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Different ways tuh look at videos bout de TTPS

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October 22, 2016 by Fensic

No doubt about it, de video slick. Real slick. So slick eef it had annual awards fuh slick videos tryin tuh recruit people, dis video would be ah winner. An eef it was up tuh me de awards would let de winner from one year stay de winner until it get knock orf. No doubt dis video showin how seamless de TTPS is when respondin tuh crime would stay ah winner. Yes, I like de video buh ah know it have dis ting call reality. It does always put itself in people business an make yuh consider tings yuh eh want tuh consider. Anyting tuh try an prevent yuh from stayin in dreamland fuh any longer dan yuh should. From de comments it had orn de video, people had dey eye open all de time.

Tuh be fair tuh de TTPS, dey have udder videos out dey orn You Tube, One in particular was about de latest Emergency 999 system an how de TTPS review what was out dey an pick de latest an greatest. Ah was prepared tuh not comment orn any ah de videos buh in recent weeks reality videos force mih hand.

Fuh now, how tuh spin dem videos in relation tuh dat slick, it-should-win-ah-award video, is mih onlyest question. Ah tinkin de bottom line go be de same regardless ah spin. I go have tuh see. Ah could try sayin someting like yuh seein de future TTPS next tuh de one yuh born an grow up wid. Ah could suggest which Trinbago poleece service yuh seein depends orn which side ah de camera yuh orn. Or, maybe ah could start jumpin up an dong again about de inability or unwillingness ah people in de know tuh connect de dots. Who knows.

I eh want tuh poison nobody mind in any one direction so ah avoidin any detail about de slick video. Tuh make sure I eh take ah next route an end up doin just dat, no link tuh it until ah reach de end ah dis. Ah free tuh tork about de videos dat force mih hand doh cause who in Triniland eh have ah story tuh tell.

It amazin de kind ah video somebody wid no apparent self interest in de situation does take. Who eh see de one ah de fella orn he car bonnet as de wrecker goin dong de highway takin de same car he siddong orn tuh de impound yard? I laugh fuh what, all ah two seconds, long enough tuh make what was really ah gruntin noise. Obviously nuttin in dat video geh covered in de slick recruitin one.

Who eh read de excuses from de tow truck operator defendin he an de poleece?

Each excuse deserve ah charge:

Dey couldn’t see outside de tow-truck good because de tow-truck window tint was dark. De poleece does enforce too dark tintin law by vaps so cyatch one now — charge.

Which part de man was sittin dong was in dey blind spot. Same blind spot fuh both ah dem in de tow truck? — charge.

Dotish excuses? Charge, charge an more charge.

Yes, de man who car get wreck was ah damn fool fuh de action he take. Ah not sure yet eef he punishment should be gettin he own charge or just ridin orn de bonnet ah cars fuh ah week or until he fall orf an geh crush tuh death, whichever come first.

Before who tort dat video was real funny could stop laughin, ah next one hit social media. It was about dat fellah dong south killed by de poleece. It eh really show me nuttin tuh make mih mind up one way or de udder about eef de police shootin he dead was legitimate. I also eh get de sense de poleece in dat video was from de same service as de poleece in de slick recruitin video.

Was de man done dead when dey pick he up like ah sack ah potatoes? Was dem shell casings ah tink ah see ah officer pickin up? Is de head ah de police union serious when he suggest it could ah be 25 cents not shell casings? Eef de man dey shoot was done dead, shouldn’t dey leave de body where it was an wait fuh de homicide experts tuh investigate? Granted de way dat woman was screamin fuh dem tuh call de ambulance, me eh know exactly how dey would ah be able tuh leave de body dey dead or still alive. How yuh go tell somebody who in dat kind ah grief tuh calm deyself as ah sure I hear? An how come officers directly involve in any poleece shootin doh get removed from de scene right away? Dat more important dan tellin somebody bawlin fuh dey loved ones tuh cool deyself. Is not like de TTPS doh care about de-escalatin tings. I see enough video ah officers takin abuse while I tinkin dey should be sharin licks. Like when people decide tuh light fires an block roads. Reality ent?

Den it have Actin Senior Supt Floris Hodge-Griffith in charge ah Central, eef ah not mistaken.

In ah recent weekly poleece briefin she acknowledge de increase in murders an den she do what ah would expect any poleece officer would do: Ask de public fuh help wid tips. However, it have ah asterisk dey someplace. De related fine print say poleece organization should have ah good relationship wid de public eef it want people tuh help.

It cyar be me alone who believe dat is not de case wid de TTPS. Maybe de asterisk size is de problem— it too small an nobody in de service cyar see it. Worse yet, dey eh know what in de own recruitment video.

Inside poleece stations or in de service in general dey could argue an fight all dey want about how tuh implement ah order fuh udder poleece officers tuh help out de homicide bureau buh once dey open fuh business, de public doh give ah rat’s behind which officer feel insulted in takin orders from which rank as long as de public gettin served.

De speed tings not gettin done is de problem I find. Not only dat buh de comments from people about dat slick recruitment video say hardly anybody understand why such ah video doh match people knowledge or experience. Is like de TTPS have ah goal an in de world it does live in de sequence ah how tings does get done mean advertise de goal first den work on movin at ah snail’s pace tuh reach dat goal. Eef dem yuh serve express dey frustration tell dem cool deyself.

It would be nice tuh have ah idea when all videos about de TTPS regardless who take dem go show de service in de same light an when videos diverge is not de ones de TTPS make dat need changin. Dat is reality.

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