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Ah holdin orn tight tight tuh mih Trini Christmas memories

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December 24, 2016 by Fensic

It eh possible fuh mih tuh ask when Christmas in Triniland change from what I remember widout acknowledgin is far more dan just Christmas dat change.

When I look at dem udder tings, I does feel like Sybil is ah appropriate name fuh T&T. I eh sayin dat lightly eidder eh since ah hear St. Ann’s doh have all de drugs it need tuh treat Sybil -T&T version.

Still, ah know all cyar be lost as long as it have pioneers like Lt. Commander Kele-Ann Bourne ah de Coast Guard. Just dis week she name get etched in de region history when she captain one ah dem larse two boats, eidder de TTS Moruga or de TTS Carli Bay, de PP trus from Holland. She an de udder captain sail dem boats all de way tuh Staubles Bay.

Ah know all cyar be lost when it announce dat Caribbean Airlines now ten years old. It mightn’t be flyin in de same rarified skies ah dem super big boys buh it right dey wid de less crowded next tier. When I travel CAL, it doh feel no different from dem airlines who weekly flights must be more dan equal what CAL does fly in de better part of ah year. Is only orn one ah does feel more at home.

Ah know all eh lorse when ah stop long enough tuh tink an realize it eh have no place orn dis orb called Earth where people ah all races, creeds, colors an ethnicities an udder superficial differences does live side by side better as does happen in Triniland. I make dat stop mihself ages ago.

Yes, all not lost as long as Trinilanders doh keep actin like God is ah Trini.

Wid dat combined hope an wish ah could take ah minute out ah dis festive time an, as long as ah remember how it used tuh be, ah could ask mih question. Den ah could tun right arong an decide it eh make sense wonderin when Christmas change.

Is all about memories.

When tomorrow reach fuh who now makin dey own memories, dey go have memories so romanticized dey too go be tempted tuh want tuh go back tuh dey own yesterday, like de rest ah we or, at least me.

Fuh now, let mih close mih eye an open mih udder senses fuh ah few minutes tuh reminisce about my yesterday — my Trini Christmas.

Once ah done, an before ah open back mih eye, ah mustn’t fuhget tuh hope dat when dis time next year reach, dem udder tings dat have changed T&T tuh what it is tuhday might be followin de true Sybil story. Dat would mean all dem negative tings stranglin de place was nuttin buh cries fuh attention too.

Only den God might ah Trini.

Merry Christmas T&T.

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