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Jemel de entertainer or de entrepreneur, eidder one

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July 9, 2016 by Fensic

Ah watch ah good bit ah what make tuhday, July 9th, special fuh Trinidad an Tobago an dat is de state funeral fuh former prime minister, Patrick Mannin. He family was well recognized by de various people who get up tuh tork buh de real challenge start tuhnight when dey walk in dey home an Patrick not dey. No matter how many days dey count orf like dey used tuh do before, he not physically walkin in de door an sayin he reach back. From now orn, dey interaction wid him go be orn ah next level.

Dis not about anyting related tuh de Mannings, I only mentionin it given tuhday was de funeral an ah really cyar tork about anyting else widout acknowledgin de elephant in de room, as de expression goes.

Expression suppression procession.

Wid my bard eyes I never sure what in de room anyways so ah goin ahead full steam.

Was goin orn two weeks now since ah first bounce up de work ah Jemel de Entrepreneur orn Facebook. Until den de onlyest Trini artiste ah did know about in dat kind ah genre was de Santana Puppets. Dey first appear back in 2012 eef ah not rong.

It have basic differences between de two ah dem dat could end up makin each have it own fans. However, I not takin sides. I appreciate de differences since dey show de ingenuity ah Trinis.

Ah cyar remember what was de first story ah see from Jemel an he talented crew but it was funny enough tuh cyatch mih attention an have mih checkin Facebook fuh more. Ah find it.

Ah like how each story short. Ah like how de actors so natural in dey interaction wid one anudder dat ah could feel is real life happenin. Dat make it easier tuh fuhget is actin going orn. Once dat realness hit was easy tuh enjoy everyting else, ah was orn de block limin. What excited mih too was dat while de stories was Trini-centric, dey universal. I could see dem orn ah wider stage easy an dat audience laughin too.

Take de one dat start wid de fella makin sure before he decide tuh go by some new woman. He orn de phone askin she eef she sure is only one chile she have. She answerin yeah buh den she start tuh say someting else buh he done move he phone from by he ears while sayin he comin by she now. Maybe ah shouldn’t say no more as I go make de story unfunny. So check de whole ting out yuhself right here. I eh know eef yuh have tuh have ah Facebook account first doh.

Ah next story is, as some udder expression goes, ripped right out de headlines ah tuhday. It have tuh do wid speed guns an enforcin de law — against bicylists. As de guilty party put it he was takin ah stroll orn he bike. So before ah spoil dat too view dat one here tuh get de full ting.

Hats orf tuh whoever comin up wid de ideas fuh each one ah dese stories. Even doh de finished product short, ah know lil bit ah what does go into goin from raw input tuh de polished final product as ah make a couple audio before. Fuh dese dat transition doh affect how de actors do; dey eidder good or dey terrible. Dese damn good. While T&T talent endless, ah would be stunned eef dey was ah group ah limers who just ups one day an decide tuh star in dese series ah short entertainin vignettes, eef dat is de right word.

Ah get de feelin dey have ah roadmap tuh dey destination wid dis. Ah sayin dat cause ah notice dey settin “like goals” orn Facebook an Jemel say he does read all comments.

Durin de funeral tuhday, somebody say Mannin used tuh read every piece ah correspondence. While Jemel not no prime minister, maybe he have de same work ethic. Or maybe he want tuh make sure he reach he goal. Maybe ah go see dem orn ah next stage soon. Ah real excited fuh dem.

Of course I had tuh comb ornline fuh anyting ah could find about Jemel.

Who is he? He ole or young? Where he from? What is he goals? How he plannin tuh meet dem goals, dat kind ah ting.

Ah find dis.

Since he is both Jemel de Entertainer an Jemel de Entrepreneur, ah guess it still to early fuh de entertainment side. While it still developin de entrepreneur side have tuh manage orn de landscapin business ah see he promotin.

I was tellin mih pardnah about Jemel an dat whatever he do wid dat entertainment side he need tuh let udders handle de finances: pay rent an bills, buy props an anyting related tuh makin sure de crew ready tuh go when whoever it is yell action! Dat way dey could pump out dem stories because dat is where dey talent is.

Dat said, maybe dey should start focusin orn dat side ah tings from all now. Buh who go manage dey growth in de meantime? Who go make sure dey get tuh dem udder levels needed so people like me doh keep skinnin we teet while enjoyin dey work orn Facebook fuh free leavin Jemel tuh plead fuh we tuh, “like de damn page”. Sure we could press dat button, as long as it eh costin we no money. Still, ah sure some ah we too lazy tuh reach fuh it.

Like ah say lil bit earlier, ah tink Jemel an dem have ah goal beyond Facebook in mind. Eef ah rong den mih expectation is somebody go come along just now an not only help develop dat goal, buh sponsor dem gettin to it. Dat go cost Jemel an dem. As long as dey benefactor eh try an tief artistic control.

Nuttin I see tell me any ah dis activity wid dese stories was goin orn larse year. Ah sure de idea was runnin arong in somebody head doh. Dis kind ah success in such ah short time could be intoxication. As long as dey know drivin when drunk dangerous, even eef is towards yuh goals.

Makin commercials could look like ah sign ah success. It might even be workin fuh de Santana Puppets buh I eh know about dat when is de real actors dat go be in dem commercials.

Eef ah know how much time ah have tuh do it in, ah bet ah could come up wid good reasons why Jemel shouldn’t take no commercial gigs while he dey tryin tuh develop ah brand name.

Ah have tuh laugh oui. How an why ah manage tuh go from pure fan tuh where it song like ah know what ah torkin about wid what Jemel doin. Ah just need to say ah find dis new group ah talented Trinis an dey make mih belly buss wid laugh.

Ah wish dem all de best an more.

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