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Why not just fuh one day?

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June 18, 2016 by Fensic

Nuttin in de larse few days eh make dem all dat different from de days, weeks, months even years before dem. Yet, when ah browse de Trini papers dese parse few days, ah still have tuh shake mih head.

De best picture ah could paint involve ah WASA water truck dat have more dan just water inside de water tank. Orn any given day ah doh know what ah go geh spray wid from de hose. One day is more ah dis, ah next day is more ah dat an anudder dey is more ah de udder. None ah dis, dat or de udder all dat good.

Sometimes de heavier stuff een de tank does clog tings up an more “liquidy”stuff dan normal does come out. Is good when is water buh ah cyar vouch fuh coconut flavored water. We done know de coconut part is artificial.

When dem udder tings come out de hose dey does be heavy. Ah does have tuh wonder how long Trinis could survive dat heaviness rainin dong orn dem.

Dis week, when ah siddong an look at mih choices ah tings tuh comment about, I eh seein much water. Yes, liquid comin out de tank buh it have ah odor tuh it — all week long. Like is new WASA workers dat full up de tank dis rongs an dey stop at de rong place an pick up de rong kind ah load.

Regardless, ah tired commentin orn de same kind ah tings so ah just have ah one wish. Ah callin it, Just Fuh One Day.

Just fuh one day, ah would like tuh read about only de good tings, like all Caribbean Airline keepin up it safety record an dat Venezuela pay it de money owed.

Just fuh ah day, ah want tuh read dat all school chirren went tuh dey school an learn good. Dat nobody chile wasn’t carryin no sign an protestin, Trini style, like is J’ouvert mornin buh chantin about what dey want, “right now.”

Just fuh ah day could de youth-man an dem doh kill nobody? Eef dat happen five days in ah row, could I not hear de sound ah arm does make when it breakin because no high-rankin poleece officer wasn’t tryin tuh pat heself orn de back? Ah know is only ah day at ah time ah askin for buh whoever in charge ah grantin wishes, make ah exception nah?

Just fuh ah day, could I read de Guardian comments an doh see supporters orn one side ah de political spectrum stickin dey tongue out at de udder side an cussin dey opponents while de ship all ah dem orn in danger ah sinkin?

Impossible? Okay skip dat one den.

How about just fuh ah day ah Joint Select Committee ah parliament meet tuh probe de inner workin ah departments an de people orn de udder side ah de table say tings real borin by dem cause everyting an everyone wukkin as expected. Dat include all labs testin what people does eat. Dat de Central Statistical orfice up tuh de task an could tell how much people eat larse month. Fuh lagniappe . . . nah dat go be enough good news out de JSC fuh one day.

Orn dat one day de country go be de focus ah both parties because dey go agree orn de way forward tuh pickin ah permanent CoP. Let de public rejoice dat finally . . . F-I-N-A-L-L-Y crime gettin attacked in ah bi-partisan manner. Ah sure de public could handle dat one-day kind ah shock.

Orn dat same one day, doh have nobody in need ah poleece services get tell dey at de rong poleece station. Show poleece officers huggin up dey satisfied customers.

Maybe orn dat same day, Williams go change he mind an decide he not tired “ah dis shit”, (my words), an stay orn as actin CoP.

Eef dat one day go be in de rainy season, show pictures ah tong dry an rain fallin by de buckets. Eef is de dry season, interview people goin de extra mile tuh dispose ah dey garbage properly. Quote dem as sayin dey doin it cause dey love dey country bard.

Ah want tuh read orn dat one day nobody, no mudderarsebody, eh harm not ah single gift from whoever dey tink is dey Creator. All chirren was safe fuh dat day; night too, since some people real sneaky.

I eh want nobody who is ah link tuh my past, when Triniland was home, tuh dead orn dat one day. Yes dey not dyin daily buh de pace tickin upward. Ah just eh want tuh read it happenin dat day.


Because every one ah dem deaths is anudder link gorn. De way tings goin, when all de links gorn who guidin de ship? Who go sit dey granchile dong orn dey knee an mesmerize dem wid tales about ah time an place dat is so different from now until de chile eyes bulge. Ah place some ah we could close we eye an hear de neighbor cock crowin in de back yard fore day mornin.

How about readin dat yet again, de West Indies destroy anudder country? After all, I open minded an does see parse T&T cricket. So what eef de people in dat udder country dat get destroy doh have good news dat day? Not my problem. Let one ah dem do dey orn, Just Fuh Tuhday list like I doin now. Mih mind not dat open tuh hold dem too.

One larse ting? Just fuh dat day ah want protection ah dotish people from deyself. Let de article say dat orn dat day, cellphone cameras an anyting else people does use tuh take or upload videos an pictures, didn’t wuk. Interview one person tuh show how empty all ah dem head is. Hopefully orn ah next, Just Fuh One Day, segment go be ah story dat no woman nekkid picture or video get orn de Internet.

I guess all ah askin for orn dat one day is ah slice ah Utopia fuh Trinilanders.

Let everybody wake up good, treat each udder good an dat night, when dey head hit dey pillow, dey drift orf tuh sleep wid ah contented sigh an dat smile still orn dey face. Dey not sure why, buh dey know dey happy an trouble free.

Ah not greedy so I eh go ask fuh ah repeat de next day. I doh believe nuttin good does happen just so regular regular. Fuh dem days tuh be consecutive go require more dan ah perfect storm. So ah go take one day, fuh now. Maybe it might make enough people like it so much dey go try harder tuh make it happen more often. It doable. Who knows, maybe it will start happenin back-tuh-back, tuh-back.

De WASA truck go still have dem udder tings in de tank buh de people in charge not go pick up de rong liquid, only H2O. Do dat often enough an I eh go have tuh ask fuh no more, Just Fuh One Day.

Is all dem udders days dat go be de problem, ent?

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