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De govahment doh owe mih no money an ah not vex

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July 30, 2016 by Fensic

I might be one ah de onlyest people de govahment doh owe money.

So ah vex? I eh really know yet cause dis revelation eh hit mih too long now. Give mih torts chance to develop lil bit den ah go be able tuh answer dat question. By de end ah dis blog should do.

What bring mih tuh dis idea is watchin an hearin about all de various groups de govahment owe. Some ah dem claim is years now dey waitin.


Why is only now dat ex-Caroni workers gettin ready tuh sue dat I decide tuh wonder eef I waitin longer dan anybody an eh realize it? I done doh want tuh be wukkin fuh no reason. Anybody dat tink waitin years short, never had tuh wait longer, like me. Eef I owed money dat is. Tuh make sure ah know what ah torkin about ah do mih research. Ah ask mihself eef I ever wuk in Triniland. No ah tell mihself. Dat only mean is not my sweat de govahment not rewardin. Buh what eef is ah parent? Ah cyar inherit de money de govahment owe, after all is ah asset.

By de way, when ah say de ‘govahment’ I eh mean de PNM only. Is just dat dis is reverse musical chairs so when de music did stop larse year 2015 September month, is dem dat was sittin dong.

However, dat clarification eh needed wid Caroni because is under ah earlier PNM watch dat de sugar cane industry geh close dong an how much money de ex-cane workers wid get in compensation get decided.

So why dis PNM govahment like it back squeezin now?

Ah good answer tuh such ah good question is because it eh have no money buh it have plenty vaseline. Why den dey want de people tuh give up dey right tuh ask fuh dey remainin money. Ah next good question dat ah done answer.

Yuh would tink I would ah get mih eureka moment before now buh it eh happen wid de story about dem Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) workers protestin. Or when de hospital people in de TRHA had dey beef over money owe dem or, dem garbage workers or de TTPost people. De effect ah all ah dem an de udders who also vex wid de govahment finally hit mih. I want tuh vex too.

Buh is not just workers protestin backpay who have de govahment by de short hairs. As hard as it is fuh mih tuh understand, it look like de people who does ups an feel entitled just so also have de govahment back against de wall. Ah do mih analysis orn dat too.

Yuh own any house in Triniland an lorse it because ah some disaster so yuh tink de govahment owe yuh ah next house?

No ah tell mihself.

Yuh wake up dis mornin homeless an decide yuh want ah house from de govahment dat yuh cyar afford because eef yuh had money yuh wouldn’t be homeless?

Ah steups at dat idea before tellin mihself ah doh get dem kind ah vaps.

Den, mihself continue tell mih, de govahment eh owe yuh no money. Let de idea rest.

Before ah could be dat noble, ah remember when Barack Obama did just become president ah de USA. He political enemies start wid dey freeness time fuh he supporters, (read, black people), tork Ah write ah article in ah magazine about dat dotishness sayin nobody eh tell me about no freeness so where mih share? Twenty-one pong ah govahment cheese please.

As absurd as he opponents’ comments was, I would ah never tink it had ah place where ah govahment could owe so much people. Not even when ah did first come up wid de idea dat one ah T&T biggest challenges was de lack ah real world-class managers. Doh read dat rong nah. In fact, re-read it cause me eh want nobody tuh tink ah say anyting dat had tuh do would developed countries. Is real worldclass managers ah say not firs world managers. Dat was what ah get when ah ask mihself how any govahment could miscalculate dat bard so often fuh so long. Den de story about de mayor ah Port ah Spain an WASA confirm mih suspicions.

Mayor Keron Valentine say he had tuh call WASA an say, oh gosh WASA, allyuh make life easier fuh people livin in Port ah Spain nah. Allyuh cyar lock orf de water when people finish soapin dey skin, How dey suppose tuh get de soap orf when it dry?

De mayor was nice an polite in how he say WASA respond.

Not me.

WASA ask he who he feel he is tuh ask dem dat. When he say de mayor ah Port ah Spain is steups WASA done steups an gorn bout dey business yes. Sure de mayor exchange wid WASA song like rudeness. Ah tryin tuh give WASA de benefit when ah say eef it was rudeness den someting was wukkin at WASA. De question is eef WASA had good management, could ah mayor experience bard customer service?

Ah keepin what I used tuh out ah dis cause is two different societies. De expectations might be de same in both buh de mechanisms fuh ensurin delivery only wukkin in one.

In keepin de focus orn dat udder one I cyar see nuttin else causin govahment tuh be always owin owin. Is dat same lack ah plannin dat have de garbage contract wid one company endin an de garbage pilin up — no transition plan.

Who care eef ole an new companies was tryin tuh pick up de same garbage de larse week ah de ole company contract? As undesirable as dat might be, tell me it eh more desirable dan ah period where it eh have nuttin in place fuh any company tuh be pickin up de garbage so it pilin up.

De best one, eef any ah dese could be considered good, was when de ferry fuh carryin goods tuh Tobago get put orn dry dock. Dis was ah few years now. Is only when Tobagonians start complainin dat no cement an udder buildin material was comin from Trinidad dat somebody investigate an find out dat nobody eh put ah ferry in place tuh take up de slack while dat udder one was orn dry dock. De manager lorse he wuk one time. Of course dat is only de best one fuh me. It continue tuh have udder examples dat all part ah de same issue. Like de inability tuh get de search fuh a commissioner ah police orf de grong four years after de Canadian resign an gorn back home.

So ah vex or what? Dat was de question when ah start dong dis road. Buh it was directed at me possibly being one ah de few people de govahment eh owe money.

I parse dat long time oui so nope, ah not vex. Ah sad doh. Is four years after de 50th anniversary ah independence an dis lack ah management still dey strong strong regardless eef we like it or not, glad or like me, sad.

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