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Who serve people better, Robocop or de real cops?

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July 23, 2016 by Fensic

Any legal skills ah tink ah have ah get from de make believe land ah TV. So, eef ah was ah judge in ah court ah law ah doubt ah would allow ah lawyer tuh say half de tings ah goin an say here. Not eef dat lawyer wasn’t bringin nuttin new. Ah would ah say dat lawyer tryin tuh unduly influence de jury. Buh ah not ah judge an de onlyest court ah in is dat of public opinion so leh we go an give dis dead horse some more licks.

Even in death who Selwyn Alexis was still questionable. Yuh would tink de views of de one group ah people who might have reason tuh be in contact wid him de most would help but no, de TTPS only muddy up de waters more while providin fresh evidence dat could lead tuh de questionin ah how dey does really operate. All most ah we could agree orn fuh sure, widout inside information, is dat he was called Robocop an he well known tuh de poleece. Dat mean he eidder ah criminal or was one ah de most unluckiest businessmen arong.

Once, he get charged wid murder when he was livin in ah apartment in what ah article call, “affluent One Woodbrook Place. Dat charge eh go no place.

He get arrested as one ah de conspirators wantin tuh buss bullet in Kamla an some ah she ministers. Dat charge went no place.

He had gang member charges dat eh go no place. Me eh tink he ever make ah jail fuh anyting he get arrested orn. Dat take me back tuh de same people who should know de most about de man — de TTPS. Even doh de details might be different each time dis dead horse get licks, de ultimate reason way is de same: Lack ah tort, planning an execution. De organization visionless.

De various stories I read about Selwyn since he dead doh give me any comfort dat in 2016, de Trinidad an Tobago Poleece Service have clues orn what it doin an how tuh change tings arong. Not when de head ah Central Division at de time, Snr. Supt. Jason Forde, say Robocop gettin kill was ah blessin in disguise. I go add what I tink he omit: We eh had no clue how tuh arrest he an get de charge tuh stick so was best dat Unruly ISIS eliminate him fuh we.

Unruly ISIS?

Dat is de name of ah criminal gang in Triniland? Unruly ISIS? So eef dem is de unruly side, what dat make de ones in Syria, Ruly ISIS? Me eh even tink ruly is ah word. Before it get explain tuh me because ah slow, I would ah tink Unruly ISIS into badminton, okay table tennis since dat have choppin an smashin in it. Not tuh mention all de spin. Who wouldn’t want tuh see Unruly ISIS in de final against Cocaine Granmudders buh only eef dem druggies beat We Fadder Outside Chirren in de semi-final.

Ah listen tuh some female from de Central try an justify de name Unruly ISIS. It would ah be better eef she did keep she mout close yes. Where is dese people originality? I bet it eh have no place in Syria name Unruly Central an no place in Jamaica where dons does operate call Laventille.

Anyway, while Snr. Supt. Jason was dey tankin de Lord Robocop gorn, udder retired high rankin officers who had been dead weights heavyweights in Central was torkin about de good tings dey boy Robo did do, includin de time he take ah drunk officer an de officer gun tuh de station fuh safe keepin. Dey gush about how he used tuh help people as eef dat is ah sign ah anyting. It say it right in de drug dealer/gang leader/community leader handbook: Treat de locals good an dey go defend yuh against all. Fuh aspirin leaders livin in Triniland, do dem tings an de poleece go see dat as ah sign yuh great.

Johnny Abraham eh take kindly tuh what Jason Forde had tuh say doh. While Johnny is still mih boy in terms ah actions matchin words, he was part of ah de same dysfunctional organization. Look how he get reassigned tuh tong before goin orn pre-retirement leave only tuh be replaced by Forde who I eh tink even make ah year as head ah Central. Once he toss dat hand grenade about blessin in disguise, is vacation he gorn on vacation oui. From dey is pre-retirement leave den retirement fuh he. Is 2018 ah hear he officially gorn fuh who want tuh know. Meantime, look how de area hotter dan de hottest hot spot. Look how nobody eh mutter one word about what goin orn. Now de actin CoP jump een torkin about not lettin yuh personal opinion get in de way ah yuh policin job.

Fuh de TTPS dat eh nuttin more dan policin theory.

CNews surprise mih in all dis when it call Robocop ah gangster an master mind buh only durin one news report. After dat Robo was back tuh being ah community leader. Tings degenerate from dey. He wife get interview an put de family spin orn tings. De gravediggers say some man wid ah gun make dem stop diggin de grave an cover it back up. Unruly ISIS live up tuh it name by bussin bullet in de sky in celebration. Meantime, nobody eh get arrested fuh dis murder. Me eh expect dat tuh change.

Maybe two months ago, ah read where de NYPD had ah coordinated raid against gang members dey say was involved in all kind ah crime. Fuh ah fleetin moment me an mih pardnah wondered eef dat kind ah action possible in Triniland. Den we steups an realize we dreamin. Buh ah not studyin any ah dat. Nope. Ah givin de TTPS de benefit ah de doubt fuh de umpteenth time. Dey know Unruly ISIS eh deny dey role in Robocop killin an since law an order paramount, dey plannin ah raid tuh at least bring members in fuh questionin. Since plannin does take long, ah not mentionin dis again fuh six months. Eef no raid or arrests by Jan. 23rd ah go pelt ah next lash at dis dead horse.

Ignorin all de side issues, who meetin dey constituents needs better, Robocop before he get kill or de TTPS. Ah shouldn’t have tuh tink hard fuh de answer. But den again tuh read how dem senior officers was expressin ah strange sense ah pride in how Robocop used tuh move. Was like dey was admittin he was doin he job better. Jason Forde, in he own statement before he went on vacation was admittin de same ting buh from ah different perspective.

Mih take ah law orn TV tell mih no judge go prevent ah jury from hearin dem two points of view. Where reality messin tings up is orn de question ah what de people livin in Central go do tuh ensure stability seein how community safety is dey responsibility.

I doh have ah answer tuh dat question, real or from TV land.

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