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One question: How?

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April 29, 2017 by Fensic



I eh know how good ah could comment on de latest saga in Triniland, buh ah givin it ah shot.

No, I eh torkin about de new barge tuh Tobago dat take hours an hours tuh make it first trip while carryin less cargo.

I eh dey wid de property tax bacchanal or Petrotrin leaky tanks or de Mayaro Fire Station dat doh have no fire truck since it open.

Not even irate residents bunnin tires tuh block dey roads tuh get attention tuh dey plight. Sure dat action wake up WASA powers-dat-be out some nice sleep. Sure dey realize tire burners need water tuh bade wid an wash wares in — like everybody else.

Wait, I eh done yet wid dat no-water one: All while people protestin, govahment ministers sayin de protest political an besides, dem affected doh live in dey constituency. No wonder de poleece does tell people needin help dey at de rong poleece station.

But, dem is everyday tings, I orn someting new.

Before ah start, kudos tuh Frick-ish of Frick-ish an Frack-ish fame. He finally hit someting dat not only cyatch fire, it could bun dong more dan de city.

Yes man, dis business wid de judiciary is eidder ah crisis or someting manufactured, dat takin away from all de real problems, like credit ratings goin dong instead ah up or not movin.

I wasn’t really followin de story ah de new appointments tuh de High Court. In fact, I tort dey would ease de judicial workload an bring justice closer tuh being served.

Ah certainly eh study it when Frick-ish open he mout an say Ivor Archie an dem cyar do what dey do an geh way wid it. I eh make ah peep when ah few in de know say, “hmmm”. After all, ent madness communicable?

Is only when mih pardnah, in he colorful way, express he outrage dat ah decide tuh look closer. Me eh know why cause dat man certifiable mad.

It didn’t make no sense fuh Chief Magistrate, Marcia Ayers-Caesar promotion tuh mean cases before she would have tuh start back over. Who would let dat happen when some ah dem cases involve murder? Not Chief Justice Ivor Archie. He had tuh know it have men waitin donkey years fuh dey case tuh reach de chief magistrate stage in de process.

Besides, ah tell mih pardnah, dey promote magistrates before. How dey manage widout de commesse dis rongs havin?

Den ah read about prisoners expressin concern dey cases would actually have tuh restart.

Marcia, — ah hope ah could call she dat since me eh plannin tuh ever stand before she — Marcia tell everybody she sorry fuh de commesse. She den resign from she spankin new High Court judgeship tuh resume she former position. Ivor Archie welcome she back in ah letter dat eh sound all dat nice.

Well is now bacchanal start. Where it go reach by next week?

Lawyers comin out de woodwork givin all kind ah legal advice usin words from ah language I hear supposed tuh be dead even when I was in college. Dem lawyers cyar use English tuh support dey positions? Even priests change over.

Functus Officio? Dat eh some left wing playin fuh ah team in Super League Greece?

Locus Standi? He not new?

Fuh all who wishin . . . fuhget about de Chief Justice resignin. Ivor Archie not takin allyuh orn. Fuhget too de Judicial an Legal Service Commission. Dat is de committee involve in sayin who de new High Court judges go be. Maybe one member might steups an say dey not in dis shit no more an gorn, buh as ah body? It eh goin ah damn place.

As fuh, day-before-yesterday-ah-was-de-Chief-Magistrate-yesterday-ah-was-ah-High-Court-Judge-an-tuhday-ah-back-tuh-Chief-Magistrate, Marcia?

We might have tuh look fuh she mangled body under one ah dem PTSC bus dat does wuk. Too much pressure an she go get all de blame an de axe, eef members ah de judiciary could get fired dat is. Or, she might say someting wuss dan anybody about tuh resign from de selection committee den pack up an go plant peas in Tobago.

Archie in he statement point de first finger suggestin de blame is Marcia.

I disagree.

Why she had tuh provide dem wid any blasted list ah cases she had?

It eh have administrative staff fuh dat? Besides, it eh up tuh who lookin tuh do de promotin tuh decide who ‘promotable’ based orn existin case load? Archie makin it sound like dey say, “Chief Magistrate Ayers-Caesar, we want tuh promote yuh, how much case yuh have dey?”

Eef was up tuh Marcia tuh tell dem she load she could ah lie an say all she cases done? Yes my question absurd. Like de situation.

Eef she management skills not up tuh par as de Chief Justice hinted, why she was not just ah magistrate buh chief magistrate? Or was dat position ah seniority ting like too many instances in Triniland?

I say fuhget all dem questions oui.

What we seein play out is ah samplin or de kind ah problems dat go surface when de spotlight turn tuh de judiciary fuh real. It have tuh wait it turn doh. De poleece an prisons ahead ah it. In udder words, dey likely tuh crash before it.

By de way, eef de poleece service tink it under any scrutiny, let it wait until, (or should I say ‘eef’), dat manpower audit done an de results known. I expect it tuh confirm what I always tort: De TTPS not undermanned but sufferin from resource mismanagement. But, ah gettin way ahead ah mihself as de narrow focus fuh now is how de “Marcia Mess” go play out.

I goin back tuh ah ole refrain: Everyting connected tuh everyting else. Ah seein dat crystal clear in dis situation.

Sure people does mess up. All de time. Sometimes de scale is epic. Like dis Fyre Festival fiasco event in de Bahamas. It was so bad even the story headline spell de event name rong. But like ah does say, I doh really care about dem udder people. I more interested in ‘how’ questions fuh T&T.


How anybody could plan ah fire station, build it, open it an nobody eh say, “buh wait nah, yuh mean we doh have ah fire brigade truck tuh put in dis place?”

How yuh could borrow, beg or tief ah boat tuh transport goods tuh Tobago yet end up rentin one dat take fifteen hours tuh make it maiden trip while carryin less cargo? Tobagonians eh go be pissed tuh no end?

How anybody could have tanks holdin someting as toxic tuh de environment as oil — especially arong water, an yet have leak after leak after leak?

How people could sleep at night knowin dey decisions mean it have udders who cyar sleep cause dey could smell under dey arm when dey lay dong in dey bed, dat is how long dey cyar bade.

Why would people who in charge not improve tings faster so people could believe dey interest covered?

After all, isn’t carin what it supposed tuh be all about?

Eef ah rong tell mih.


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