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Ligers an Tigons: De AG an de DPP

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March 25, 2017 by Fensic

I know people who insist dat after somebody do de same dotishness maybe two times, eef dey do it again, is not dotishness no more but spite: Cold calculated spite.

I doh dare start shakin mih head up an dong so mih chin touch mih chest when ah hear dat view. Dat happen an ah might as well give up orn mih fellow Man.

At de same time, I eh go lie; ah does find mihself testin out dat up an dong head movement buh only in mih mind; fuh now. Ah cyar afford tuh let tings go parse dat point. Not widout doin all ah could tuh not give up. So, let mih start.

Mr. Attorney General ah Triniland, you an Roger Gaspard, de Directory ah Public Prosecution . . . allyuh is friend?

Okay so maybe allyuh doh socialize buh is de two ah allyuh at least professional associates? Both ah allyuh have de same goal in mind, right — de best fuh de country? You or he doh have ah hidden agenda, like ah secret plan tuh bail an go live someplace else?

Yuh know what? I tink ah goin about dis rong. Doh answer none ah dem question. Ah should know better.

Ah mean is how long I in dis Information Management ting?

Do I still get surprise when ah orn ah project an realize one department doin someting an ah next department eh have ah clue? Especially when it affected by what happenin?

De answer tuh dat is yes. Ah does still shake mih head. Not because everybody operatin in dey silo but because de person in charge ah everybody eh mandate all who workflow affected have tuh be involved in de solution an it better benefit de whole company or heads go roll. An heads does roll.

Now business an govahment is different animals; what might wuk well in one mightn’t in de udder. However, people does experiment an tings call ligers an tigons exist, ask de Internet.

So maybe de question ah should ask you, Mr. AG is why is dis bill you pilotin tuh get rid ah preliminary inquiries gettin call “shortsighted” by de Director ah Public Prosecution? He call it dat durin dis latest Joint Select Committee meetin he was in.

Dis bill shortsighted tuh you? Scrap dat question fuh obvious reasons. Still, tork about lousy timin eh.

Nobody disputin de perilous state Trinbago judicial system in. It eh only smoking, it does spew flames every now an den as it slidin.

When Kamla an she side was in power dey try an put ah plaster orn de problem. De result? Section 34. Ah period of true Trini bacchanal, ent?

Now is dis govahment turn tuh try. Is dong dat same road dis bill goin — more bacchanal? Kamla an dem done say dey have problems wid it. You know how havin problems wid de govahment does wuk right; your side was de opposition before.

But de DPP concerns different.

Where de borseman? He doh have tuh share licks, not yet. Just insist he people include all stakeholders from de time somebody arrested tuh when dey get set free. Eef dat eh happenin den is time fuh licks.

You is de expert sir, tell mih eef ah rong yet.

Me an mih pardnah tork about yuh bill before de DPP express he torts. We describe it as fixin ah balloon one place only tuh have de problem make cause ah bulge ah next place.

Yes, no more preliminary inquiries buh wouldn’t de DPP orfice have tuh make de same decision dem inquiries used tuh make?

De DPP orfice understaffed. Dat was in de press long time. So, eef Gaspard doh have people tuh shoulder de current workload, where any additional staff comin from tuh shoulder additional responsibility? Ah just askin eh. Given how smart your side is ah know de answer orn de tip ah yuh tongue.

Me an mih pardnah went dong de work-flow chain as best we know it.

What eef evidenced-based poleecin result in more criminals gettin raff? It have space fuh dem in de Remand Yard while de DPP breakin de bottle-neck so more get dey day in court faster? It have enough court fuh dat? What eef de existin courts work magic, hear plenty cases an de juries return guilty verdicts; it have enough jail space? Or is it prison space. Ah does fuhget de nuances ah sayin jail versus prison.

By de way, when yuh spit out de answer about de DPP staff, spit out de answer as tuh why he orfice continue tuh be short orn copy machines. Dem kind ah small money issues does make ting look wuss.

Anyway, me an mih pardnah decide since nuttin else orn de table maybe dis bill could be ah start in fixin de problem.

Dat was den. Dis is now.

What about dem 800 cases de DPP say ready tuh go? Is pure speculation buh eef is ten High Court it have an eef each could hear ah case in one month, orn average, an de DPP had enough lawyers, it would take 80 months tuh clear de backlog. Dat mean it go take what, six an ah half years years tuh clear all 800?

Six point five years!

Buh den again, de actin CoP say divine intervention needed when it come tuh crime.

Ah hope dat doh affect who dong here charged wid keepin people safe. Dat dey go keep tryin dey best an part ah dat will always be bowin dey head askin Him tuh keep dem safe in dey fight. But ah digressin, sorry.

Granted yuh craft de bill in such ah way Al so Kamla an dem cyar stop it but ah hope yuh not ignorin concerns dey have. Considerin de challenges whatever side formin de govahment does have wid draftin good laws, remember: plenty heads better dan one.

Tell mih dis. Yuh tink flawed laws mean dotishness at play or is spite at work? More digressin dey.

Even eef yuh steups at de idea ah listenin tuh anyting dem across de aisle have tuh say yuh cyar do dat wid de DPP. Unless one ah allyuh have ah agenda dat not puttin country first.

Why listen tuh de man?

Well because ah learn someting else in dis I/T business.

You dey tinkin yuh solve somebody problem buh yuh eh include dem in comin up wid de solution? Steups oui. Wait all yuh want fuh dem tuh kiss yuh ring in awe. Chances good dey not go call yuh dey savior. What more likely is eef it go have any kissin is dem invitin you tuh do it buh it not go be any ring dey want yuh kiss.

Faris Al-Wari, me eh expectin no answer here fuh any question. I want yuh tuh answer de DPP comments doh. Fixin how justice does operate vital tuh stoppin dis slide dat takin T&T into places it never went before. Is not everyplace yuh never went dat yuh want tuh go. Ask anybody who not dotish, dey all over de Triniland waitin.

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