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Too many different facts mean ah cyar tork an ah want tuh.

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November 12, 2016 by Fensic

Ah could tork about de Soca Warriors. Lord knows ah could work about dem. How de latest tactic tuh get dem tuh win by shamin fans into supportin what is not a competitive team, not go wuk; why what I see in de team’s lorse tuh Costa Rica larse night, (de Express call de 2 – 0 defeat, close), mean Trinis doh need tuh book no flights an reserve no hotels fuh Russia 2018; why de team playin now not de same team dat get T&T tuh de Hexagonal; why Latapy, as great ah player he was, need tuh resign as de national Under 17 coach. Ah would have tuh say how ah reach dey from watchin de senior team buh dat would be easy, eef ah was goin an tork football.

So CNC3 escapin. Ah not go tork about how dey pull de plug orn viewers outside T&T. Me eh worry doh, out ah de 95 minutes ah football, includin extra time, I see 90. I spend two ah de udder five findin ah back-up link tuh watch. De rest ah what ah miss was fuh spite. When Costa Rica score dey second goal near de end ah de game, ah decide tuh go jook mishelf in de eye wid ah sharp stick so ah doh have tuh watch dem fellas play no more. Ever. Mih heart cyar keep gettin what it want tuh see all de time. Yes, ah could go into detail about all dat, buh no.

Ah could talk about how it does feel tuh read about de waste of ah next sum ah money, in de usual millions ah dollars range. After all, why waste time wastin small change. Dis time is drugs dumped because dey parse dey Use By date.

Or, ah could tork about how different de attitude tuh pharmaceuticals is in Triniland an ask why de list ah approved drugs have different versions ah de same medicine tuh treat de same condition while what call generics — no brand name version ah de same medicine, in some case much cheaper, not gettin used. What ah just say is ah mouthful an needed more air dan normal. Sorry fuh no warnin. Ah didn’t know ah was about tuh starve people brain ah oxygen. An wid drugs gettin dumped too. Bad timin so ah shuttin up.

Ah could follow up orn what ah tork about larse week — de presidential elections. How ah didn’t see Trump winnin, someting even he own supporters didn’t see. All yuh need tuh do is get ah few ah dem pissin drunk enough tuh be honest an say so.

While ah cyar tell de future, ah could pretend. Ah mean, look at all dem pundits who was dead rong. Any ah dem hangin dey head in shame? Heck no. Dey back at it tellin we what tuh expect in de next four years. An look who gorn an join dem: Trini pundits.

Eef anybody ask me I go say wid out meanin tuh insult nobody, I believe de Trini pundits, more clueless when it come tuh what does really go orn in dis sometimes mad as de dickens, US of A.

Ah could do all dat or, ah could just say me eh know what go happen in de next week, month or year, far less four years. All ah could do is pay attention an hope what happen not tuh mih detriment.

Ah know ah would be right eef an was goin an tork an say eef it had tuh have ah election do-over Tuesday, some Trump supporters eh votin fuh he again since he done start tuh waffle in dey eyes an in de face ah reality. Wasn’t Obamacare like number one orn he destroy list? It not no more. Dat one change in plans have tuh have de wildest of he supporters tremblin wid rage at he betrayal.

Den it have dis one story ah not sure eef tuh laugh or cry over. Dat mean ah cyar tork about de principal who wanted he students tuh see how ah bomb-sniffin dorg does operate so he went an invite dis dog trainer tuh he school. De trainer offer tuh take he drug-sniffin dawg too so it could show orf lil bit. Man an canine bounce een de people school buh de event belong tuh de drug-sniffin dawg. Eef ah was tuh tork about dat ah would laugh at what happen an cry at what de reporter say was de poleece response.

All or any ah dem tings ah could voice mih opinion orn, buh no, ah parsin orn de whole list an what eh make it but should, eef ah look harder.

Is just one story ah wanted tuh tork about dis week because it hit mih right between mih shoulder blades.

Is de story about ah family ah four in Triniland. Fuh ah while it was ah family ah five — granny, granny chirren an one granchile. Now is granny an she chirren. De only balls in de house belongin tuh de boy chile. Me eh get de impression dis family makin ends meet orn ah regular basis. While it have udder families in dat same position, dis one in de news because of ah choice it make when ah tragedy hit it early dis year an de granchile went an dead, ah choice it continued tuh make.

Ah cyar tell dis story because after ah read it in one newspaper ah discover it have udder versions in udder papers.

Dis not de American presidential election where yuh supposed tuh go wid de story your side want yuh tuh believe. Dis story happen only one way; It eh happen dis or dat or de udder way. It should be ah simple case ah gettin tings call “facts an writin dem. No mauvais lange from neighbors, no news gathered maccoiously an delivered in ah bacchanalian way.

Since me eh know who facts tuh go wid, let mih doh say nuttin an just show why I cyar tork about dis story no more.

First it have de Express version. In tryin tuh explain ah wonder eef de doctor get misquoted at one point.

Not tuh yuh liking? Try de Guardian version.

Still not confused? Try de Newsday version. It could take yuh over de edge.

Dis kind ah reportin right up de wid de scandalous US-inspired worldwide reportin about de election. All dat missin is de self-righteous post mortem de US press does do when it get ah major story rong. No self-poleecin eh happenin wid dis story. What ah shame. Ah sayin dat because ah could more dan understand how dis story could happen buh only eef it had just one set ah facts. Widout being able tuh tork about dis story in de context ah de emotional turmoil it could be still causin mean it eh have nuttin else fuh mih tuh do buh shut mih mouth.

First doh, ah wish de dead baby mudder peace regardless ah which set ah facts true.

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