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Shannon gorn, what next?

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December 10, 2016 by Fensic

Ah cyar seem tuh come up wid anyting coherent; anyting dat doh have ah lot ah obscenities tuh reflect frustration; anyting dat could help mih make sense of what is senseless. De best ah could do is join de chorus askin one question: When dis madness go slow dong?

However, I addin ah next question: It too late?

If only de murder of Shannon Banfield could mark ah turnin point fuh de better in ah country drippin wid de blood of its citizens gettin slaughtered wid immunity.

If only dat could happen.

As soon as ah open up Shannon web page, Shannon Häagen-Daz de ah did know who she immediate loves was. It was dey in black an white. She had udder loves buh didn’t have tuh proclaim dem from de rooftops. Now she an Jesus could eat all de Häagan-Daz dey want.

At de risk ah engagin in sentimental hyperbole, tuh scroll arong dat page test mih resolve. Ah keep havin tuh pause an clear out from mih eye whatever keep makin it water. Lucky it only happen wid videos.

I macco dead people Facebook pages before buh dis time was different. Ah feel more like ah ghoul dan ah macco. But ah wasn’t gettin perverse pleasure readin an watchin she posts about blossomin an slowly learnin tuh spread she wings under de protection ah loved ones. She remind me of ah baby pigeon. Now she gone; life snuffed out; body discarded among ah pile ah boxes, like rubbish. Only 20-years young.

Murders eh stop since dey find her broken body left tuh de heat in ah obscene display ah callousness. All who was initially cynical when she mudder first announce her daughter missin, join de rest of murder-numbed Triniland sayin enough. She wasn’t no run-away. How many times dat song get sing desensitizin people from diggin deeper? Now people, even fadders, see dey own daughters in Shannon. Outrage takin over. Who doh want tuh believe dis murder touch ah nerve; dat it is de larse straw? .

Outrage happen before doh.

Once was 2005. Citizens join tuhgedder in protest against de lack ah decisive govahment action against crime. Stephan Cadiz play ah role in dat eef ah not mistaken. He an de UNC show dey equally clueless when de UNC was later in power.

Ah doh recall de same nerve gettin touch again in 2007, ah far more familiar wid nerves gettin touch when de poleece kill.

Mih first tort on hearin women say Shannon murder was ah next attack orn women was tuh wonder how; more man gettin murdered dan women. Dat tort perish wid de mention about all de women who disappear an yet tuh be found: My focus was orn dem who turn up by some man.

If women mobilizin against threats tuh dey safety is what it go take tuh be de catalyst fuh change, so be it. Dey could shut dong de country tighter an longer dan any day ah total poleecin.

Still, ah would be dotish not tuh consider how outrageous Trinis could be orn Facebook. Some ah dem posts after de earthquake was over de top. Yet, when I watch ah woman post in response tuh Shannon murder dat, as ah woman, she frighten, ah have tuh give dat more weight dan somebody sayin dey was in de latrine when de earthquake hit.

One murder victim since Shannon is Omari Goodridge . . . . wait, ah do even have tuh go dey. Ah just have to look at de role of past performance tuh see how it done affectin current tings, fuhget future performance.

Take de CCTV video from IAM where dey found her body. De poleece eh get it de Monday. Dey have one story why an de company have anudder. It doh make no difference who version yuh believe. De poleece should ah never ever leave dat business widout dat video. Unless de, “strict protocol”, dey follow doh consider de possibility ah evidence taperin.

Ah read de head ah de homicide bureau personally orn dis case. It eh he who say before dat while forensic evidence important, is really eyewitness testimony de TTPS need tuh solve murders? Is dat de belief he takin tuh dis investigation? I would suggest tuh he, Sr. Supt. Sacenarine Mahabir, dat dem torts fly in de face ah what seem tuh be modern tinkin. All types ah evidence needed an when it conflictin, forensics does win. Buh den dis week de woman who husband get hit wid de pipe an dead an nobody eh lift ah finger, claim one ah de men was by she house tuh explain. She tell de poleece an dey ask eef she see de man hit she husband wid de pipe. Enough said.

Let we assume de two workers from IAM deny killin Shannon. If de CCTV show she enterin de business an not comin out den what? Even if tape show dem same workers was de larse ones tuh leave?

Ah watch part ah de early morning news where de host tell de Minister ah National Security he eh mean no disrespect buh de evidence suggest he failin in he job. After ah done all de eye rollin from Dillon response ah was giddy.

Who, when de say dey frighten an need reassurance, want some long-arse convoluted answer like he like tuh give? Why people have tuh translate dat mumbo jumbo tuh understand what he really tellin dem? He not in uniform no more an he not torkin tuh he senior commanders. In fairness tuh him, he did say de govahment doin de best it can.

What choices: Mumbo jumbo military tork or what sound like ah admission ah inadequacy.

I doh see de govahment takin part in any protest march. Back in 2005 it say de opposition was only tryin tuh discredit it. Not dat ah doh tink Kamla response tuh dis murder is nuttin but obscene panderin tuh fear. Shannon could ah be she daughter? How many victims could ah be Shannon sisters den durin de UNC time in orfice? De level ah hypocrisy among politicians gallin. Triniland is definitely cousins wid Jamaica.

Let mih leave dis whole area ah past performance cause ah gettin despondent. I cyar offer meaningful solace tuh any family dat become ah statistic in 2016, 2015, 2014 an all de years before.

Few option left.

Ah could do ah appeal tuh ah higher power. De same higher power people widout hope does leave justice to. De same higher power believers like every Shannon ah de world does put all dey faith in. De same higher power too many of we does only remember when it look like de powers orn earth eh able, or are dey, Man does have free will.

If enough Trinis respond tuh de nerve dis murder touch den maybe de free will Humankind have go focus orn fixin dis problem. Dat would be someting de nameless an faceless families ah victim would not begrudge.

If all else fails, like happenin, it does have dat alternative. It involve de Minister ah National Security callin somebody in de TTDF, “sir”.


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