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Spy vs Spy? Dis not Mad magazine nah.

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October 29, 2016 by Fensic

De story start orf just like how writin experts say ah writer should start ah story. Since ah does do lil writin now an den, dat was important since I want tuh write like dat. Besides, was in de Guardian ah readin dis story so ah know is ah good writer ah gettin tuh see in action. I eh get up until ah read every word, every sentence, some ah dem, plenty times.

How could ah man, regardless ah he shortcomings, decide he go sell he country secrets fuh money tuh enemy countries? Just so he could prove he smarter den all de people who tort he was dotish an give him fatigue? So he go show dem he could be ah good traitor? Dem two words doh even go tuhgedder. How many times I read, hear or see people, mostly politicians, puttin dey country second when is not de time tuh do so? Now here was dis man, not no politician, doin de exact same ting. De story was fascinatin as far as it went. Since ah cyar wait tuh read de rest ah sign up tuh get it delivered by email.


People tu—

Dat Triniland stor—

De Strategic Serv—

Trini trait—



Heck no!

Yes my story was larse week.

Yes, it involve people willin tuh betray dey country fuh money an yes ah was readin it in de Guardian buh let mih clear tings up.

Is de Guardian in England an de man doin de sellin ah secrets was ah American an de story was ah excerpt from ah book orn de who, what, when, why, where an how he sell he country secrets. It not now happenin. De man name Brian Regan an he coolin he heels in jail cause de US know how tuh deal wid people who want tuh sell state secrets.

Fuh anybody dotish enough fuh mih tuh had dem tinkin ah was torkin about de Triniland story, I eh go disappoint dem buh dey have tuh admit timin is everyting.

Yes, it have ah story in T&T dat break when, dis parse Thursday? It tryin it best tuh become as talked about as Anil return tuh politics an Al-Wari chirren  playing de fool wid army guns, unloaded or not, buh like it eh go make de grade.

Dat go be sad cause tuh me, dat story more important dan any fuh de year, by far. Buh let me back back.

Ah story of potential treason not suppose tuh be in de same category wid bacchanal so I would argue it shouldn’t play out in de press. Buh dat not de Triniland press. All playin out de story in de press go do is give de people who have de most tuh lose time tuh do whatever dey need tuh do tuh cover dey tracks. Who doh know what cocker-roach does do when yuh turn orn de light never had serious cocker-roach.

Fuh some people de best way tuh show udders how much dey trusted is tuh leak information. Better yet eef it go make dey opponents look bard. Me eh seein no opponents in dis Trini story doh.

De Brain fella in de espionage story I was readin only find out de authorities was orn he case when dey arrest he baxide orn he way tuh de airport. He did know about coverin he tracks cause he was in de spy business. One time, he drive dong de freeway like he mad den cross over all lanes ah traffic at de larse minute tuh take ah exit. He tort anybody followin he wid have tuh drive mad too an cross over lanes tuh exit like he so he bong tuh notice dem followin. Well he was rong cause all he try didn’t stop dem from followin him. He was clueless even when one ah de teams trackin he movements parse right by he in ah raggedy ole van tuh see what he was doin when he stop too long one time.

Anyway ah digressin.

I cyar comment orn de details ah de Trini story cause me eh see it. All ah manage tuh do so far is read udder stories dat allude tuh it. Exactly what in it is my mystery tuh solve. Ah bet it only in de, ‘round up de suspects’ phase. Ah could always cross mih own line in de sand an subscribe tuh de Express online edition. Ah tinkin ah givin de idea de second tort ah never give it.

It shouldn’t have no story fuh people tuh read until any suspects change from dey court clothes tuh dey jail outfit. Dis too important tuh be ah reality TV show playin out tuh ah set ah macco.

Okay, okay. Before ah go too far tryin tuh read anyting into someting I eh read, let me step back an go slow. De seriousness ah dis demand speed bumps. Let mih assume de unread story not ah potpourri ah mauvais lange an bacchanal from ah series ah dubious sources. (Ah borrow dat from ah email).

No slight meant buh sellin state secrets? Tuh de US? Not tuh Jamaica? Dey would know when next T&T plan tuh ban dey citizens at Piarco. So why tuh de US instead? De same US wid endless ability tuh spy orn everybody an anybody. Why de US have tuh spend money tuh buy T&T state secrets anyway? It cyar read de local papers like everybody else? How much dem secrets cost anyways?

I hear de hardest ting fuh ah Trini wid ah secret tuh do is tuh keep dat secret safe. It supposedly does bun he bam-bam til he cyar keep it een no more.

Terrible ent buh I torkin about treason. Yes treason. Whoever sell or sellin state secrets, (back tuh mih assumption ah de story being true), commit treason as far as I concerned.

De act demands de ultimate penalty.

Shah an LaSalle had ah nobler cause back in 1970. We gettin tuh play wind-ball cricket in middle ah de road an not havin tuh move we wicket because was after curfew so no cars was parsin, wasn’t it fuh sure. Dem two get tuh live. Is dat still how it stop in Triniland? No clear line in de sand dat say how far ah Trini could go before dey state shout, “hold it right dey. What yuh just do mean you is ah enemy ah de state an we not go just relieve yuh ah yuh wuk.”

De fella in de espionage story eh get de death penalty because while he was dotish in tinkin he was outsmartin de authorities, he actually do enough tings right in case he get cyatch. De authorities wasn’t sure how much information he tief so dey offer not tuh hang his treasonous baxide in exchange fuh tellin dem everyting he do. Dey does still look at him cut eye when dey parse he jail cell doh.

In dis Trini case, betrayal ah country fuh money should mean only one ting: “Where de guns Al-Wari chirren had? Load dem dis time”

Dis is real life, ask Brian Regan.

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