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Let dem Egyptians keep de Nile

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March 18, 2017 by Fensic

Dis start out wid Woman Police Constable Nyasha Joseph, may she rest in peace, buh mih mind change, tanks tuh actin CoP Williams ah de TTPS.

Dat good because ah wasn’t sure how tuh tork about she murder. Not widout gettin despondent. Who did know de sense ah nuttin changin or gettin better anytime soon was dat powerful.

Yes, dat was my bundle tuh bear before de actin top cop lighten mih load. Now ah doh have tuh dive straight in an tackle mih dilemma.

Eef ah did write orn de late WPC Joseph ah would ah express my belief dat de media not responsible tuh it readers. I would be agreein wid Williams even eef me an he disagree orn why we agreein.

Yuh know what, ‘careless’ would ah better tuh use. Ah go leave harsher language fuh de international media an hope TT’s wouldn’t try cyatchin up wid dem.

I had dat feelin long time. Well before dat Trump fella in fact. However, if ah did write what ah was hopin tuh write, ah would ah run into trouble.

Two articles ah know ah did read ah cyar find just so. One did make it sound like ah poleece orficer did geh kill orn duty. Ah know ah read dat cause ah remember sayin, “not again”, den sighin tuh mihself.

Credit tuh de top cop; ah doh have tuh explain nuttin regardin dat or, de next article. It did try tuh out-Facebook Facebook when it report de missin orficer body geh find. Is like Facebook is de standard fuh journalism except Facebook is social media, not ‘media’ wid de accompanyin meanin fuh dat word plenty people still have an doh want change.

Ah . . . Facebook.

Of all social media, it is de most macco-friendly tool since jalousies get invented. Trinis so much more nimble wid it dan dem wooden slats. Buh why de need tuh go beyond maccoin?

Facebook probably is de second most religious place, after Sunday mornin church, especially when is ah horrific story. Ah never see so many references tuh de Almighty from people who does be breakin at least ah dozen commandments every time dey take tuh Facebook tuh parse judgment or information from some friend who have de, ‘inside story’. Sometimes ah does want tuh give out two good tap so people would stop wid all dey foolish pronouncements.

Is when WPC Joseph body get find dat I start tuh wonder about how dis whole missin poleece orficer ting was gettin reported.

Tanks again tuh de man who do so good de first time he act as poleece commissioner dat he get like eight encores. He make mih problem not ah problem no more.

No need fuh mih tuh worry about pictures showin how dey bring she body ashore. Me eh meanin what de papers show wid strategic partial black strips hidin whatever.

All ah was lookin for was more information about de WPC when braps, just so ah was orn Ian Alleyne Facebook self-promotion site.

Just because once ah Trini always ah macco doh mean I needed tuh see dem pictures. Dey only appealin tuh de voyeuristic interest in me an all udder maccos it have. What else, besides de city an treasury could be bunnin dong while we watchin still?

I eh go lie doh nah, de unedited detail in dem picture had mih wonderin.

Widout knowin how de body was when it get find mean ah cyar say de retrievers take it out any bag, crocus or udderwise. Buh eef was ah joint Coast Guard an poleece team, why would dey bring de body back tuh de jetty de way de dey do it? Dat way wasn’t both inconsiderate ah de family an rules of evidence collection?

How ah was goin an explain de lil bit ah sense any ah dat make tuh mih while people gettin dey gory-pictures fix? Ah didn’t have ah answer.

All ah could ah do was hope dis case didn’t need ah confession tuh solve. Ah couldn’t see de guilty party doin de poleece job — showin dem what de WPC get kill wid, which part dey do it an where dey get de tings tuh get rid ah she body wid.

De head ah homicide, my man Dick, say her body wasn’t bound wid bricks. (3rd clip [02:35]). He not in conflict wid ah newspaper account doh even if de article had she age rong. I was more interested how he say he was makin sure everyting get done right so all evidence is preserved. Nobody eh ask why de top dorg in homicide have tuh be orn any scene tuh ensure dat kind ah attention tuh detail.

Ah next ting ah would ah have trouble wid is knowin how many murders it take before de TTPS stop gettin awed when ah next one happen. Wid larse year total an de amount so far dis year, it approachin 600 murders. Is dat de number? Will de TTPS be able tuh act den? Cause from what I know of awe first hand it could leave yuh stunned, eyes wide an mouth hangin open yuh so paralyzed.

It eh me sayin dem tings about de TTPS nah, credit Dick, he say de TTPS in awe again. (3rd clip [06:41]).

Eef it could have ISIS in Triniland, albeit Unruly, why it cyar have dat Egyptian river orn de island too, albeit spell different.

So, tuh Trinis like who does tell mih pardnah how nice Triniland is an how it have crime everyplace: Yes de place still nice, especially at carnival buh de majority ah countries not among de top when it come tuh murder rates. How bout we agree allyuh in de world’s top twenty in continually adjustin tuh de latest new normal? No denial dat.

Tuh politicians in general an de ones charged wid keepin people safe: Doin de same ting over an over an expectin ah different result is madness, fuh allyuh, it mean reality denial. Even sycophants could see dat. Everybody else tired seein nuttin but endless duck every innings. Stop promisin sixes an fours.

Tuh de TTPS: What really causin awe every murder? It cyar be dem clever killers sneakin arong, over or underneath anyting allyuh put in place, tuh commit yet ah next murder? Anyone ah allyuh sayin dey in awe is in denial so serious it frightenin.

Tuh actin CoP Williams: I eh know nah buh since yuh larse extension yuh all over de map wid comments an yuh fingers pointin all over de place, except one. Timin is everyting an yuh larse comments ill-timed. People eh just stop listenin, dey eh hearin yuh eidder. Fuh dem here is part ah what de Guardian say yuh just say:

“. . . Commenting on the existing crime situation in Trinidad and Tobago, and the police’s apparent inability to control the current scourge of murders, Williams said the situation is not out of control but rather a notion perpetuated by the media . . . “

Yuh say more buh who still listenin after hearin dat?

Tuh all not in denial: Anytime is time tuh take back de country.

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