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Hey, ah new puppy!

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December 31, 2016 by Fensic

How many people couldn’t wait an did done start treatin dis year like ah ole pot hong tellin it tuh mash in de hopes dat 2017 could start early an be better? Eef it had ah next month in 2016 I wid ah join all dem people.

Mash! Shoo!

Since change does start wid personal resolutions, I revisitin mines tuh make sure is only mih free will separatin me from achievin dem. Enough people, includin Trinis, do dat an 2017 go be orn de road tuh being better an brighter dan 2016. No dice widout skin in de game. Sometimes yuh could get dat house wid lots ah effort, dedication an belief in yuh goal.

In de meantime, breed in deep deep. Yuh smell it? Yes, dat is 2017. Get ah wisp real quick because inside ah week dat new-year smell go be gorn like does always happen. Leh we all look forward tuh 2017 prepared tuh do we part in makin an keepin it different.

Hey, ah new puppy!

My name is 2017

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