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Dat Minister Hinds article should start ah discussion

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September 10, 2016 by Fensic

Eef I had de power ah would make ah article in de Guardian mandatory readin buh not fuh de reason people might tink.

De article is de one where Minister Hinds say ah softer hand should ah be used wid de fadder ah Josiah Henry. Read it here.

I read de article several times, each one ah dem tuh compare mih reaction wid de udder times. Ah tink ah cover all de major emotions widout worryin about apathy.

In essence Minister Hinds denounce de tactics ah de poleece in arrestin Josiah fadder fuh negligence while de man was comin tuh terms wid what happen tuh he son.

He eh say so exactly buh he argument was dat de poleece was pilin orn, dat Mr. Henry was sufferin enough.

Dat not why I would make de article mandatory reading doh.

De minister say he went tuh de Belmont poleece station tuh plead orn Mr. Henry behalf buh dat still not why everybody in Triniland should read de article.

Dey should read it because in dat one article de minister touch orn several tings dat need attention in T&T.

In short, de article about box drains, de responsibilities ah parents, de rule an role ah de law an politicians who does say an do tings dat does frighten mih.

Ah have mih biases when it come tuh each ah dem tings buh ah go try an put dem aside as ah sort de mess all dem pieces does cause, even when dey come tuhgedder in different combinations.

Who knows how long dat attempt go larse.

De tragedy wid Josiah eh start wid de rain larse week. It also eh start when de poleece arrest he fadder fuh negligence. So when it start den? I doh have ah clue buh ah focusin orn ah few tings well from dat article.

De first one is box drains.

Ah never did like box drains. Dey always does look like dey missin covers an just waitin fuh someting entirely foreseeable tuh happen, someting tragic, like larse week.

Was dat de first entirely foreseeable event involvin chirren? Well ah cyar pull up ah list, buh ah puttin all mih money orn no it not. Even eef wasn’t ah box drain dat Josiah end up in, mih feelin still de same. How any govahment could be so slack tuh tink dem ting safe, especially arong chirren, is beyond me. It right up dey wid transportin people in de parts ah vehicles dat doh seem as eef dey fuh transportin human cargo. Same principle buh different issue an different lawsuit in de makin.

De next ting in dat article is de law under which Mr. Henry get charge. I doh have any serious problem wid it. Yes, it clumsy wid all dem different scenarios under it buh udderwise, it puttin de immediate responsibility fuh chirren in de hands ah dey guardians.

Ah cyar help buh wonder where de state responsibility end. It absolved from creatin scenarios dat more likely tuh expose not just chirren, tuh de kind ah outcomes dis Act say could result in jail when dey happen? One example Dem same box drains.

When ah read where Minister Hinds say he went tuh de Belmont Poleece Station an “advocated” fuh dem tuh release Mr. Henry mih blood chill. One time. Wasn’t dat de same station, in name eef not location, dat one Dr. Patrick Solomon went to back in de day tuh not just “advocate” fuh he stepson release buh, eef de story correct, tuh bounce out de station wid de boy. Ah hope Minister Hinds not from dat same school ah advocacy.

From what I read, when Dr. Solomon was done doin he style ah advocatin, ah poleece officer was rubbin ah cheek; could ah been both if was more dan one slap he supposedly get.

Minister Hinds tork about knowin de law because he is ah lawyer an ah politician. I tink tuh former position he had before important fuh mih “what eef”: poleece officer an minister in de Ministry ah National Security.

So fuhgettin de Dr. Solomon episode, leh we clone Hinds twice. What eef poleece officer Hinds did call Minister Hinds in National Security an tell him Minister ah Works an Transport Hinds, was “advocatin” fuh de release ah somebody in custody? What would de result be?

He could call it, “advocatin” all he want, ah bet any officer involve wasn’t tinkin dat was what was goin orn. Ah hope somebody tell de one an only Minister Hinds dat he move rong when he went tuh de poleece station tuh “advocate”.

De press better keep ah eye out fuh any poleece officer from de Belmont station who get reassigned tuh like Toco in one or more station hops.

Ah done say I eh have no problem wid de law under which Mr. Henry get charge. He arrest justified. Was arrestin him when an where it happen ah good idea? No, not when yuh have inconsistent an inconsiderate application ah de law by de poleece. At least dem reports in de press suggest dat is how poleecin does happen in T&T.

Consistent enforcement mean when yuh hear ah crime happen yuh could bet somebody go be in handcuffs fuh it. Heck, de poleece doh even use handcuff all de time.

Ah know dey does say dey want greater support from de public buh I believe inconsistency an inconsideration does only add tuh dey negative perception.

Why ah bodderin when dey go still act like dey eh really care when dey ready. Buh ah still have tuh ask: Where Mr. Henry was goin? I say no place.

Yes, everybody need tuh read dat article in de Guardian as it about more dan what Minister Hinds focus orn.

It would be nice wid all de different tings involve eef change could happen in one or two ah dem.

I would love tuh see no more box drains gettin put dong buh ah doh expect tuh see dat.

Ah would love eef de guardians ah chirren doh take de kind ah chances dat could result in harm tuh de chirren in dey charge. De law not fuh de nine times nuttin eh happen; it fuh de one time it does.

It would be nice eef poleece decide what predictable about dem not go be dey unpredictability no more an go involve consideration.

It would be nice tuh not have tuh read any more stories like dis one now added tuh a long list of avoidable tragedies.


Ah know dey late mih deepest condolences tuh de members ah de Henry family in Belmont. Five-year young Josiah Henry had tuh be more dan ah son, nephew, cousin an brudder tuh he sister.

I didn’t have any plans tuh express mih torts orn what happen buh it would be in worse taste eef I didn’t now. What ultimately at stake is real people at de heart of ah real tragedy. Dey only concern has tuh be orn dey lorse, it repercussions an how dey go move forward.

De rest ah we could tork any shit we want.

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