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Time runnin out, so dis time? Fuh sure?

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December 3, 2016 by Fensic


Dis recent tork about manpower audit ah de TTPS an all it imply, is not de first time de PNM lookin to fix dis organization responsible fuh law an order in Triniland. Eef mih maths right, dis go be de second go arong. As ah matter ah fact, de TTPS problems reach all de way tuh Scotland Yard before.

Ah want tuh start dis after dem days in de1990s doh; arong Y2K when Manning try tuh institute change in de TTPS. Dem was de days when people used tuh tink once de bad boys kill out one anudder, law an order go return.

Transformin de TTPS did become de buzz phrase along wid one name: Mastrofski. Ah never hear no manpower audit get mention buh one had tuh be part ah de analysis an transformation.

Ah not sure at what point de whole initiative get pronounced dead buh it was certainly deceased orn de arrival ah de Kamla govahment.

Ah remember when reporters push microphones an tape recorders in Jack face an ask him eef he tort de TTPS was undermanned. Dis was bout 2010-ish, de UNC was giddy wid it new power, de name Jack was in de news almost daily an de TTPS had ah full-fledged CoP. Dis Jack give ah logical an reasoned answer sayin he cyar answer until it have ah manpower audit ah de service.

Anybody who tink ah meanin Jack Warner obviously ignore mih clues. De Jack who get asked de question was Winnipeg Jack, second in charge ah de TTPS at de time — Jack Ewatski. He legacy wasn’t tuh be countin no poleece, it was more de 21st Century Poleecin Initiative I say he detractors make sure eh succeed.

Meantime, people continued tuh believe de TTPS eh had enough officers. Probably because dey hear dat over an over an repetition equal truth fuh plenty people.

Not me. I remember hearin as ah boy, plenty years ago, tuh be exact, dat de ratio ah poleece tuh civilians in Triniland was high, higher dan udder countries. Hearin dat back den was music tuh mih ears — T&T rank higher dan udder countries in someting dat had tuh be good? Yes!

Farse forward tuh 2013.

Nobody doh remember dat event cause it eh move nuttin ah inch.

Den just larse year, in 2015, de newly minted Minister ah National Security start promisin ah chicken in every pot when it come tuh crime an people safety. What carry more hope ah change dan ah former military head in Triniland torkin about examinin people, systems an procedures an dey relevance tuh T&T’s threat environment?


Deep words seal de deal, I was impressed.

Ah mean de man torkin about TEAMTuhgedder Everyone Achievin de Mission. I swear he also promise ah manpower audit ah de TTPS buh ah cyar find proof so ah cyar say he say dat.

Recently here in 2016, I was only partially transfixed at de impendin meetin between de govahment an opposition leaders tuh discuss workin tuhgedder orn crime. De roles was reversed from 2013. Anyway, dey meet. Each release ah statement afterwards blamin de udder side fuh any future failure an dey went dey separate ways.

Well dat not quite true; it did have de roti-war. What could be more entertainin dan politicians believin in de righteousness ah dey cause aided by ah newspaper goin all highbrow tryin tuh legitimize de back an forth nonsense wid meaningless analysis?

Now wid everybody tryin not tuh parang de rong house, de tork is dat it go be de British doin de manpower audit. Dat apparently go give de results more oompphh. I just hope de British eh have no more hard feelings about de help Scotland Yard provide de TTPS or, is it de govahment, in dem 1990s.

Rowley say de reason de British go be involve now is because he govahment find out de TTPS have ah high ratio ah officers tuh civilians. Dey could ah ask me dat. I would ah more dan earn mih fee fuh retainin dat piece ah information.

Wid no serious overhaul since Independence, (name change doh count), all de TTPS problems actin like ah good seasonin buh dis kind makin sure de dysfunction inseparable from de organization. Taste it. Better yet, peel back de covers. Dat smell real ripe. I eh mean ripe like ah Julie mango, more like ah full diaper dat eh get change all mornin an de chile outside in de hot hot sun.

Since Operation Anaconda in 2002, all de TTPS moves look more shortsighted dan short-term. An while nobody eh callin de latest one ah crime plan, it highly questionable an go have long term negative impacts eef not reversed or mitigated. De likes ah Gary Griffith issue warnin. Also, de man who replace de larse person tuh hold de title ah CoP. Tings so dysfunctional, he cyar reach higher dan actin CoP since den.


Dat high-rankin officer an de female SRP. He allegedly approve she time sheets fuh days she eh wuk. Dey just get charged.

De SRPs just arrested fuh allegedly shakin dong ah landlord.

De SRP who get charge fuh allegedly robbin de Chinee businessman. Fuhget de accusation fuh ah minute. Dem poleece procedures change yet? De ones where ah officer could requisition ah gun an ah marked police car supposedly orn he day orf, or night as de case might be. Somebody go drop de mudder ah all lawsuits orn de poleece an by extension de govahment. Every Trini go have tuh dig dip tuh pay.

Den it have ah SRP who orn de job less dan 20 years an is only now dey realize it have ah 20-year ole warrant fuh she arrest, allegedly fuh prostitution.

Yes, regular officers in trouble too an all dem arrest, an de many udders, could be proof de poleece cleanin out it Aegean Stables. Dat require ah level of dedication an straight as ah arrow morals dat have tuh be verified in recruits wid psychometric testin an polygraphs.

I tink wid de rate ah SRP misconduct de TTPS worse orf which mean de public less safe. Ah also tink de Minister ah National Security abandon dese statements in favor ah dese short-term answers.

Will de manpower audit say someting different?

I want ah audit bard, ah have mih own ideas what it go show. I not holdin out hope any results go see de light ah day doh. What group doh circle dey wagons when threatened, real or imagined?

Maybe ah local investigative reporter could start de ball rollin. Tell we how many poleece officers it have in Triniland versus how many orn de govahment payroll. No need fuh foreigners tuh answer dem questions despite de endless bacchanal answerin dem go cause.

But is time.

Time fuh ah victory of what right over what rong. It go still have resistance tuh change — dat normal — at least de onion go get peel back. People go just learn tuh hold dey nose

Eef dis audit doh happen de options not go bite nice nah.

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