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Which is de right headline?: “Hope for T&T.”, “Hope for T&T?” or “Hope for T&T!”

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January 7, 2017 by Fensic

Hope for T&T.

Dat headline in one ah de local newspaper about de Soca Warriors chances against Haiti fuh ah spot in de next Gold Cup is not ah surprise since it represent ah common modus operandi in T&T — doh take de opportunity when destiny in yuh own hands buh instead, wait an hope yuh go succeed doin whatever it is de hard way. All de team have tuh do is beat Haiti by two clear goals. Yes, de same Haiti who beat Suriname twice as bard, (4 -2), as Suriname beat de Warriors, (2 – 1). How many times better dan de Warriors dat make Haiti eh? Buh we is Trinis an all we need is hope, ent?

Look at de statement again. It eh even end wid ah exclamation mark tuh suggest excitement or, ah question mark tuh signify some doubt. It end wid ah full stop. Business as usual in de land ah continual hope.

Dat word ‘hope’ real powerful. It could make yuh fuhget reality an de odds dat stack up against yuh high high.

Not dat ‘hope’ eh have it place. Is just yuh have tuh have more dan dat. Fuh starters yuh have tuh be dedicated tuh yuh cause, preferably wid skin in de game.

‘Hope’ cyar be yuh fallback position all de time. When dat is de case ah next word come tuh mih mind — delusional.

Take fuh example de attempt at gettin Trinis tuh make ah stance against crime wid dat, Side By Side We Stand anti-crime rally in tong. While I applaud de Minister ah National Security fuh attendin, ah tink he was dey mostly tuh show he not frighten ah being at ah event dat in ah real way is ah indictment against de job he doin. Ah sure ah right cause he went biblical orn de people.

Walls of Jericho?

Dat is de closest he could come tuh ah crime plan? Dis ting worsenin since 2000. Even makin one circumference ah year, Trinis gorn arong dis wall 17 times. Now what?

Yes, it could an should ah had plenty more people expressin dey concern about de crime situation buh Dillon have tuh know eef he want de public tuh do it part in fightin crime, den de front-line fighters have tuh show dey not no part ah no gang deyself. Ah sure Insp. Seales agree.

Can Dillon say dat happenin? Eef not, can he say when crime fighters fail tuh protect chosin instead tuh serve deyself, dat dey does get de appropriate punishment? Eef he still cyar say yes, den delusion runnin rampant. Ah high-rankin poleece officer done afflicted when he claim “astute leadership”, just because de men an women under he charge ah man in what should ah always be ah slam-dunk investigation into ah recent high profile murder case.

Ah go say again: Jack Warner right. People doh distinguish between serious crime an murder. Serious crime could go dong all it want, eef murder up den crime up an people fraid.

I say de headline ah dat article wid Dillon should ah be, Hope for T&T wid ah question mark at de end instead ah, Dillon heckled at anti-crime rally. Den again, I not tryin tuh sell nobody newspapers.

‘Hope’ is ah tricky ting oui. Yuh have tuh be strong cause de lil bit ah light it does give orf in de darkness does flicker an yuh could get frighten it out. Den in de middle ah de day dat bright bright sun does overshadow dat lil light. How yuh supposed tuh know eef ‘hope’ even arong so yuh could have some?

Dat was kind ah mih torts as ah was readin de latest wid Pan Trinbago. Is like eef is carnival time den it must have commesse wid Pan Trinbago. Tuh be fair tuh de organization, de onlyest reason ah pickin orn it is because it in de news right now an it playin it usual Oliver Twist.

How many more like Pan Trinbago it have in Triniland? Organizations dat does get endless, (or so it seems), money from whichever govahment in power, tuh conduct activities dat in “de best interest ah de country” (my words), buh yet, doh show how dey does spend de money dey take een? Dat eh madness?

So Pan Trinbago, it true allyuh eh pay dem steelband players dey $1,000 each from since larse carnival? Allyuh really issue cheques dat bounce? How much ah allyuh operatin expenditure does de free money from de govahment cover?

As ah dey readin dis article entitled, “Govt closes financial tap”, ah couldn’t stop shakin mih head. Not when what ah seein remindin mih ah stories I hear about how it does have free-fuh-all at de gate at some ah dem Carnival fete or about why de Toronto govahment does run Caribana now. Ah go leave out an next story about ah annual family event involvin school chirren, games an de clean up afterwards. One part ah which wid end when one pocket stuffer wid suggest dat was enough. Only den wid de remainin “proceeds from de games” get turned in.

Who doh have dey own stories must ah never been arong money dat dey or udders feel was unaccounted for. People could always account fuh money, dey just have tuh want to.

Eef what Culture Minister Nyan Gadbsy-Dolly was sayin in dat article about Pan Trinbago is true, den ah de newspaper could ah add ah subtext tuh de headline —“Hope for T&T”, full stop.

Ah wonder eef it have any difference between hopin an wishin?

Ah want it tuh have one because when ah look at de economic situation in Triniland, it good tuh see taps dat have been flowin freely fuh too long startin tuh get de monitorin dey should ah always have. Ah even hearin ah ole expression comin back — value fuh money. It used tuh be de go-to expression orn every politician lips. It was supposed tuh make dem seem altruistic, make people tink dey interested in spendin wisely. Buh someting happen an de phrase went an join ‘holistic’ in outcast land.

Ah recall politicians an dey. . . “de solution tuh crime have tuh be holistic”, response whenever dey get ask what is de latest orn containin crime. Like once people rush tuh find out de meanin ah dat word, dey would be in awe at how smart politicians is when in reality, dat sentence was ah lampost dey was hidin behind so yuh wouldn’t know dey was all out ah ideas. Buh ah digressin.

Orn de fervent assumption dat it have ah difference between wishin an hopin, I hope de economic dong turn in T&T doh get brutal like in Venezuela. Still, it should larse parse 2017 tuh knock some sense in politicians who sayin dey expect de turn arong tuh start in 2017. Eh eh.

Pain fuss, den change. Widout pain nuttin eh go change. People have tuh have skin in de game. Dey have tuh feel de pain. Only dat could bring change.

So ah hopin de right headline is really, ‘Hope for T&T!’

Buh wait! how ah could go an let logic make have fuhget? Steups oui.


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