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Soca Warriors eh lorse, yuh tink I satisfied?

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September 3, 2016 by Fensic

Sometimes it doh make sense tryin tuh please some people even eef dey try an explain dey position. Take dat football match de Soca Warriors play against Guatemala last night. Now de warriors eh win buh dey eh lorse eidder. Because Guatemala eh win, de warriors reach de next rongs. Eef dey play de kind ah football dey know how tuh play, is Russia time yes. Dat happen an Trinis go fuhget Rio 2016. So de goal in de match larse night was not tuh lose.

Mission accomplished.

Buh it have at least one person who not pleased. Dat would be me.

Ah happy fuh de team an de next rongs buh ah not pleased wid de game so eef you only focusin orn de result, stop readin.

Dis all start wid ah text tellin mih de game was goin an start in 40 minutes, buh by de time ah could find ah good link tuh watch, de game was ten minutes ole. It take at least five more minutes before ah get tuh see de Guatemala goalie was wearin black. Two real nice save by de Trini goalie only extend de time before de inevitable happen an Guatemala score. By den mih neighbors did know ah was watchin football an Trinidad an Tobago was playin, leh we just call , ‘questionable football’.

Buh someting happen after dat goal tuh change mih vex into damn vex: De warriors take over. Was like ah scene from dis cookin show it used tuh have orn TV. De chef used tuh bawl, ‘Bam’ an den say he kickin it up ah notch. All he would do was sprinkle lil salt or black pepper orn whatever he was cookin. Imagine eef all Trini mudders used tuh bawl bam. Would ah be bam bam all over de place when dey cook. Anyway ah digressin.

Larse night, de coach must be yell ‘now’ instead ah ‘bam’ because de warriors kick it up not one buh two notches. At one point I even fuhget what color jersey de Trini goalie was wearin.

Before de Guatemala goal, whenever T&T did get de ball it did look like eleven more Guatemala players would sneak orn de field. Dat was orn top de fact dat de warriors was takin dis host ting too far. Too many times dey would take a few touches ah de ball den give it back tuh Guatemala.

Tuh mih neighbors: ah sorry fuh mih reaction when dat did happen. Cussin dat loud so many times was inconsiderate.

Anyway, at almost de stroke ah half time de warriors equalize. Dey make de goal look so easy even placin de ball between de goalie legs. I used tuh be ah goalie an no kind ah goal more embarrassin.

Despite mih joy, ah was also unhappy. Dem two emotions is like two man-rat tryin tuh live in de same hole.

Where was dat team dat equalize all de time? What was up wid all dat defendin makin dem Central Americans tink dey was in ting?

Durin half time, ah was torkin wid ah pardnah. Ah tell him is no way T&T could lose de match, dat dey should give Guatemala bout four goal den relax. Ah say Guatemala playin better team football buh de warrior forwards faster an have more skills, two tings Guatemala eh had no answer for. So when T&T score again in de second half ah feel ah did know what ah was torkin about.

Buh we torkin T&T football so de team had tuh miss like four chances first. In one ah dem, man come dong de left side beatin an runnin parse de defenders, (dat individual skill ah just tork bout), buh instead ah parsin orf tuh one ah de udder forwards fillin up de middle, he decide tuh shoot. Eef he did score ah would ah get hoarse, buh he eh do dat. Ah get hoarse instead because he turn dong ah high percentage chance tuh try an do it heself. I call dat selfish football. Besides dat, de warriors show glimpses of de kind ah football it could play as ah team. I want tuh see more ah dat.

Leh mih digress again.

I pick de worse channel tuh watch de game orn. First of all, de commentator keep torkin about some team call de, ‘Sucker Warriors’ or ‘Soccer Warriors’. When de SOCA WARRIORS equalize like he was doin he best tuh put goat mouth orn dem sayin how Guatemala out de tournament eef de score remain tie. When de warriors make it 2 -1 he double he goat mouth attempts. He eh know how stressful he make de rest ah de match.

Why it have teams dat tink is ah good idea tuh sit back an defend ah one goal lead? Despite how dangerous dat is dat is exactly what de warriors decide tuh do. Could it be dey tort eef dey defend pretty good fuh most ah de remainin time, if Guatemala score, dey could keep orn defendin since Guatemala needed tuh win? Dey know how stressful dat is when people like me listenin an watchin, tryin not tuh believe in goat mouth? Den tuh have 4 minutes extra time added?

Ah would hope de warriors leave it all orn de pitch larse night. I know I leave it all in front mih computer when de ref blow he whistle fuh de larse time. Ah needed smellin salts, ah rub dong an ah hour in ah whirlpool.

De fact remain dat game should not ah end in no damn draw. Yes de team reach de next rounds buh how dey go develop ah killer instinct eef dey doh take advantage of ah weaker opponent when dey get de chance? De plan should ah be give Guatemala de four goals dey was suppose tuh get den use de rest ah de time as match practice. First touch is still ah issue, holdin orn tuh de ball longer is always good an accurate parsin mean de udder team cyar score. In udder words start preppin fuh de next match which go be against de US in case any one ah de T&T players didn’t know. Dat could be ah interestin game.

Most ah de teams de Soca Warriors does face does spend more time as ah unit. Dat mean dey does play better team football, just like Guatemala. Ah expect de US tuh do it even better. Any an all chance de warriors get tuh hone dey skills an improve dey team dynamics could only serve dem better. Dey go have tuh do it tuh win in Russia so why not start it now, whenever dey get ah chance. Tuh me dat would ah be larse night.

But is not like all is lost or anyting close. Dis next rongs have plenty games an suppose tuh larse what, close tuh ah year? Plenty football still tuh play. I anxious fuh de team tuh get better an better an dem glimpses ah mention tuh become standard an deadly.

Onward an upward Soca Warriors.

Where dat commentator?



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