de country nearest neighbor. Takin agendas into consideration, ah hear what one Venezuelan say in dey latest protest in Triniland against President Maduro. She say Trinis followin Venezuela so dey better watch out.

Tings in Triniland not soundin “Venezuelan-esq” just ah lil bit when some govahment agency notify workers tuh start walkin wid dey own toilet paper an bottled water when leavin home fuh de orfice? Sharin optional ah assume. It hard not tuh shiver when hearin about drug shortages. Dat not ah sign Trinbago could be inchin tuhwards Venezuela faster den people realize?

What about when Ancil Roget or Watson Duke tork tough? Is like if any ship dey orn sinkin, dey followers have tuh sink wid dey money in dey hands. But den mih common sense does kick een an ah does remember is Roget an Duke ah worryin about.

When de Soca Warriors went an draw wid Grenada in ah World Cup warm up match ah shiver so much ah nearly freeze. Who was warmin up who ah wanted tuh know. In my book, FIFA’s number 76th team preparin tuh play de 23rd ranked team, shouldn’t be drawin wid de team ranked 169th.

Ah tink ah newspaper describe de result as de Warriors holdin dey own. De football powers dat be should be bawlin while holdin whatever de own.

Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) exams over fuh yet anudder batch ah school chirren. TV cameras capture dey elation.

Where dem TV cameras was when we did finish we exams? We wasn’t just as elated? Where was Movie Tong? We would ah go dey too an lime afterwards wid pupils from every udder primary school. Eef only it had ah Movie Tong.

Okay so ah jealous. But, I doubt dis batch ah pupils anywhere close tuh traumatized as de larse education minister claim. Traumatized where? Because ah two bad questions in English an one in Maths? Steups.

De kindest ting I could say about ah man who once claim it have ethnic cleansin of Indian doctors in T&T an now, dat chirren traumatized, is dat he prone tuh opposition-like statements — wild exaggerations nah.

What he do as minister an or, what he recommend de current minister do tuh make next year exam results different? We go see ah cross section ah pupils representin all de groups dat call Triniland home, sittin at de table ah success?

De current sight does traumatize me. Not because I envy anybody an dey hard-earned success — after all, dey is Trinis too — buh, because dem results does show who clock gettin ethnically cleansed year after year.

“Hmmm . . . chocolate . . . Joint Select Committees ” (in mih best Homer Simpson voice).

Dem bi-partisan sessions is where yuh does find out how much more it have in de mortar dan de pestle. Knowledge is one key tuh reachin good governance.

So, more Joint Select Committees please?

Wait! Dey not impotent . . . right?

Yes, Triniland.

No matter where yuh family start out from, everybody dey is now one big family. Not always happy buh, what family is wid everyting dat does go orn?

Yes, dat Trini way.

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