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Frick-ish an Frack-ish. Distractions?

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April 15, 2017 by Fensic

Dis is de tale ah two lawyers an two senators. One lawyer name Wayne Sturge.

He remind mih of ah boxer gettin all kind ah uppercuts an body shots de whole fight yet, tellin he handlers he plan wukkin; he opponent arms gettin tired.

Dat comparison is because Sturge claim victory fuh he side in ah highly publicized internal Law Association dispute. He claim dat victory wid ah straight face even doh de move he side make, backfire big time.

De udder lawyer?

De udder one is Gerald Ramdeen. He was orn de same side wid Sturge in dat failed vote ah no confidence. I eh tink Sturge was arong when he Ramdeen, say, wid ah straight face as usual, he didn’t know until he get tell dat dis client he an ah next attorney was representin, was dead. Dat man wasn’t dead fuh ah year, ah month, ah fortnight or just ah week. Nope, de man was dead, killed by bullets, fuh two whole years. Dat is twenty-four months.

De two senators?

Dey name Wayne Sturge an Gerald Ramdeen. Yes, de same two laywers is also senators.

I does follow dey exploits in both realms buh ah still not sure seein dem in which realm does cause me tuh steups more or, in which realm I tink dey is pure kicks.

Tuh solve mih dilemma ah does go tuh ah alternative an just ignore dem.

But wedder ah was steupsin, an or enjoyin dey kicksiness, an or ignorin dem in both arenas, ah did know ah had tuh nickname dem. Buh ah keep ignorin any sense ah urgency by steupsin; until it hit mih.

Dey is Frick-ish an Frack-ish because dey not totally useless. Can dey ice skate is de question.

Me eh know fuh sure which one is Frick-ish buh ah leanin tuhwards Gerald more.

Is dem eyes.

What it is dey does be lookin at so emotionlessly?Ah could see him wid de same stare when he get cyatch wid he hand reachin fuh de same cake he get tell tuh let cool.

Sturge orn de udder hand seem more Frack-ish. He also look like he is a Superman fan. Nutten eh rong wid dat. Not even wearin ah jersey wid de Man of Steel logo while holdin ah lil chile an shakin Kamla hand. Any super hero aficianado would de dat. However, only real fanatics could go furdah an wear jockey shorts wid de Superman logo. I tort dat degree ah fanaticism ended when ah boy reach four an ah half. I stand corrected.

Just like de original Frick an Frack, Frick-ish an Frack-ish not dotish. Ah did plan tuh show dat here, buh when ah start pokin arong, ah bounce into how hard it is tuh find out what law school ah Trini lawyer went to, when dey receive dey law degree an maybe even findin out in what kind ah law dat degree in. So dem details about Frick-ish an Frack-ish go stay wherever dey hidin. De onlyest ting ah have is what ah could find easy online. Ah done give ah samplin buh it would be nice tuh say tings not easily disputed.

Both Frick-ish an Frack-ish is senators fuh de UNC; nobody cyar dispute dat. Dey could question why, buh dey cyar dispute dat.

Accordin tuh de Parliament website, Frack-ish make senator first. He is one since de PNM take over in 2015. Frick-ish didn’t make permanent senator until ah year after. I wouldn’t be surprised eef dat event not still in hot dispute. He picture on de parliament website too.

Where could anybody find ah cheap camera in dis day an age tuh take dat picture? He facial skin tone? Who, regardless of color, does look so when dey alive? Sorry but ah cyar link tuh dat page in good conscience.

Frick-ish an Frack-ish was full ah life in dey senator hats larse year, arong November, when dey produce ah record wid numbered names, places an dates ah deaths. De purpose? Tuh show how de poleece does under report murders. Dat claim was dead on arrival when reporters at de press conference point out dat some names get listed more dan once. Dat wasn’t de note Frick-ish an Frack-ish wanted de press conference tuh end orn. At ah follow up, Frack-ish say doh blame he, how he leave validatin de information tuh udders.

What udders? Frick-ish? De man who done have trouble knowin how long somebody he representin dead?

Despite dat brief moment ah kicksiness, nobody should dismiss dey claim just so. De same client Frick-ish say he didn’t know was dead — murdered? Well, I read claims suggestin dat same murder wasn’t reported in de papers when it happen back in 2013.

De question is: does de press publish all de murder reports it get an who else does supply dem wid such reports, besides de poleece?

Yes ah know; askin dat mean ah digressin.

When Frack-ish say earlier dis year dat murders in T&T gettin carried out by hired guns, I was cheerin him orn. He lorse me when he suggest de guns could be in de hands ah members ah de security forces. I prefer tuh look at how long hit men might ah be in operation an ask eef durin dem years dey couldn’t ah become real professionals? Whoever holdin de gun does pump bullet after bullet after bullet into dey victim, even eef de man done fall. De military does train people tuh fire all dem bullets? Ah next question ah have is, was Frack-ish torkin as ah politician or lawyer when he make he claim?

I have no doubt which hat Frick-ish was wearin when he pop up in de media representin de two poleece divisional heads actin CoP wanted tuh retire cause dey wasn’t being effective. Frick-ish was demandin all kind ah documents from Williams so he could show, or see, how Williams decide is dem two heads not performin an not all de udder ones. Okay, is me who add dat larse part. Ah do it cause ah know ah right.

Frick-ish had tuh know people know he was grandstandin. De CoP have authority tuh discipline, includin dismissin, ah tink. Eef he do it rong den dong de road ah court go decide. Frick-ish could huff an puff all he want, he cyar interfere at dis stage in de discipline process. Dat is what I tink. Ah also tink ah just digress again.

De govahment have it own interestin politicians too oui. It have ones who, as soon as dey open dey mouth steups done comin out ah mines. I just cyar tink ah any two who ah could pair up an sic ‘em orn Frick-ish an Frack-ish. Ah bet ah would have tuh wait fuh nicknames fuh dat duo tuh come tuh mih too. Still, it would be ah epic battle. It would make politics in Triniland almost ah worthy distraction from what happenin in de real world. What is de toll as of April 15, ah hundred an fifty. . . sixty?

Let meh try one larse try at distraction:

Frick-ish an Frack-ish?

Endless kicks oui.

Fuhget dem.


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