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Murderous relatives. Dey could be close or distant, male or female.

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April 8, 2017 by Fensic

Close male relative”?

Ah doh remember eef dat phrase was arong back in de days when ah was orn dis forum one ah de two daily newspapers at de time, did have. It even had ah chaperone from de newspaper tuh make sure we comments eh cause endless heartburn tuh de newspaper. Ah still did ask dat reporter chaperone why de media didn’t name suspects in criminal cases.

Close female relative”?

Ah still eh know fuh sure eef it is ah law, buh from what ah now hope ah understand, no suspect cyar be named publicly until dey first court appearance orn de issue at hand.

Eef dat is still de case, it obvious tuh me de only reason why is because T&T inherit it from de British. Dat not ah valid reason fuh still havin it doh. Even eef de Brits still have dat as ah rule or law or whatever, ah bet dey does update it tuh fit de times. Is not like T&T cyar do de same ting, after all, which udder independent Caribbean island-nation blank de monarchy as titular head of state? Mention tuh dem udder islands dey should follow suit an is panic all over de place.

“Distant male relative”.

Whoever come up wid dat latest one is not ah forward tinker at all. As soon as de distant family member not ah man, dey go have tuh come up wid anudder groupin.

“Distant female relative”.

My money orn it being dat.

It have ah glimmer ah hope dat mightn’t be necessary. All it go take is fuh dis announced change in Unruly ISIS tuh take root. Once it spread tuh udder warrin factions, gang murder could go away an after dat so too could be any need fuh newspapers tuh try jugglin different categories of family members be dey male or female, distant or close relative. Dat would be good as de debut of, “distant male relative”, wasn’t one newspaper’s Pulitzer Prize winnin moment.

Dat is how I see dis article about ah murder.

In my humble opinion, it have more dan one ting rong wid what dat article say an how it say it. Eef ah stay focused, ah might have words left over tuh touch orn one or two ah dem. However, eef nuttin else, de article prove if someting possible orn paper, it go eventually happen fuh real. So de Soca Warriors could still make it tuh Russia next year.

Anyway, de way dis article was zoomin in an out all over de place, between relatives, mih head start tuh spin. I end up almost missin all de udder questionable ting de reporter write.

Like sayin de police had three version ah how de victim, Melissa Mohammed-Ramkissoon, get shot in dat car. Buh it only give two versions; one from each each male relative. As expected, each was pointin dey finger at de udder male relative while both was sayin in unison, “is he do it”. No sign ah dat larse version an who supply it.

De reporter head must be spin too, at least once. Dat would ah been how she end up failin tuh make sure she eh say exactly what de relationship was between de close male relative an de murdered woman. Dis is what she slip an write:

“. . .Mohammed-Ramkissoon’s close male relative, aged 35, said he and his wife picked up the distant male relative and were on their way to Felicity, Chaguanas . . .”

Anybody who read dat an still cyar figure out what dat close family member was tuh de victim need tuh fuhget newspapers an get dey news from Facebook.

Even eef is still true dat de press cyar identify ah person before dey appear in court, dis whole approach is ridiculous fuh plenty reasons. Why not just describe de suspect as ah family member an call dat George?

As Trinis, we love macco-based puzzles. We would enjoy tryin tuh figure out eef dat family member close or distant, man or woman. Not tuh fuhget de exact relationship. We doin all dat now anyways.

De approach also ridiculous because ah what happen in de recent case involvin Nyasha Joseph, de murdered WPC.

When de press did say ah “close male relative” was in custody, ah bet was de boyfriend dey did mean. Buh when Dick, de high rankin police officer, get ask eef de poleece had ah close male relative in custody, he say no. Stumped by dat answer, nobody orn de wharf dat mornin follow up tuh get clarification. Meantime, de poleece had de boyfriend in de station dey let him pick.

If all dat still not proof ah how dotish dis all is, den how come Beyond de Tape does show de name an picture of suspects?

Torkin wid mih pardnah about dis was ah waste ah mih time. I eh even studyin he orn dis topic no more. He doh tink ah suspect name should be known even eef de man is ah accused serial killer. Yet, he doh have no problem wid ah man who eh payin maintenance gettin he picture splashed all over de place. Like ah woman cyar lie orn ah man.

Eef nuttin eh goin an change anytime soon orn dis ah could move orn tuh ah next ting about dat same article.

Eef what reporter Rhondar Dowlat write go result in anybody suin, ah hope is de poleece doin it. Ah mean look how inept de article makin dem look, like eef dey need any help.

Dey have two suspects, each claimin he only ah eyewitness. Dey have de crime scene an what more dan likely is de gun used. Dey know who was sittin where in de car an where orn she body de victim get shoot. Wid all dem clues how de article go suggest de poleece clueless? It better not be because wid all dey have dey need somebody tuh confess. Let evidence-based poleecin kick een an like ah blood hong, lead right tuh who pull dat trigger.

I have mih idea as tuh which relative do it buh I not ah dorg. Besides, people does come out ah left field wid de tings dey does do so me eh measurin up eidder relative in de open.

Ah go ask dis doh: Wid all de evidence, how hard could dis be fuh de TTPS tuh solve? Dey have tuh be able tuh win any lawsuit fuh slander against de reporter. Buh like ah say: people; dey actions; left field.

Rhondar take one set ah licks orn Facebook. Correction: She article take blows. Somebody even ask what, “toe men” mean. Make dat two somebodies.

Fuh all I know ah next somebody, or even Rhondar, could already be sayin what ah idiot in reference tuh me not understandin what she mean when she write dis:

“. . . Asked if she knew what relationship Mohammed-Ramkissoon shared with the distant male relative and if it was a norm for her to hang out and go places together with the toe men, the cousin said . . .”

Nuttin left to say but RIP Melissa Mohammed-Ramkissoon.

Ah male relative fail yuh.


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