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Panic over ISIS or lead wid Venezuela?

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May 28, 2016 by Fensic

When ah hear what was suppose tuh be ah warnin dat, “The ISIS” plannin tuh bomb ah mall, mih instinct was tuh ask who takin dis person orn. Not dat somebody cyar put someting in ah mall, have it go “bang” an claim is ISIS. After all, Triniland had ah series ah “Mr. Big” bombin several years ago.

Ah ask mihself eef ISIS ever use udder people tuh warn any place it was goin an attack dat it was goin an attack.

I done know eef dey was goin an bomb anyplace I is, dey eh givin no warnin. When de bomb or whatever madness dey do happen, is den dey go claim responsibility. So while ISIS could decide tuh do tings different in Triniland, Trinis need tuh behave deyself an act wid sense while stayin safe.

Eef Triniland really want tuh be in de news den it eh have tuh look parse dis business wid Venezuela. While it still early, eef tings keep goin dong de road dey orn in Venezuela, de T&T govahment go have tuh make hard choices. No matter what it decide, people an even udder countries go get pissed orf.

I remember de Venezuela from de days ah Trinzuela — or was it Trinizuela — Secretarial School? Ah even remember some Secondary School TV game show where ah get ask eef T&T was part ah OPEC like Venezuela. Dem was donkey years ago. Buh it wasn’t until Hugo Chávez was president dat ah start followin closer what was goin orn dong dey. Ah was late especially since Venezuela closer tuh Triniland dan Port ah Spain is tuh Sar War.

In polishin up mih memory ah Hugo early days, ah get reminded how he wanted oil revenues tuh benefit more ah de masses where he power base did come from so he start pushin changes. Fuh whatever reason de US didn’t like de man. It give up any pretense ah doin so when ah attempt get made tuh remove him from power. Accordin tuh reports, de US didn’t have clean hands in de attempt. Officials was still high-fivin one anudder when de news break ah few days later dat Hugo was back in power. He return wid ah vengeance doin tings tuh keep he base ah support at ah time when oil prices was headin dong an violence was headin up. When he went an dead in 2013 I eh tink de US celebrate just in case he did come back tuh life. Meanwhile tings in Venezuela just keep orn slidin dong an dong.

People sufferin in ways Trinis mightn’t realize. Me eh know eef is true buh I hear some Venezuelans willin tuh exchange guns fuh toilet paper, someting dat would appeal tuh de Trini criminal element.

Venezuela do like most countries seein tough times, it look fuh ah outside distraction fuh de people tuh focus orn. Fuh dem dat was Guyana, ah country dey claim parts of belong tuh dem. When Guyana went an find oil, Venezuela claim de oil was in one ah de areas dat belong tuh it. Dey eh invade doh. T&T wouldn’t ah have ah choice buh tuh support Guyana. How Kamla was goin an enforce dat support? Dem Coast Guard boats buy orn trus, she couldn’t afford tuh get no scratch orn dem. Besides, Venezuela realize overrunnin Guyana would ah take all of half ah day. Dat eh long enough tuh get Venezuelans all nationalistic an fuhget dey belly empty.

When it come tuh Triniland is not only Venezuelans wantin tuh learn English who does travel de seven miles between de two countries. Women, wantin tuh dance suggestively in dem clubs does make de trip. Me eh know what kind ah dancin dat is cause it cyar be more suggestive dan what does happen at carnival time. Buh ah more important link between de two countries is de Trinis who have family in Venezuela an de Venezuelans who have family in Triniland. An wid tings gettin worse in Caracas-country, it now have people fleein Venezuela fuh ah better life in Triniland. Dat include anti Maduro Venezuelans.

People fleein dey country fuh better lives in Triniland. How Trinis does feel knowin dat?

So when Maduro come in T&T, de Trini govahment could say it not getin involved in Venezuelan politics all it want; it involve. Eef he govahment start gettin brutal wid dissenters an den he come back tuh Triniland askin fuh Coca-Cola in bulk while Venezuelans in Triniland protestin an T&T say it go supply all de Cokes Maduro needs, den T&T meddlin in dey politics. Dat cyar larse long as T&T go have tuh choose ah side.

What eef Maduro steups an decide he doh have nuttin to lose so he goin after Guyana? Dat would be interestin — T&T supportin Guyana while providin goods tuh Maduro.

Fuhget voice message about malls, I say study Venezuela. Tings eh bad dong dey in joke nah. How many countries does change de time tuh help save energy? Besides Venezuela dat is. Apart from Venezuela, what countries ever declare ah two-day workweek so dey eh have tuh pay as much in salaries an not use as much energy? Dem changes might only be de start. From what I read, de IMF claim inflation in Venezuela was just under 300% larse year an could more dan double fuh 2016. By 2017 it could hit four digits.

Ah guess mih unasked question is wedder Triniland ready tuh be de United States ah de Caribbean an Latin America? At least parts ah Latin America. Eef de answer is yes, dat mean it have tuh go along wid what de real United States want? After all, what power T&T have tuh enforce it will orn anybody . . . else country. Anybody else country when it cyar even enforce it will orn, leh we say 4,000 hard-core criminals. Dat shouldn’t minimize de issue of de will of lil America versus big America.

It have ah at least one next side tuh all dis. Maduro visit Jamaica too. Who know what he could get or lookin tuh get from dem. Ah blogger who comment in dey local papers didn’t know eidder. He ask who doubt T&T have ah market economy. Me eh know what dat mean buh eef Triniland have it an Jamaica doesn’t, I happy. Bottom line Triniland an Jamaica could be battlin orn yet annuder front.

Who could help Venezuela more. An at what price? Eef it mean backin ah govahment in such ah panic it advantagin it own people, let Jamaica win.

De udder side tuh all dis looks tuh de future. Leh we say tings keep worsenin in Venezuela buh widout de govahment sharin no set ah licks or jailin people just so. Eef T&T keep helpin de govahment it go only be ah matter ah time before de country back orn its feet. It go look arong at who help it an eef de Trini govahments was playin dey cyards right, Venezuela might have ah lil sump’n sump’n fuh T&T.

Being ah leader have its rewards. Tell mih dat eh beat evacuatin ah mall in ah mad rush?

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