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Mih larse words orn dese Olympics

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August 21, 2016 by Fensic

Ah admittin from now dat mih torts disjointed dis week.

Maybe is because ah how much ah de Olympics ah watch. I eh see too much buh ah see enough. Enough tuh be frustrated fuh most ah de time buh enough tuh see losin athletes leavin everyting orn de pitch, field, grong, mat or whatever de surface dey does compete orn, name.

Ah see enough tuh confirm, just in case it had any doubt, dat when it come tuh de Olympics, silver an bronze is poor substitutes fuh gold. How else tuh describe watchin one ah dem athletes come second or worse fuh dem, third an dey reaction tell yuh dat wasn’t good enough. Fuh dem.

Right now ah waitin fuh de javelin. Dey does take dey sweet time in dat event ah noticin. Dat delay not good fuh mih health, especially how de larse Olympic winner in de event lookin tuh defend he title an give T&T someting tuh cheer about.

Before dis, ah was watchin de football final between Germany an Brazil. Fuh de two people who still eh know yet an was watchin de match orn CNews, Brazil win. De penalty kicks was goin an start when de station cut away tuh de lottery an ah assume de local news because was 7 o’clock. Brazil goalie save de final German penalty leavin ah openin fuh Brazil. Neymar score wid he kick an Brazil went crazy an I eh meanin only de team. It was more dan a football match wid de entire country rememberin how Germany string it up as well as dey goalie in de World Cup.

Ah watch dem Germans after dis match an it was clear tuh me dat tuh dem comin second, especially tuh Brazil, did mean dey was de first tuh lose an whoever come tird was de second tuh lose.

Ah watch dat Great Britain runner who finish wid de same time as ah next runner buh dat udder runner get tird place an he get fourt. Ah watch he reaction real close. No medal was not acceptable yet he had tuh accept it.

Ah watch de two relay finals in de 100 meters. Dat too wasn’t good fuh mih health.

Ah remember callin mih pardnah after de women run because ah did know he was watchin.

“Yuh know how many times de announcers call Trinidad an Tobago name in dat race,” ah ask him.

From he answer ah realize he wasn’t payin attention tuh dat level ah detail buh not me.

“Twice,” ah say. “When dey announce de countries in de race an when de race done an dey announce de results.”

By de time it reach fuh de men tuh run ah did turn orf mih ears. Ah hear everyting ah needed tuh know from watchin.

Before ah go furdah ah now hear de results ah de javelin competition. Trinidad an Tobago end up wid one medal. Eef Keshorn didn’t save de country wid dat bronze, all dat would ah come out ah de games was dem national an personal best records. Oops, an de ability tuh say dat dis was de biggest contingent ah athletes tuh represent de country. An how ah go fuhget de scorched track dat at least one reporter say Cedenio do when he did come sixth in de 100.

Anyway, I done say mih piece larse week when de pattern dat was tuh become de results ah T&T’s participation did come clear. Keshorn as good as he is because ah he ability an de trainin he does do. Ah suppose de bulk ah dat does come outside ah T&T.

Tuh continue mih jumble up torts, while ah done say what ah tort wid be mih piece about de Olympics an Triniland larse week, ah still have tuh comment orn tings ah see in de press since den.

Fuh starters I eh know what de question dat geh ask about eef Trinis expectin too much from dey athletes mean. How much is too much when yuh eh have nuttin? Is it easier tuh answer eef expectation still too high now de team have ah bronze medal? Ah still cyar or doh want tuh answer cause ah tink de original statement was dotish. Eef you dey boastin how is de biggest contingent ever tuh any Olympics den yuh have tuh expect high expectations. Unless yuh only sendin people tuh lime. Whoever get appointed tuh set expectations better know people like me go cheat an keep settin we own expectation higher dan what implied by dat question.

I was goin an vote dat tuh put de same person, ah minister ah tink, who promise 10 gold medals in Tokyo in charge ah expectations. He make dat promise at de openin ah some athletic facility some way bout dis week. Buh he disqualify heself wid he statement. He wuss dan me settin he own expectation higher dan it make sense tuh set it.

De official word is dat de athletes doin dey best. Me eh tink dat is de issue doh as from watchin various events it obvious everybody in de Olympics doin dey best. Ah done describe some ah what ah see dat make mih know dat is true. As an aside, how many times de TTPS does say it doin it best? Anybody in Triniland satisfy wid de result ah dey best?

Ah next ting ah go put mih two cents orn is someting Michelle-Lee Ahye mudder, Racquel, say dong Carenage. She express she pride in she daughter reachin de Olympics. When ah did read dat ah stop one time. In dat sentence she capture what ah tork about larse week. Is not about reachin de Olympics, is about reachin de Olympic finals an winnin in dat.

When mih pardnah did say Ahye need tuh get more foreign trainin tuh get better cause she good, he express both sets ah mih torts. Yes she good. But I believe T&T have de capabilities tuh develop an nurture it own athletes. After Ahye done runnin, who go discover she replacement? Even before den, what go happen eef dem American places, assumin is dey she go fuh trainin, start requirin foreign athletes tuh sign non-compete clauses before dey could geh trainin alongside Americans? It shouldn’t be hard tuh imagine dat happenin. After all, who want tuh provide anyting tuh anybody eef dat ting could make dat person better dan dem when winnin is everyting. Outrageous? I is not de one who say he buildin ah wall tuh keep people out no place nah.

It hard tuh watch de Olympics an not get moved. Fuhget what country yuh routin for, just soakin een dem levels ah performance should make yuh tingle eef yuh like me. De expressions both orn winners an losers, make it easy tuh realize dat de joy ah winnin cyar compare tuh de agony ah defeat. Fuh some, defeat is not capturin gold buh gettin silver or bronze instead. Fuh udders winnin is completin de event under extraordinary circumstances.

Ah repeatin dis from larse week: Hats orf tuh all Olympians Now let de rest ah we argue about how should carry dat title.

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